BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: December, 2009


Not just about dollars or yuan

Corporate giving isn’t just about dollars, rubles, rupees, yen, or yuan.

Sure, Amway,  our employees and distributors have given more than US$70 million and 1 million volunteer hours through our One by One Campaign for Children since 2003. The direct selling industry gives generously as well: companies gave more than $336 million worldwide last year in cash and millions more in donations of goods and time, according to a recent World Federation of Direct Selling Associations report.

But there are other ways we give. Each year our executives and employees around the world speak at conferences and forums, lecture at educational institutions, and work with organizations to share knowledge and learnings. Recently we partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at a forum on corporate social responsibility in China and will work with the Chamber on similar programs in the future.

It’s hard to put a price tag on this kind of giving.  Because knowledge is more valuable than any currency.


Giving here and there

Giving isn’t seasonal for Amway.  Throughout the year, Amway affiliates support hundreds of causes worldwide through our One by One Campaign for Children.

But during the holidays, we always do something special in our own backyard.

This week our employees helped kids give to others through a Santa’s Secret Workshop at two elementary schools.  We’re also packing meals through Kids Food Basket to make sure kids who rely on school lunches don’t go hungry over the holiday break and helping with a Salvation Army Christmas Toy Giveaway.

And for the fifth year, we’ve made a sizeable gift  to the NBC TODAY Show Toy Drive that benefits kids from coast to coast.  Amway Global’s managing director Steve Lieberman will appear on TODAY December 18 to highlight the company’s $1 million product donation as part of a Direct Selling Association $15.7 million effort.   But that’s not all.  We’ll give an additional $1 to the drive for every new fan at Amway Global’s Facebook page through December 25, up to $100,000.

We give here in West Michigan, and all around the world.  And during the holidays, we give just a little bit more.


The customer's always right

For the fourth year running, consumers have named our Nutrilite brand among the “most trusted” brands in Asia.

The Reader’s Digest Asia Most Trusted Brands Survey cited Nutrilite as a top brand in the vitamin/health supplement category earlier this year.

Consumers in eight Asian markets ranked brands in 43 product categories on quality, innovation, value, understanding of consumer needs, credibility, and trustworthiness. And they scored Nutrilite a “gold trusted brand,”  indicating that Nutrilite is way ahead of the competition.

The customer has spoken. And as everyone knows, the customer’s always right.


All in a day's work

For a global company like Amway, headquarters may be Ada, Mich., but “the office” is wherever our business takes us.

Our execs log hundreds of thousands of miles each year visiting our colleagues in the more than 80 countries and territories in which we operate.

This week, for example, Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel was in Vietnam, visiting with the Amway Vietnam team, media, and government officials, including President Minh Triet.

Now, we don’t meet with the president of a country every day.

But for our globe-trotting leaders, a “day at the office” might be anywhere from Ada to Uruguay and involve anyone from a distributor to a dignitary.  It’s all in a day’s work.


New Grand Rapids Public Museum exhibit making headlines

The new Grand Rapids Public Museum exhibit celebrating Amway's first 50 years is drawing crowds and headlines.

News of the exhibit has been carried by newspapers and web sites including The Chicago Tribune, USA TODAY, and Detroit Free Press.

The exhibit will be open through November 2010 so there's plenty of time to plan a trip to Grand Rapids to see the exhibit and visit Amway's own new Welcome Center while you're in town.



Not slowing down

Back in 1969, Dr. Sam Rehnborg started work at Nutrilite. But Dr. Sam’s roots go much further than that with the brand started by his father in 1934.   Dr. Sam has joked he was the first Nutrilite customer, but he’s now among the millions who have made Nutrilite the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements (based on 2008 sales).

Amway affiliates celebrated Nutrilite’s 75th anniversary and Dr. Sam’s 40th with a “Super Tour” this fall in nine Asian markets, drawing crowds and headlines everywhere Dr. Sam traveled.

After 40 years at Nutrilite, Dr. Sam shows no sign of slowing down.

Nor does the septuagenarian Nutrilite brand.


Hot Off The Presses!

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

As we are knee deep in another recruiting season, we have been talking A LOT about our Internship Program.  I may be biased, as a former intern (Class of ’08!) and a current full time employee who works directly with the Internship program, but I think our program is pretty great!

It appears others are talking about Amway as well!  Not only are we receiving many qualified applicants for our internships, our program has been featured in a few articles this past month.  I invite you to read a little bit more about Amway… featured Amway’s Internship Program under their Internships section.  Several Amway employees were interviewed, including Kevin Douglas, Manager – College Talent & Candidate Experience, Bethany Johnson and Charlotte Milligan.  The write-up talks about what to expect from an internship with Amway and helpful advice on how to secure an internship.  As a side-note, we would like make a small correction regarding the conversion rate of interns to full time.  In 2008 we had a conversion rate of 55% of “senior level” interns across various departments within the company.

The second article, a “Case Study: Amway’s Intern Program Features Hands-On Projects, Recruiting Opportunities,” is featured in Best Practices in HR, a publication of Business and Legal Resources (BLR) (  Kevin Douglas is again interviewed, providing detailed information about our Internship Program.  The article includes a blurb on the Interns Expose Amway Blog and information about summer activities such as bi-weekly meetings with executives and the West Michigan Intern Olympics.  To read the article, click on the attachment below!

Editor’s Note:

Charlotte Milligan has recently moved to a new company where she is continuing to put her social media savvy to use.  We wish Charlotte the best of luck with her new adventure!


We've got an app for that

iphone-fileThere are more than 100,000 apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch at iTunes.

And now there’s an app for Amway.

We’ve just launched the new app for Amway distributors in North America.  We’re one of a handful of direct sellers that offer iPhone/iPod Touch apps, but the comparisons end there.  Our app isn’t just a mobile catalog – it’s a 24/7 collection of business tools that help our distributors do business whenever and wherever they go.

“The Amway app offers a tremendous competitive advantage for our distributors,” said Candace Matthews, Amway’s chief marketing officer.  “The app enables our distributors to showcase to customers our health and beauty products, demonstrate how they work through videos and other business tools, and place an order from their iPhone or iPod Touch.  No one else offers a tool as robust as Amway’s app.”

And it’s already getting a lot of attention. The Amway app is currently #4 on the iTunes list of top downloaded free business apps. 

Helping our distributors reach consumers wherever they are?  Yeah, we’ve got an app for that.