BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: September, 2004


Swine and sunshine

Yesterday Quixtar employees celebrated five phenomenal years with a luau/pig roast at Quixtar headquarters.

There was lots of swine and sunshine, and Boca burgers for the vegetarians and others who don’t partake in pork.

It was also only the second “work appropriate shorts” day in the history of the Alticor family of companies (the first being Quixtar’s lunchtime picnic last year.)

The best news of all is that the staffeteria was closed for the day to accommodate this special event.  So all Quixtarians were well-fed and sent off for a weekend of warmth and sunshine — just in time for the official start of fall in a matter of days!


Only the beginning

As you may know from reading other blogs by Quixtarians, we just relaunched after a 10-month overhaul that involved more than 100,000 hours of work.

The new site is faster, has a great look and feel, and was redesigned based on research with hundreds of IBOs so we could determine how they use the site and what they need it to do to support their businesses.

It was exhausting, but exhilarating.  And it's only the beginning.  That's because in the coming months we're making more changes, adding more tools and enhancements, and in a nutshell, continuing to improve the site for our users.

Allow us to just catch our breaths for a second, and we'll be right back at it!