Getting connected

Next weekend Quixtar will host Quixtar Connections, an event for Midwestern IBOs to hear from the company about products, programs, and progress.

Headlining the event will be Amway Co-Founder Rich DeVos, along with company leaders Doug DeVos, Steve Van Andel, and Jim Payne.

You'll see lots of IBOs and employees there, as Rich always draws a crowd!  There also will be a products and program expo just prior to the evening session.

For more details, visit



Success From Home Flying Off the Shelves!

After just two weeks of availability, Quixtar's stocks of the Success From Home magazine featuring Quixtar IBOs, products, and the Quixtar business have sold more than half of available stock.

And copies of the Spanish and Korean language versions haven't even gone on sale yet!

Quixtar just placed another order for another 100,000 copies, so we're anticipating those will arrive before the remaining copies are sold out.

Response from IBOs has been terrific, and not just measured by sales.  We're hearing that IBOs appreciate having a snapshot of our business between the covers of this magazine, from profiles of IBOs at different levels in their businesses to overviews of products to a glimpse at the people who support IBO businesses powered by Quixtar.



We’ve got to carry each other… evening with Bono

As I posted yesterday, I spent last evening with 1,999 other people listening to Bono talk about the crisis of poverty and AIDS in Africa and challenge us to get inspired, get involved, and get engaged in helping the poorest people in the world.  Alticor, Quixtar’s parent company, was one of the patrons of the event sponsored by the Economic Club of Grand Rapids.

Yes, Bono wore his trademark sunglasses, along with a blazer, t-shirt and blue jeans – making him stand out among the sea of suits and tuxes at the black tie optional event.  He’d just gotten a haircut, which he said put him in “fighting form” for the evening.

But what he said, and the challenge he made to those in the audience, is much bigger than style or fame.

There’s been lots of speculation about why Bono would agree to come to Grand Rapids.  Some have suggested that he’s here because Grand Rapids is one of the top 10 giving communities in the U.S., with those who give providing an average of 10 percent of their incomes to various causes.

But Bono was there to inform, enlighten, and enlist help.  He talked about the crisis in Africa, with 6,500 Africans dying of AIDs every day.  There are currently 12 million African AIDs orphans, a number that will grow to 18 million by the end of the decade.  Bono drew parallels to the December 26 tsunami, in that the deaths from that natural disaster are the same that Africa sees in a typical month.

Bono talked about living in Ethiopia with his family for about six months in the 1980s following the LIVE Aid concerts.  He said as he was leaving, an African man asked that Bono take his infant son with him, knowing that in Ireland, the child would live, and in Africa, the child was likely to die.  And how unfair it was that a matter of whether you lived or died rested on where you called home.

He was there to promote his “One” movement but did so in a relatively subtle way.  He talked about not being big on dreaming without doing, or on idealism without action.  Bono didn’t ask for money, but for people to get involved and try to make a difference.

What it was really about is sharing our success with others, and our responsibility to give back – whether in our own communities or villages and towns a world away.

I’m very proud that Alticor and its founding families set a great example, from local philanthropy to Alticor’s One by One campaign that has made an amazing difference in the lives of children worldwide.    To learn more, visit to get a global perspective and to see what we’re doing here in North America.

A footnote….My post yesterday about Bono probably never being West of the Palace in Michigan was incorrect, as my husband was the first to point out.  In 1981 a very young and green U2 played for an audience of about a hundred at Grand Rapids’ Fountain Street Church.  I was wrong, and am correcting the record.


Hot title disappearing off desktops and newsstands!

You may have already read about the June issue of Success from Home magazine featuring Quixtar elsewhere….it’s a publication produced by VideoPlus in Texas that features a different MLM or direct selling company each month.  In the interest of full disclosure, Quixtar fully cooperated with the editors of Success from Home on who and what was featured in this issue.  And, Quixtar purchased a quantity of the publication to resell to IBOs.  The editors of Success from Home were responsible for the content but we were given the opportunity to review Quixtar content prior to publication.  Get more details about this at

However, we’ve been amazed at the interest this has generated in a short period of time.

First, we got a handful of advance copies in our office.  Since we only had about a dozen copies, only a few people got the first copies off the presses.  And few were able to hang on to them.  I passed my copy around at a meeting and didn’t realize I hadn’t gotten in back until I’d returned to my office.  Another exec had his copy taken from his desk in his office.  And a display within one of the PR offices was picked clean.

The criminal aspect aside, it shows how cool this is and how many people want to see and read it.

So we’ll see how it moves on newsstands and how many IBOs line up to order it as it goes on sale at this week.

We’ve had a couple of spectacular weeks Inside Quixtar…spring is finally here and everything’s in bloom.  There are dozens of columbine plants outside the entrance to our building that are lush and green and will no doubt be flowering by June.  A team of employees will be installing new bird nesting boxes around our Spaulding property to encourage birds that provide natural insect control.  Another year of the employee walking program “Walk On” begins in a few weeks, and Quixtar will once again be the presenting sponsor of the Easter Seal “Walk with Me” events (  There’s no better time to get outside and get moving.

2006 wins at local pr awards…and, oh yes, Bono’s dropping by later

Traffic to Quixtar’s Web site has been steadily growing since the site’s launch last August, as IBOs and others check out what’s and who’s new at this site devoted to people talking about Quixtar.  And now has been recognized recently at the local WM Public Relations Society of America awards with a silver PRoof Award for excellence in Interactive Media.  Check out other winners at

But the biggest buzz is around tonight’s Economics Club of Grand Rapids

( Annual Meeting, featuring keynote speaker Bono.  Yes, Bono.  This event has traditionally featured political glitterati, ranging from Alan Greenspan to Margaret Thatcher to Gen. Norman Schwartzkoff, but Bono is a real coup.  In fact, I’d venture to guess that Bono has never been to these parts and certainly never west of The Palace of Auburn Hills.  Here’s the story from today’s Grand Rapids Press detailing the apperance….

I’ll be there at one of the Alticor tables (Alticor is one of several sponsors), as a long-time U2 fan as well as someone who respects and admires Bono’s commitment to use his fame and fortune to draw attention to issues that may otherwise be overlooked or underfunded.  I’ve always thought the economic status of rock stars and teachers should be reversed, but if there were more artists like Bono, the world really would be a better place.

More tomorrow after the dinner…..