Next USA TODAY ad running tomorrow

The next ad featuring the Amway Global "now you know" message will run in tomorrow's editions of USA TODAY.

You'll see ads appearing in major national news and business publications in the coming weeks.

Details coming soon! 


What’s the 411 on direct selling? A new DSA site has the word

There are some things that from a generational cultural perspective that have passed me by.  The phrase “411″ is one of them.  I know that getting the “411″ is getting information about something, so I’m not entirely clueless, but it’s not a phrase I use on a daily basis.

But I will moving forward, to direct people to a new  Direct Selling Association (DSA)  web site that offers the “411″ on direct selling opportunities.   You can find it at

Check out the blog as well as other content designed to help people find the right direct selling/mlm opportunity to meet their needs as well as basic information about direct selling and the benefits of having your own direct selling business.

DSA has had its own web site for years, but this is the first consumer facing web site for potential direct sellers and existing representatives.

Visit it and watch the blog for an industry perspective on issues, urban legends, and other topics.  And, join me in welcoming DSA to the blogosphere!


A break for spring – now back to work

Last week lots of Quixtar staff were out on spring break with their families.  I guess it's kind of a unique phenomenon here, but most of the public schools align their spring breaks so they occur the same week, which means a lot of people are out at the same time.  It's baffling to newcomers or those who work with the company to find that a pretty large number of people are out during the same time not connected to a major holiday, but there it is.

For those who stayed here, spring break week meant easier commutes, fewer meetings and time to get a lot of work done.

And there's been a lot to do.  As you all know, in March Quixtar began phase one of its transition to the Amway brand.  Last month the first of three transitional logos made its debut on our communications and web sites, showing that today we're Quixtar North American but well on our way to becoming Amway Global.  In September the logo order will flip and you'll see Amway Global on top and Quixtar North America below, as Amway begins to eclipse the Quixtar name.  Finally, in spring 2009, in conjunction with Amway's 50th Anniversary, this market will once again be known as Amway as the Amway Global logo stands alone.

On March 28 the first of our national advertising broke in USA TODAY in the U.S. and The Globe and Mail and La Presse in Canada. The "hello" sticker is designed to reintroduce folks to today's Amway.   Look for more ads to break in the coming weeks that help tell the story about how today's Amway is different than what many people may think. Complete details will be available at  

And in less than a month, Quixtar will hit the road in the first of the new National Spotlight regional events.  These two-day events, launching May 9-10 in LA, will shine a spotlight on produts and the business and bring brands like Artistry, Nutrilite, XS and Ribbon to life for IBOs, their prospects, and customers.  Between May and September, Spotlight will visit North Carolina, Orlando, Chicago, San Francisco, Omaha, New York City, Washington D.C., Portland and Dallas.  Again, look for dates and event details at