And the winners are…

A while back I asked for suggestions for renaming this blog to bring it in line with the brand transition from Quixtar to  Amway Global and offered sales kits and product for the best five suggestions.

Some suggestions made me laugh (thanks, Tex, for KIA doesn't know it all!) and some made me groan. 

But I'm happy to announce the following as the best of the bunch:

1st Place:  Dave Robison, Samanta S., and Tex  for the best variations on Inside Amway (couldn't pick just one!)


Chuck Lia:  Amway Global Insider

Utah:  Corporate Insider

Thanks to all who took time to play and offer suggestions!

PS to our winners:  If you'd like to post a comment with a preference for Artistry or Nutrilite to this blog, we'll get something out to you in July.  If I don't hear from you I'll send you an e-mail after the 4th of July holiday asking for your preference.



I started a Facebook page to dabble a bit in social media.  There are some things that I find just fascinating about Facebook.  One is the time some of my “friends” spend on it.

Another is that some people I’ve never met or corresponded with want to be my friend — or friends of friends want to be my friend.


Digital Campaign Launches

Last week the Amway Global online advertising launched on web sites like,, Monster and other web sites and portals.

There are several different treatments.  There are some standard banner ads that click through to the Opportunity section at  There are rich media treatments that offer 15 second video clips.  One of my favorites is a vertical ad that features a ladybug scaling a leaf that talks about how following never led to anything.

The online ads may be tougher to spot than the commercials (since in many cases we can tell you an ad will appear during a 30-minute show) but are definitely worth checking out.

Let me know what you think about the online treatments.


Cool opportunities

Most of the time, I think I have a pretty cool job.  Granted, I'm not a doctor without borders or aid worker,  but I like to think what we do makes a difference for IBOs building their businesses. 

But I was driving the other day and listening to Martha Stewart Living on Sirius and heard the "Cookie of the Day" segment.  Can you imagine your job being producing the cookie of the day segment?

After all, 365 days a year, you have to pick a cookie.  Could be seasonal, like a summery lemon bar or a Christmas sugar cookie.  Could be topical, like peanut butter kisses on National Peanut Butter day.  Then you have to write the script and record the segment, including lavish and lucscious descriptions of how to make, decorate, and describe the virtues of the cookie du jour. You also have to write it up for the web site.   Sounds grueling, doesn't it? 

It got me thinking about other jobs I'd like to try, just once.  I'd like to be the person in the lobby during a theatre intermission who hits the chimes to signal that the break is over and the performance is about to resume.   I think I'd play "Smoke on the Water."

I also wish I could be Bob Wells for a day.  Bob is the emcee and all around fun guy for our West Michigan Whitecaps AAA baseball team.  Bob does all sorts of fun stuff throughout the course of a game, like conducting the "dizzy bat race" and playing "the price is right.".  And how is it that he can do this job?  He's a teacher and has summers off!  I could also be a popcorn hawker – I think I have the voice for it. 

There's a company that helps with moles and lawn pests called Tuff Turf Molebusters.  They drive a truck with a giant mole in a baseball cap on the cab.  I'd like to try that job just so I could drive the 'molemobile."  

Sometimes, I wish I were Tom Rademacher.  Tom's a columnist for The Grand Rapids Press who does very warm and endearing features about people with stories big and small.  Sometimes he's funny, sometimes he makes me cry, but he's always worth a read.  Or, I'd be music critic John Sinkevics, who gets to go to all the concerts and do reviews. 

If I were smarter, I'd like to be Will Shortz, who writes the New York Times crossword puzzles and hosts NPR Morning Edition Sunday's puzzle (which despite having listened to for more than 15 years I've yet to been able to solve and vie for a spot on the show.)

Back in my reporting days, I thought being the headline writer would be a cool job.  You get to read and distill a story down to a pithy headline that fits the space and font size.   And use words usually reserved for headlines, like "solon."

But I digress.  The reason I'm sharing what I think is cool about ways to earn money is because we're beginning to work through what our next phase of the advertising campaign looks like.  That phase will talk more about the opportunity and why one would become an IBO. 

If you were writing the ad, how would you describe the "cool" factor of being an IBO?  What makes being an IBO and being in business for yourself the best opportunity in the world?  What would make someone take another look at being another IBO?



Advertising pays

Within 24 hours of the first Quixtar North America/Amway Global television spots airing, we received a report from an IBO that he had gotten a customer referral based on the spot airing.

Now anyone who's seen the ads know we're not promoting a product or service.  We're simply sharing information about the company so people can get to know us as we are — not as they may have thought us to be.

Yet an IBO received a customer referral because someone saw the spot, connected the Amway name to a spot remover she loved (I'm assuming SA8 PreWash) and called a friend who "knew someone in Amway."

Now the branding might not be right, but the mission was accomplished — the advertising connected someone who has an interest with an IBO.  Granted, we expect the Quixtar North America-Amway Global branded advertising to pique interest in the opportunity long-term, but we'll take the customer referral all the same.

This IBO benefitted from the advertising because people knew he was a go-to source for products that may have been previously affiliated with the Amway name.  How can other IBOs use the advertising to build their businesses?