BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: August, 2008


What flavor is blue?

There's nothing I like better than summer eating.  Those who have followed this blog have heard me wax poetic over summer tomatoes, spring Michigan asparagus, and fresh Kentucky pole beans.  I'm a frequent customer of our little Rockford, Michigan farmer's market and I love getting my fresh summer produce from the people who grow it, pick it, and sell it at our little local market on Saturdays.

Sunday dinner is our "cooking night" and during the summer most of our meal is local.  Even the ice cream we have for dessert is local, from Hudsonville Creamery.

My girls love Hudsonville's Blue Moon ice cream, which is a rather Smurfy shade of sky blue and claims a "blue flavor to match."  I like my ice cream simple and nutty or chocolately (I had a black walnut ice cream last weekend at Jones' in Baldwin that made me swoon!)  So I don't take the licks offered by my kids of Blue Moon, PlayDough, or Superman.  But I found myself sampling Blue Moon tonight to see if I could discern what exactly blue tastes like.

I thought it might be cool and minty, but it wasn't.  Or perhaps tinged with citrus, like a sunny summer day. Maybe a bit beachy, with a bit of sweet and salty, like PayDay bar.  Not really. 

I can't place the flavor….can anybody else?

And speaking of not being able to place something…I'm watching the Olympic closing ceremonies and the passing of a soccer ball from Beijing to London for the 2012 games.  Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page doing a "Whole Lotta Love" duet, followed by an appearance by David Beckham?   

At least Page wasn't replaced by a younger, better looking model!


Where do you wear your colors?

We hosted New Platinum Conference this week in Grand Rapids, and welcomed hundreds of Platinums for a few days of presentations, meetings, and celebration of their achievements.

We got a number of requests….can you get us bumper stickers or decals for our cars, name badges or business cards with the "hello" theme of our Amway Global ads, and wearable logoed items?  We do have a number of logoed wearables available at, but there were two very specific requests — one for a clothing item with ALL our logos and brands (kind of like a NASCAR uniform, I guess) and Amway Global baseball caps.

So I have to ask, would you put a bumper sticker or logo decal on your car to identify yourself as an Amway Global IBO or a source for Artistry or Nutrilite products? Would you like personalizable or customizeable pieces like business cards or note cards that bear the look and feel of our advertising?  Do we need more logoed clothing items so you're clearly identified with the brands you offer?  Are you willing to (temporarily) displace the Cubs, Yankees, or Red Sox atop your head in the interest of building your business?

What do you need and what would you use?  Let me know what you think.  I'll do a drawing among all who respond by the end of the month  for a copy of Tom Peters' business innovation book, "Reimagine."



The official definition of the word "relevance" is pertinence or applicability.

But I like to think of "relevance" as having a meaning or a purpose.

Which is why you're going to see some posts on some of our blogs asking for specific feedback on specific communications produced to support IBO businesses. 

We want to make sure the communications produced by your team here at Quixtar North America/Amway Global are useful, effective, and most importantly, relevant.

Back in my high school debate days I had a debate partner who dismissed many questions or challenges as being "irrelevant."  Years later I would think of this partner when in "The Princess Bride" the character Vizzini (played by Wallace Shawn)  would respond to virtually any problem with the outburst, "inconceivable."  (Which was eventually followed by Mandy Patinkin's Inigo Montoya responding, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.")   But you may view this sentimental journey as, well, irrelevant.  So I'm going back on topic….

First up?  The polybag.  This is literally the polybag that ships monthly print communications from the company.  It contains your monthly Achieve magazine, catalogs as they launch, and other communications.

So, do you rip into the polybag with reckless abandon upon receipt?  Or, do you leave it piled with the other mail until you have time for it?  How valuable are print communications to you, or do you prefer the speed and immediacy of the web or e-mail?  What's in it that you value?  What should be in it that we don't include today?

Let us know your thoughts!


It’s fun to play at the YMCA….

As announced to IBOs a few weeks ago and to the world yesterday through Ada-Tudes and a news release, Amway Global is partnering with the YMCA on a series of programs designed to improve the wellness of Americans of all ages.

The program includes supporting the Y’s Activate America® program, which addresses our nation’s health crisis, and funding a consumer-education campaign to help empower people to improve their health and wellness. The sponsorship will provide grants to support wellness events and testing at up to 100 YMCAs during America On The Move Week in September and much more.

Why would we partner with the Y?

Because the Y reaches a lot of people.  The Y is the nation’s largest provider of after-school programs and youth sports.  More than 21 million people participate in Y programs each year, including 10 million children.  Millions more live or work near more than 2,600 YMCAs nationwide.

And it doesn’t hurt that they have a theme song, either!

Look for more details about this program in the coming months.