BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: November, 2008


Kernels of gratitude

Yesterday we unpacked our Thanksgiving decorations, as we’re hosting today’s feast.

One of my favorite decorations is a craft my daughter Tess made in the first grade.  It’s a yellow construction paper ear of corn with a green husk that contains “kernels” that are the things for which Tess is grateful.

There’s Mom, dad, sister Tara, and Vicki, who’s been our day care provider since Tess was a baby.  Home, books, her blankie and Henry, the sickly sock monkey I made her, filled out her ear.

My list is very similar…family, home, health, and shelter are at the top.  Friends that are as good as — or better than  – family.  I’m also grateful for work that I find challenging and enriching, which of course, Tess wouldn’t have on her list yet.

Today, I asked Tess whether she’d change anything on her “ear.”  She added a few names (wisely adding her grandmothers) but said that no, her list was pretty complete.

Because even an eight-year-old can tell you what’s truly important — the people you love and a place you can call home.

Of course, this same child will produce a list for Santa Claus the length of your forearm in the coming weeks.  But for today, she’s happy with home and the people she loves around her.    As am I.


Silent no more

There's someone who's been part of the Opportunity Zone since it was just an idea, yet you've never seen her byline on a blog post…until now.

Anna Bryce has been one of the driving forces behind the Opportunity Zone since it launched, helping guide the direction of the Zone and serving as our initial editor.  Anna's answered a lot of the questions, nudged our bloggers to do posts, and basically has been working behind-the-scenes on everything O-Zone.

And now, Anna's blogging as the voice of the new Inspire Wellness blog in the Opportunity Zone.

The Inspire Wellness blog is a companion to the other communications that are part of the Amway Global partnership with the YMCA.

So look to Anna and the Inspire Wellness blog for updates on this ongoing program.


Get ‘tweets’ from Amway Global

You can now “follow” Amway Global on Twitter.

Visit Amway’ Global’s page at Twitter or sign up to “follow” Amway Global and get immediate updates via e-mail or your mobile device.

So what will you get if you start following Amway Global?  You’ll get tweets about the latest blog posts or online news about the company and its brands.  For example, Amway Global “tweeted” an hour ago about a new online story about Artistry at

It’s yet another way to keep in touch and keep informed about what’s happening at Amway Global.


Moms gone mild

I have a guilty little secret regarding business travel. But guilt is nothing new for most Moms who work outside the home.  As a working Mom, I feel guilty when I'm away from my kids and that my husband has to be "Mr. Mom" while I'm traveling.  

The guilty secret, that I found recently I share with other working Moms on the road, is that traveling for business offers a little "me time" that's hard to come by.

So what do working Moms do when they travel?  Their nails, for starters. It's much easier to polish your nails if you know you won't have to tuck someone in for the third time that evening.   They also catch up on their reading (several of the Moms I recently traveled to a conference with all came armed with a stack of magazines.)  And when a working Mom wakes up in the morning while traveling on business, the only person she's responsible for getting dressed and ready to go for the day is herself.  She can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with the morning paper, rather than spend time racing around looking for last night's homework or gymnastics clothes for tonight's class.  And, she probably has breakfast before racing off to start the day. 

Working moms on the road are more like "Moms gone mild" than "Moms gone wild."  At the PRSA conference we attended in Detroit recently, we Moms went back to our rooms after the dinner reception and skipped the "casino shuttle."   We read our magazines, did our nails, and phoned home to say goodnight to our little ones before turning in.

And we were all glad to get back home to the reasons we never have time to do our nails, relax with a magazine, or get dressed in silence!


There she is, Miss America…promoting the Amway Global Teen Wellness Leader Search

Miss America, Kristen Haglund, blogged this week about the Amway Global Teen Wellness Leader Search at the Miss America blog.

In addition, Haglund issued a news release as Miss America promoting the scholarship competition and urging people to recognize the teens they know who are making a difference in the health of their communities and asking teens to nominate themselves for recognition.

For more information about this and other aspects of Amway Global's Inspire Wellness partnership with the YMCA, visit



The Road Less Traveled

The Amway Global U.S. “National Spotlight” events have wrapped up for 2008, but Canada still has one more “Pathway to Success” scheduled for November 14-15 in Calgary, Alberta.

One surprising outcome of the Spotlight and Pathway events has been a resurgence in interest in a video produced for Achievers a few years back.  “The Road Less Traveled,” speaks to empowerment and choices, and how IBOs choose a different path to achieve their own personal level of success.

The IBOAI has been using this video as part of their Spotlight and Pathway presentations and have created a page at their web site to keep up with the demand.  If you visit “The Road” at, you’ll be able to view the video yourself or download a version for use at meetings.


MoBe Blog Launches

You can now follow the travels of the Amway Global Mobile Brand Experiences (MoBes) from their very only blog in the Opportunity Zone.

The Amway Global Goes Mobile blog is now up and running, sharing tales from the road of these new brand experiences.

Nutrilite Brand Ambassador Bob Tully and Artistry Expert Luba Samrick will share what they’re seeing, hearing, and doing as they travel from city to city sharing the Nutrilite and Artistry brand stories.

Check out the blog and say hello to the Opportunity Zone’s newest voices!