BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: September, 2009


Sequins and scars

Amway Global sponsors a faceoff in Canada that’ll have sequins staring down scars.  From the Artistry Facebook page:
What do you get when you cross Canadian figure skating icons with former NHL hockey players? You get the Battle of the Blades, sponsored in part by ARTISTRY! Make sure you tune in starting next Sunday. And, don’t forget, ARTISTRY is the proud skin care and cosmetics sponsor of Skate Canada!

Check out the new show here:


Squeaky clean

Legacy of CleanAmway and soap. There’s certainly a history there.

Back in the day, a multi-purpose cleaner and laundry detergent were the first products sold by Amway business owners. And even though we’ve become a leader in health and beauty, our roots run deep in the home.

That’s why we’ve launched new products and upgraded formulas in our Legacy of Clean line of dish, laundry, and surface cleaners in North America. The line consists of 11 products that are earth-sensitive and don’t leave harsh chemicals, fumes, or residues behind. Video and photos tell the whole story.

The next episode in this soap opera? Upgrades to our already high-performing, safe, and green home care products in Europe and Asia are on the horizon for 2010/2011.


Air quotes

It’s the first day of fall in the states, and for a tortured percentage of us, the beginning of a new allergy season.

Thankfully, pharmacist Jim Morelli gave television and radio audiences in Altanta, Buffalo, Wichita, Kansas City and several other U.S. markets some advice on fighting indoor allergens, including using the Atmosphere Air Purifier.

Between this and the product’s recent certification  by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, we’re in the clouds.


Candace Matthews honored by Black Enterprise magazine

Amway's Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews today was honored by execs from Black Enterprise magazine with a Tiffany crystal award commemorating her selection as the magazine's Corporate Executive of the Year.

Read all about it at Amway Media Blog…


Honorable mention

Candace MatthewsToday the CEO and other execs from Black Enterprise came to Amway’s World Headquarters in Ada to officially honor Candace Matthews  as the magazine’s Corporate Executive of the Year.

Matthews, Amway’s chief marketing officer since 2008, is the first leader at a privately-held company to receive the magazine’s annual honor.

In presenting the award,  Black Enterprise CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. said of Matthews,  “through her business prowess and innovative thinking, she is helping transform Amway into a 21st century global powerhouse.”

This is definitely an honor worth mentioning.


Keeping it clean, keeping it green

Amway was founded 50 years ago with a single product…an organic, biodegradable, multipurpose cleaner with a simple and descriptive name — Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.)

Half a century later Amway Global is launching the next generation of planet positive products with its Legacy of Clean line.  Legacy of Clean, a nod to the original L.O.C. product, is a full line of cleaning and laundry products that offer high performance and are environmentally respectful.

Read today's announcement here…


Highlights of the Intern Olympics!

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

<!–[endif]–> Everyone had a blast at the Intern Olympics last month! It was a great event to get to know other young professionals in the West Michigan area. Check out the video for intern interviews and clips of games.

Click here to read an article about the event.

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We're ad it again

Jump, a magazine for growing families in the UK, featured an ad targeting moms for the Amway Business Opportunity in its summer issue (on page 41, to be exact).

Touting the “flexibility to suit you and your young family” as a primary benefit of joining Amway, it’s just one way affiliates are hyper-targeting to grow our distributor base.

In the U.S., readers of the Entrepreneur section of are greeted with stories of Inspirational Entrepreneurs courtesy of Amway Global. Print and television ads promoting the business opportunity have also ran in the likes of USA Today, Newsweek, and Business Week Online and on television during major sporting tournaments and other “achievement” programming.

And that’s just the beginning.

We’ve tapped top creative talent to implement advertising strategy in China, where Olympians, a famous fashion designer, and a renowned ballerina are featured in ARTISTRY and NUTRILITE campaigns. Top creative agencies in Japan, Korea, and Malaysia are also working on our behalf.

It all “ads” up to some pretty impressive creative muscles being flexed for Amway.