BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: November, 2004


Deer Camp

I'm not a hunter, and am lucky not to be married to one.  But there are a lot of hunters here at Quixtar, so there are lots of empty parking spaces here at Quixtar headquarters.

The further north you go in Michigan, the more passionate people are about deer firearms season.  In fact, a school district near mine doesn't have school today because it's the firearms opening day. 

But, who's to blame those who've worked hard and contributed to Quixtar's success for taking some time off for a little R&R?  That's part of Quixtar's credo — to have fun.  The other elements are to every day do something to make it easier for IBOs to do business; every day do something to help your Quixtar teammates; and do your best.  As our managing director likes to say, part of our credo is to have fun, because you can never have too much fun!

So, later this week, while others are on the hunt for deer, I'll be on the hunt for Christmas presents.  Shopping, after all, is a competitive sport!