BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: August, 2005


Another new Web site…

Check out another new Web site recently launched by Quixtar's communications team……

The site is jam-packed with information, testimonials, and facts about the business opportunity offered by Quixtar.  You'll hear from IBOs, business leaders, government officials and others who share their experiences with Quixtar.

And, keep going back to as new content will be added periodically, including the stories of IBOs who have found success in their Quixtar-powered businesses.



Fun, funky, and fabulous

Check out the latest Web site to support IBOs powered by Quixtar…

It's a fun and funky Web site designed to showcase NAO — never accept ordinary — the brand-spanking-new professional grade trend cosmetics line.

From the second you land at the site you'll know it's unlike anything you might expect from Quixtar.  First, the throbbing beat of artists like Digital Slide and The Phunk Junkees that's the soundtrack for the NAO experience to spokesperson Jeannie Mai saying it like it is, the site creates the NAO experience for visitors.  I guess if I were a Phunk Junkee I would call the site phun, phunky, and phabulous!

Crank up the volume on your speakers before you visit the site!



Time flies….

Remember when you were a kid and summer break seemed full of endless possibilities?  I remember thinking about having the WHOLE summer off to do whatever I wanted. 

Today summer seems to fly by.  And so has the time between postings.  When the weather is warm, the sun is out, and the yard, park, or beach beckons, it's hard to say no.  Because here in West Michigan, the summer is sweet and the winter is wicked — so you need to take advantage of all summer has to offer while it's here.

I attended a funeral yesterday for someone who was very special to me.  It was another reminder of how time moves so fast and how sometimes time just runs out.

So instead of sitting in front of your computer, get outside.  Walk in the grass.  Feel the sun on your face.  Play catch with your child, your dog, your niece.  Have some ice cream and chase the drips around the cone with your tongue.  

There are still lots of people vacationing here Inside Quixtar.  We're winding down our performance year and gearing up for the next.  It's a time of finishing some tasks and ramping up for others.  It's an end, and a beginning.

Beginning September 1, IBOs powered by Quixtar will begin renewing their businesses.  Some will continue and others may not.  While our business is open to anyone, it's not for everyone and some don't continue past the first year because they find it isn't for them.  And that's fine — they should keep searching for what will help them achieve their goals.  For those who do renew, it's a time to set new goals and start working to achieve them.  And with summer slipping away, there's no time like the present to figure out what you want to do and get a plan in place to achieve it.