BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: December, 2004


New Year’s Resolutions

This time of year we all start thinking about New Year's resolutions and what we want to change in the coming year.

Lose weight, save more money, keep in touch with far flung friends and relatives, spend more time with the kids….all are familiar themes as we decide what to change.

Maybe a better question is what we should keep the same.  Instead of focusing on what's wrong we should focus on what's precious and priceless and worth keeping.

Anyone who's achieved success will tell you that it's not the big stuff that matters but the stuff we may have already — friends, family, love, security.  These are so important, yet we so often take them for granted.

One of my favorite films is "It's a Wonderful Life."  When the main character George Bailey thinks he has nothing, everyone he has helped throughout his life steps forward to lend a hand to "the richest man in town."

There are many people who have Quixtar-powered businesses who have achieved what some may consider modest success.  They earn additional income that meets a particular need in their life.  They are happy and content with what they have achieved, but they aren't the ones who are on the cover of Achieve.  But ask them if they're successful, and they'll tell you they are — by their own standards.

While you're thinking about what's next and what you want, don't forget about what you've already got.  Set your goals and work to achieve success, but don't lose sight of what you've already got and what you've already achieved.  


Happy Whatever You’re Celebrating

Merry Christmas….

Happy Hannukah…

Have a lovely Los Pasadas…

A Keen Kwanzaa…

Or whatever else you're celebrating this time of year.

Travel safe, stay warm, spend your time surrounded by family and friends, and eat, drink, and be merry.

All the best in the New Year from Inside Quixtar Success! 




Off to a great start!

A great "kick start" that is!

If you're an IBO, visit to find out all about "Kick Start," a brand new program designed to help create more success for  Quixtar-powered IBOs.  It offers something for everyone at all levels of the business — from brand-new IBOs to those looking to build and grow an existing business.

Learn more by clicking through on the tile ad at the IBO home page.

And then get started! 



Legendary Success, An Indelible Legacy

Quixtar this week mourned the passing of the founder of its company, Jay Van Andel.

With Rich DeVos, Mr. Van Andel created a business opportunity that has helped millions of people achieve their goals through a business of their own.  He truly helped people live better lives both through the business and through his generous and impactful philanthropy.

Here in Grand Rapids, the skyline is a visible tribute to his visionary giving — from the Van Andel Arena which finally brought big acts and events to the city to the Van Andel Institute, which we may someday thank for a cure for cancer or other killing diseases.

Most importantly, Mr. Van Andel created success for himself and others and shared that success by helping make our town, and the world, a better place.  Quixtar is proud to carry on Mr. Van Andel's commitment to helping people create their own success through our business opportunity.



Quixtar: Nothing Succeeds like Success

I'm heading off in a few days to Achievers Invitational — where Quixtar celebrates success with its top Independent Business Owners. 

The theme of Achievers 2004 is "Get Fit for the Future" — a nod to Quixtar's success and focus with health and wellness.  That means lots of focus on supplements, sports nutrition, and the brand new Trim Body system for weight management.  Quixtar is walking the talk by offering a 5K run/walk and lots of healthy activities throughout each jam-packed session.

And, of course, there's lots for IBOs to learn about to have a "fit business" as well.

I'll let you know more about Achievers when I get there!