BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: February, 2005


Inside Quixtar….Understanding and Sharing Success

Quixtar has a really cool program called Quixtar University, which explains to new and existing employees who we are, what we do, and why.

I was part of this week's session and it's a great peek Inside Quixtar and the business model, products, plan, and support that helps create success for our IBOs.

More importantly, it's an opportunity to spend time with other Quixtar teammates you might not normally meet or interact with.  And, it's a great reminder of how powerful this business opportunity is in helping people acheive success on their terms through a business powered by Quixtar.



Success…Inside Quixtar or Out

I went to a gathering of industry folks I've worked with over the past nearly 20 years last week.  Some of us used to work together, others were just professional acquaintances. Because we spend so much of our time and energy Inside Quxitar supporting IBOs and their success, it's good to get out and talk to others who work in the same field but work for smaller firms or perhaps agencies with outside clients.

These are always gratifying experiences for me, because I'm very lucky to be working at Quixtar and have the opportunities I have for professional growth.  The fact that we have hundreds of thousands of IBOs mean there is a never ending stream of new people to meet and get to know.  And there's no shortage of work and new and exciting projects.

So I always leave these gatherings grateful to be doing what I'm doing and for whom I'm doing it — here Inside Quixtar, supporting IBO success.


Celebrating Success Inside Quixtar…Special Guests Visiting Today


We're celebrating success today inside Quixtar…special visitors from Marietta, Georgia!

If you're an IBO powered by Quixtar, you already know about "Kick Start! It's Got Legs!" a special IBO promotion that's running until the end of spring.

There's an array of incentives that range from free shipping on orders to a VIP trip to Quixtar every month.

What this means is that IBOs are working extra hard to grow their businesses.  Today the first of our VIP winners visit Quixtar.  

So we'll all be cheering them on as they arrive for a VIP tour and meetings with folks here.

The cool thing about Kick Start is that while the trip is the icing on the cake, any IBO growing his or her business has plenty of "cake" in terms of rewards. It's wonderful to see so many IBOs creating success — with all their teammates back here inside Quixtar cheering them on! 


Success in the kitchen…a new recipe from Inside Quixtar

I have to share this recipe…it’s simple and has become one of my favorite dishes since it’s easy, it’s incredibly flavorful, and it’s unique.  And, we can’t create success inside Quixtar if we’re not well fed and nourished, can we?

Butternut Squash Risotto

  • 1 1/2 cups arborio rice
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 cup dry white wine
  • 1 can chicken broth
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 1/2 cups roasted butternut squash
  • 1 tablespoon rubbed sage
  • 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

Saute rice in butter, stirring constantly, for about three minutes; add squash and saute for another five minutes.  Add white wine; stir until wine is evaporated.  Add 1/2 can chicken broth and stir until evaporated; add remainder and stir until evaporated.  Add one cup water and simmer, stirring frequently, until water is evaporated.  Add sage and parmesan cheese; stir and serve.

This is also good with a bit of roasted garlic stirred in with the sage and parmesan.

This risotto is wonderful with a roasted pork loin or grilled flank steak and reheats well.



Inside Quixtar…Nobody’s more important than you and your success

I have a nearly five year old daughter who's at that stage where I'm the most important person in her world.  She has to sit by or on me.  She wants me to do everything with or for her.  If she has a choice, I'm it.  It's flattering, but exhausting, because Dad and big sister just won't do if I'm around to do something with or for her.  The worst part is she cries if she doesn't get her way.

Inside Quixtar, we know who are the most important people in the world - our IBOs.  We exist to help them create success in their businesses powered by Quixtar.   And it doesn't matter to us whether they have a million dollar business or are just starting out — every IBO's goals and aspirations are important to us as we do all we can to help them achieve them.

IBOs don't have to demand our support or cry….we're here to help them however we can.  And although my daughter will outgrow this phase, we'll never outgrow viewing IBOs as the most important people in our world inside Quixtar.  It's the only way we can be a success and create success for IBOs. 




What’s Inside Quixtar’s Success?

I am.  And the person in the next office.  And more than 600 people here in West Michigan, another 150 or so up in Canada and some more who work at Quixtar's parent company Alticor.

That's because Quixtar is a people business, and what's inside Quixtar's success is more people working to help our IBOs be successful.

It's people willing to work hard.  People willing to do more than is expected.  People who know that what they do impacts someone else and their hopes and dreams.

So I'm part of that success story.  And so is Nick two aisles over, Mark down the aisle, and Cathy on the other side of the wall.  We're all inside Quixtar and we're all working hard for IBOs! 



Outside of Quixtar and inside the classroom…a different kind of success

Volunteered on Friday at my daughter's first grade classroom to help with the Valentine's party.  Her class has 16 girls and nine boys, so there's lots of squealing and giggling.   

Inside Quixtar we measure success all kinds of ways…what you do, what you accomplish, how you do your job, how you help IBOs, how you support your team.

As one of the parents helping with the party, there was just one measure of success…being somebody's Mom or Dad.

My daughter is always thrilled when I come to her classroom and her friends tell me how excited she was that I was coming.  She's a real trooper and understands that I'm there to help all the kids, not just her (although there are parents who come to the classroom and don't leave their own child's side.) 

Success that day meant preparing snacks, helping cut out hearts, aiding the kids who couldn't read too well in finding the right Valentine's boxes, and cleaning up messes big and small. And the joy in my daughter's eyes that I was there to share it all with her.

I always leave these events a little tired and with a deep appreciation for the teachers who do this day in and day out with an incredible sense of dedication and energy.  And very happy to go back to life inside Quixtar and a different measure of success! 




Inside Quixtar: Expressions of Gratitude and Success

Tomorrow I'm going outside Quixtar to be part of my daughter's first grade Valentine's party.  Last night we were finishing up her Valentines (she put her phone number on the Valentines for the girls who are her friends and just her name on the others.)  Barbie for the girls, Spongebob Squarepants for the boys.  While she was doing this, I got to hear all about what she appreciates about each of her classmates — who's funny, who's nice, who shares, who's cute.  And quite surprisingly, who she has a "crush" on.  Yes, I said first grade! 

On Monday, my department's managment team is making breakfast for everyone as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for all they do.  While it's a group "thank you," it makes you think about all the people inside Quixtar who make the company special and especially successful.

I have one teammate who brings a sense of fun to every e-mail he sends.  I always look forward to opening his notes.  Another pair squabble like a brother and sister but really have a lot of respect for one another.  Another who's obsessively conscientious.  One who always has chocolate in her office for anyone who needs it.   One who makes sure that others know when someone else is having a bad day or going through a rough patch in their personal life.

So I'm bringing Valentines for my coworkers to thank them for just being them.  Inside Quixtar I'm fortunate to work with a team of creative, caring, and gregarious professionals and I'm going to take advantage of Valentine's Day to show them I appreciate all they do!  Because Quixtar wouldn't be Quixtar without them, and we couldn't be a success without all they do!  


Inside Quixtar: Success among the peppers

Competition in Quixtar's Chili Showdown is heating up.  Last year's winners are already plotting their entries and newcomers are preparing to do battle.

Why do we do a chili contest?  First, because it's cold and it's a long winter here in  West Michigan.  A chili contest brings some warmth (both throught the chili itself and the camaraderie of the contests.)  Second, because it's fun.

Creating success means knowing when to take a break and have some fun together.  Inside Quixtar we work hard but know that fun is part of what makes a workplace special.

As for me, I'm playing around with a pork mole chili as my entry for a slow burn.  Bring on the challengers!  


Inside Quixtar and inside you…what’s your version of success? What will be your legacy?

Most of us live ordinary lives and our successes may be viewed as ordinary as well.  Inside Quixtar there are hundreds of people who define success differently…success might mean raising normal, healthy, and happy kids or having a marriage that spans decades.  It might mean getting promoted.  It might mean doing good works in the community.

Consider the mark you want to leave on the world.

What will your legacy be? How will you be remembered? We each have an opportunity to make the world a better place through what we do and say and how we live our lives.

Read the obituaries to get a snapshot of someone's life and success.   There used to be a saying that most people are in the newspaper only when they're born, married, and buried.  Words are few but the impact mighty.   In just a few column inches you can read about a person and their impact on the world. Devoted husband. Dedicated mother. Loyal friend.

What few words would people use today to describe you? What will they say when you're gone? Consider your legacy, and how you're building it every day through what you do and what you say.

After all, in the words of Norman MacEwan, "We make a living by what we get – but we make a life by what we give."

Think about what your version of success is, and how you're making yourself more or less successful every day.  Inside Quixtar we try to create success by being successful at simple things…supporting IBOs, supporting our teammates, doing the best we can, and having fun while doing it.  Not a bad epitaph or definition of success.