Trust me, I was there….

My daughters and I walked in last night's Grand Rapids Walk With Me event to raise funds for Easter Seals.  But we forgot our camera…which means you missed my eight-year-old's tears as she swore she just couldn't take one more step.  You missed the sweat on the brows of nearly 600 Amway/Quixtar/Alticor friends and family who braved a hot and muggy night for a very good cause. 

Will post a link to WXMI's Road Crew web site when they have photos up and watch Leyla Kayi's One by One blog for pics as well.



Can’t do it justice

I could write a blog post about the new Personal Accents portfolio, but there's no way I could say it better than Susan Julien-Willson over at Sales Speak!


Stepping up and stepping out for a good cause

Tomorrow is the annual Easter Seals Walk with Me event in Grand Rapids.  It looks to be a balmy evening for a stroll around John Ball Park Zoo for a very good cause.

Well over 500 Quixtar North America/Amway Global and Alticor employees and their families are scheduled to walk to raise funds to help Easter Seals achieve its mission of creating greater independence for people with disabilities.

My daughters and I are walking because we're grateful for the groundbreaking work Easter Seals does to help children with autism, in honor of my brother who is autistic.  When my brother was young there were few resources and very little understanding of what autism was and how to treat it.  Today, thanks to Easter Seals, early intervention and treatment means autistic children have opportunities and achieve things that were nearly impossible decades ago. 

And, because we're always looking for an excuse to go to the zoo — especially to see the new lion exhibit and pet the stingrays. 

Look for pictures of the event here at Leyla Kayi's One by One blog.


Bagging it

This summer I've been trying really hard to use cloth bags when shopping rather than getting plastic or paper to carry my grocery purchases.  But it's been tough.

First, I have to remember to take them into the store.  I remember about 50 percent of the time but I'm getting better, as my kids are reminding me more.  And I often have to hustle to get the bags to the baggers before they've already put my purchases in plastic or paper.  I've even repackaged what they've bagged into my own bags. At the Farmer's Market, some farmers actually refuse to hand over the produce without a plastic bag. 



Seize the excitement

In the August polybag U.S. and Canadian IBOs will receive a brochure detailing our brand building programs and how IBOs can use their programs to acquire customers and entice prospects.

Checking on the question about whether this will be downloadable!


Not what you expected

Over a year ago, when we began discussing transitioning the North American market from Quixtar to Amway, we made it clear that we were not returning to the use of the Amway brand but moving forward to a transformed business that deserved the Amway name. At the time we recalled the slogan, “not your father’s Oldsmobile” and said that what we’re creating is “not your father’s Amway.”  And we promised to to make sure people understand exactly what that business is today and will be tomorrow.

Last week we announced that Amway Global will be the presenting sponsor of Tina Turner’s 2008 North American Tour. This sponsorship will bring the Amway Global, Artistry and Nutrilite brand to millions through advertising and at-event exposure.

Anyone who reads a weekly news magazine knows we’re advertising our business opportunity brand  – something we hadn’t done in this market in a decade. The television campaign, which launched in late May, reaches millions through national cable and regional spot broadcast buys.

We’re testing direct response as a way to bring our products and brands to the attention of target consumers.

There are details on all these programs at’s “Transform your Future” section.

And there’s more ahead that you’ll be hearing about in the coming weeks and months — consumer PR and marketing programs to generate brand awareness among target consumers and give IBOs new tools to recruit and engage customers.

In many ways there’s never been a better time to be an IBO, as the company seeks to improve all aspects of its business, opportunity, and products.  And when you add it all up, it’s an unprecedented investment in IBO businesses.  As an IBO brochure we just developed suggests, it’s time to ‘Seize the excitement” and use these programs to create consumers and generate excitement about the business with prospects.


Times are tough, they keep getting tougher

To quote Springsteen, times are tough and keep getting tougher…unemployment is up as is the price of just about everything.  Reports of gas siphoning, something I hadn't heard of in decades, are up and people are actually taking bits and pieces of public art and other architectural elements to sell as scrap metal.  I was up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula last week talking to a copper artist (they used to mine the stuff up there) who said she has to keep moving her copper supply from location to location to keep ahead of thieves.  Then there are people who have come home to find their metal railings torn from their porches or decks.

Something else that escalates in times like these are various schemes and frauds.  The Better Business Bureau has warned about one that's been reported in 11 states so far.  Someone claiming to be a jury coordinator calls and asks why you haven't responded to a jury summons, saying there's a warrant out for your arrest for skipping jury duty. When you protest that you never received a summons, the caller then asks for your date of birth and social security number to verify your information and cancel the arrest warrant. Apparently people have thought this plausible enough that they've provided this information to ostensibly avoid arrest — but instead have put their personal information at risk.

As the BBB says, when in doubt, check it out,  and the BBB is a great resource.

You can get more information about this from the West Michigan BBB's "weekly scam alert."