If you were watching TV this weekend

You saw the debut of Quixtar North America/Amway Global’s television spots.

Now through the end of August you’ll see the “Now You Know” :60 and :30 second spots on network and cable television shows (depending on where you live) and also see the launch of a digital campaign on sites like Yahoo!,, and others.

See the ads and the ongoing schedule at Quixtar’s Transform the Future section.


World Headquarters Visitor Center to close for renovations

The Visitor Center at Alticor/Amway World Headquarters will close June 1 for the rest of the year for a major renovation. 

The Center, located in the main headquarters lobby many of you may recall as the Center for Free Enterprise, will reopen next year just in time to celebrate Amway's 50th anniversary.   

New displays and interactive features will tell the story of the company's leadership in direct selling, the rich history behind the Nutrilite and Artistry brands, and of course, the commitment to free enterpise that's created individual success stories all over the world.

There will be no better time to visit Amway than in 2009 to celebrate its 50th anniversary!


Give to help China earthquake victims

Editor’s Note:  This post has been revised as it contained some incorrect information when originally posted earlier today.

When we hear of a disaster happening a world away, we often feel helpless to do anything.

But we can help, by donating to organizations like the American Red Cross, that get needed aid to victims.

And Quixtar makes it easy, as you can now help victims of the May 11 Sichuan earthquake  by making a donation (SKU101900/$10, SKU101901/$25) to The American Red Cross through  The American Red Cross is working in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in providing relief services and financial support to those impacted by the earthquake.

Amway China has donated more than RMB12 million to relief efforts and agencies,   Amway China employees gave RMB550,000 and distributors more than RMB3.5 million.  Neighboring Amway affiliates in Thailand, Malaysia, the Phillippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore donated US$170,000.

We hope to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help as well through this donation opportunity.

With millions homeless, hundreds of thosuands injured, and more than 34,000 dead, the needs are many and every donation urgently needed to help victims.  Consider giving when you visit or contact the Red Cross directly with a donation.


Why the world needs more fourth graders

I spent two days this week chaperoning a fourth grade field trip to Mackinac Island.  I went primarily because my fourth grade daughter wouldn't go without me, but truth be told, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  There were about 80 kids on this trip and they were fabulous and tons of fun.

I've decided that the world would be a better place with more fourth graders, for the following reasons.

1.  They know how to have fun

Fourth graders laugh when something's funny.  Like flatulent horses pulling a carriage.  They don't think about it, they just laugh.  They don't think about how they'll look or what other people will think.  If it's really funny, they laugh loud and long.

2.  They know how to pitch in

They volunteer to pass things out.  They volunteer to pick things up.  When something needs doing, they don't think about it — they just do it.   

3.  They live in the moment

During our trip we visited Fort Michilimackinac and the Mill Creek Settlement in Mackinac City and the next day took the ferry to Mackinac Island and visited Fort Mackinac and other sites on the island.  It was a lot to absorb and a lot to do, but they were excited and energetic and asked lots of questions every step of the way.  They were there to experience and to learn.  Instead of thinking about what was next, they were immersed in what was right in front of them.

4.  They don't care about being "cool"

Not yet, anyway.   They wear what they like and what's comfortable.  They talk about what they want, without thinking about what someone else thinks.  They prize what's unique about one another, rather than trying to be the same as everyone else.  And after this trip, I'm going to give my daughter a break about her hair — I'm convinced no other fourth grader brushes their hair either.

5.  They sing and sing loud

I know in a few years when these same kids are asked to sing, only dogs will be able to hear them.  But on this bus trip, they sang a Mackinac Bridge song at the top of their lungs.   And you should have seen a pack of boys singing Queen's "We Will Rock You" during karaoke. 

6.  They eat what they want

During our buffet dinner, one kid had a plate full of black olives and green beans.  Another had ranch dressing and potatoes.  And all of the salad-nibbling Moms and Dads who really just wanted a heaping plate of lasagna were jealous.  And the kids weren't shy about asking for samples of fudge at every one of the 19 fudge shops on the island!

7.  They know there's no such thing as a dumb question

At some point we grow a censor that tells us not to ask questions because the questions might be "dumb."  If I recall correctly, this kicks in around sixth grade.  But as many of us have learned, the "dumb" question often leads to great discoveries, or at least some great discussions.

8.  If they're excited, they show it

My daughter went to bed early the night before the trip and woke up at 4:30 a.m. because she was just too excited about the field trip.  Other parents reported the same phenomenon.  The older we get, the less we show our enthusiasm about what's ahead. And it's sad, because the bigger our worlds get, the more there is to be excited about.

9.  They ask for what they want

Can I see that?  Are you going to finish that?  Fourth graders aren't afraid to ask to see something or take a closer look where adults may hang back and not intrude.  And they're never reluctant to ask for the rest of your potato chips.

10.  They're still little kids on the inside

On the trip home, kids (like mine) who were inseparable from their friends most of the trip just  wanted to be with Mom or Dad on the way home.  They were tired.  And the best part?  When my daughter was asked what her favorite part of the trip was, she said it was that I came along with her and the time we spent exploring together.  

I've said before that I spend as much time with my daughters as I can and participate in their activities as much as I can because I know it's only a matter of time before their lives away from our family get bigger and we'll spend less time together.  I've heard it's when they go off to middle school.  But for now, I have a fourth grader (and a second grader who'll be one all too soon) and will enjoy every minute I can.   

Enjoy this view of Fort Mackinac!




Signs ‘O the Times

Just another sign that things are changing here…the new signs reflecting phase one of our brand transformation are up.

Here's the new view for visitors approaching our offices at 5101 Spaulding Plaza in Ada, Michigan….


And here's what you'll see at our main entrance…


 And once inside, the Quixtar sign has been replaced with this…



It's been about six years since the Amway name has graced this building.  Quixtar moved to this location in 2000, and Alticor was announced as the corporate entity in the fall of 2001 and signs replaced in 2002. 

As we continue our brand transition you'll see the Amway Global name become more prominent and Quixtar North America eventually disappear.  You'll see the logo transition happen if you visit us and certainly as you see and read our communications here, in print and in our advertising campaign. 


A spot in the crowd

When I was younger, I used to have a fantasy that either Sting, Elvis Costello, or Bruce Springsteen would spot me in the crowd at a concert, be smitten upon sight and I’d then become their muse and we’d live happily ever after.  I have to admit I got the idea from the Springsteen “Dancing in the Dark” video where he extends his hand to a then relatively unknown  Courteney Cox and they dance together on stage.

Of course I later realized I would never be spotted in the nosebleed seats (if anything, I would just be a spot in the crowd, never spotted.)

But last night, two of the three objects of my affection shared the stage here in Grand Rapids.  Elvis Costello and The Police stopped at the Van Andel Arena on their current tour and gave an amazing performance.

I’d seen Elvis before, at a very disappointing performance at was then the New World Theatre outside of Chicago.  I’d been an Elvis fan since “My Aim is True” and had viewed this concert as THE event of my early 90s summer.  But this night,  Elvis was alone, acoustic, bored, and seemed depressed.  Opening act The BoDeans, on the other hand, brought the crowd to their feet with their infectious bar band sound.  I left feeling betrayed. But I stuck with Elvis (even through the opera explorations, even through Burt Bacharach.)

The Elvis Costello I saw last night was the one I’ve dreamed of for decades.  Touring with backup band The Imposters, Elvis brought his witty lyrics, blinding guitar work and manic energy to a very tight set.  He played a few songs from the brand new “Momofuko” (named for the noodle cup inventor), and featuring the standout “Go Away,”  but lots of old favorites, like “Pump it Up”, “Watching the Detectives,” “Radio, Radio,” and “Peace, Love, and Understanding.” During “Alison” a cardigan and hat wearing Sting joined him for the refrains and that alone was worth the price of admission.  Only the addition of “Red Shoes” would have made the set perfect.

I had to wait 15 years to see Elvis at his geek-punk best, but it was worth it.

The Police were surprisingly tight and energetic.  While I admit being distracted during the first few songs by my husband’s comment that drummer Stewart Copeland is 64, I was then dazzled by the musicianship and, of course, by Sting’s vocals.  I didn’t care for the “Don’t stand so close to me” slowed down version and would have liked to have heard Synchronicity I or II, but everything else was stellar — especially the encore with a angst-ridden “Roxanne,” driving “So Lonely,” and beautiful “Every Breath You Take.”

And the best thing about seeing a band that broke up decades ago?  You know all the songs because there’s no new material!

One sour note to the concert experience.  There was a young woman nearby more intent on talking to her identical blonde buddies than watching the show.  She had a tinny, nasally voice that could have shattered glass and amazingly cut through the music for at least 10 feet all around her, to the dismay of all within earshot.  She was self-absorbed and clueless to the annoyance she created around her — and was clearly at the show more for the date than the acts.  I hope there’s a wailing baby next to her on her next flight.


Name this space!

Remember hearing about the couple who said they'd allow the highest bidder to name their child?  Or the guy who offered to tattoo a company logo or slogan on his forehead for the right price?

I'd never go that far, but I am opening up the renaming of this blog to the thoughts and ideas of those who visit here.

This blog has been Inside Quixtar since its inception in 2004. But as we go through a brand transition from Quixtar to Amway Global, the name isn't going to fit any more.  Inside Amway doesn't seem right, as this is a North American view of our business.  And every time I try to think of something to name this blog, I conveniently find something better to do.

Got an idea for what to name this blog?  Post your thoughts here and I'll send an Artistry or Nutrilite sales kit to the best suggestion and Artistry essentials skin care or Simply Nutrilite samplers to the four runnersup.

Please submit your ideas by the end of May and I'll announce the winner and runnersup the first week in June. 



Reports from LA



I've heard some reports coming out of the first National Spotlight event in LA.

First, that it was jam-packed.  As you all know, this was our first Spotlight and we had over 6,000 IBOs registered and each could bring guests.  If you went to the registration site, you could see that an IBO could choose a number of guests to bring along — up to 99!  Some IBOs did suggest they'd bring 99 and from the numbers we saw, some just may have.       

Second, it was exciting.  Lots of energy around the discussions about product and training.  Lots of excitement about what's ahead for IBO businesses. And again, lots and lots of people!

Third, as the event breaks down and gets packed on trucks to go to the next venue (Greensboro, N.C. May 30-31), your Quixtar North America/Amway Global team is still excited about being able to be with the people we work so hard to support. 

It was a great start to the 10-city tour and much more ahead as this tour continues through the summer and fall!

If you're planning to attend one of the remaining nine events, get a complete schedule of the breakouts and training, plus fliers and postcards you can use to promote the events, at





National Spotlight Kicks Off Tonight in LA!

The first U.S. stop on the National Spotlight Tour is Los Angeles tonight and tomorrow.

Tens of thousands of IBOs and their guests are expected to be part of the tour launch in the "City of Angels"  and learn more about products, training, and support for their businesses.

In a lot of ways, Spotlight will bring our catalog of products to life and let IBOs touch, feel, see and experience the products, brands, and supports that back their businesses.

We're all excited about this program getting off the ground and a lot of Quixtar North America/Amway Global staff have been in LA for days getting everything ready for this debut.  And while some staff will be part of just a few of the 10 Spotlight events, some will be "roadies" and be at most of the stops along the way. 

If you can't make LA, you'll be able to see and hear what's happening through coverage at  I won't be in LA but I'll post reports from those on those in the thick of what's sure to be an exciting event for all.  


Helping more people with disabilities achieve — IBO giving to Easter Seals lifts giving 15 percent

This year Amway and Quixtar will celebrate 25 years with Easter Seals.  The parallels between Easter Seals and Amway have always been strong.  Easter Seals provides opportunity, as does Amway.  Easter Seals is about empowerment, as is our business.  And Easter Seals helps people achieve independence, which is what draws many IBOs to Quixtar and Amway.

From the start, our partnership with Easter Seals has been built on IBO giving.  Yes, the company provides a corporate contribution, but that's only part of the equation.  The majority of funds raised for Easter Seals result from IBOs who raise funds in ways big and small.   And those efforts add up fast.   IBO and corporate giving to Easter Seals is up 15.4 percent over last year.  Even more impressive, giving since 2004 is up 55 percent.

Today our giving is approaching $1 million dollars, which is incredible.  Because each of those dollars is helping someone with a disability achieve more — from a child getting early intervention and treatment for autism to an adult getting rehabilitative support after an accident or debilitating illness.     

It's never to late to get involved.  The Quixtar-sponsored Walk With Me events are happening all over the country.  Our local event is July 30 in Grand Rapids.  You can join an event like Walk or you can have one of your own.  Leyla Kayi, who hosts the One by One blog, is there to help.  Every dollar raised creates opportunity for someone with a disability.