You can tell when attendance is high at Quixtar by where you can park in one of two parking lots.

When I get here, I can usually park in the main lot near the lobby I use to get to my office.

On a low-attendance day, say the week of the 4th of July, I can usually park in the second row.  Today you can tell not a lot of folks are on vacation because I had to park along the tree line when I arrived this morning.

Parking is a big deal here.  In fact, I usually won’t go off-site for lunch unless I can get back by 12:45 p.m. — otherwise you wind up parking out near the trucks.  Not bad in the cool spring or sunny fall — but not so swell in sweltering heat or two-foot snowdrifts.

In fact, you can see parking stalkers cruising the lots during the day — folks returning from off-site meetings trying to score a good parking spot.  They’ll cruise up and down the rows waiting for some unsuspecting employee to come out of the building to leave.  Then they make their move.  It’s worse than a mall parking lot at Christmas!