The creative process starts with something that’s anything but

There’s no formula for a good creative solution, but there’s typically a common denominator in what helps create good, effective communications — information.

It doesn’t inspire, but it informs, and information leads to communications solutions that work — and work well.

Clear definition of what needs to be communicated and why it matters to who you’re communicating with is the start.  Understanding who you’re talking to — who they are, what they want, and how your product, service, or program addresses those needs, are key.  Once you’ve got all that, you’ve got the foundation for effective communications.

A month or so ago Grand Rapids hosted the Addy Awards for excellence in advertising.  This month the PR community is honored for their work.  What’s interesting is that the Addys are about the sizzle — the creative itself — and the PRSA PRoof awards are about the steak.  What that means is that the Addys recognize and reward the creative itself – messaging and visuals, cleverness, cool.  The PRoof awards celebrate the more cerebral — the research, planning, execution and results of programs.   The Addys are bigger and more fun; the PR awards a little more serious in nature.  But they both start with narrowing in on information, target audiences, and defining the what and why of a project — the stuff that doesn’t make headlines, win awards, or get put on a pedestal.  But without the information, the award winning work just wouldn’t happen.

Quixtar Communications & PR has won an award in the PRoof Awards and we’ll be there to collect the honors and praise for a job well done.  We don’t know what award we’ve won, so that’s the surprise of the evening.

So we’ll celebrate and congratulate ourselves and others for doing award-winning work. And then it will be back to work, researching and determining what’s next and what else we can do to support IBO businesses.