BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: November, 2005


So much to say….

I've been away from this blog a bit.  First, I went through  weeks of trying to post but not being able to do so.  And I've been in and out on business travel.  Seems like every chance I have to post, BlogHarbor doesn't feel like letting that happen.  So it goes.

In the meantime Quixtar announced its annual sales, we made updates to, we're in the middle of launching a major new program for health and also finishing up all the communications for Achievers.  And that doesn't even include all the communications that are created every day to support ongoing projects, programs, and initiatives for Quixtar and IBOs.

Quixtar Communications at any given time has about 1,500 active projects.  An active project is one that is being worked on in some way – even if only by a single individual.  The projects range in size from a three-sentence "What's New" story at to a 200-page catalog or Web site with dozens of pages, video, flash and other components. 

Every product we offer gets communicated in some way — whether it's a paragraph in a catalog or an entire campaign to celebrate and announce a major product launch.  Every program needs to be detailed and shared with IBOs and their customers.  And, of course, we offer a wide range of communications and offer an extensive array of support for IBO businesses and the Quixtar Business Opportunity — our primary product.

Every communication touches a number of individuals.  A writer or editor crafts copy.  A designer determines the look and feel.  A project manager handles schedules, tracks budgets, arranges for publication or distribution, and a bunch of whiz bang folks in premedia make sure it looks and reads like it should wherever it appears.   And once it's ready to go someone from PR loops in to see if it's something we want to share with external audiences or employees through Quixtar's employee communications vehicles.

We have a lot to say and a lot of different ways to say it — with an increasing focus on getting the right message to the right person at the right time.