BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: January, 2010


It takes a lot of hands to help

Helping Haiti recover from this month’s devastating earthquake will take billions of dollars and millions of volunteer hours.

And a bit of ingenuity.

In addition to the aid provided through cash donations, personal hygiene kits and relief flights, this week Amway was proud to partner with several local companies, led by Cascade Engineering, to help assemble and provide water chlorination and safe storage kits for Haiti.

Read more about this the One by One Blog.


The latest gadget

While another company captured attention this week for unveiling the latest tech gadget, our Fulton Innovation group’s eCoupled technology was in the spotlight for helping consumers cut the cord to their electronic devices.

Our wireless power technology was featured on NBC’s TODAY show in a segment on new consumer tech products.  Gadget Nation author Steve Greenberg showed viewers how eCoupled  helps consumers keep their gadgets charged by providing wireless power to laptops, cell phones, and other small electronic devices.

Even the latest gadget.


Who was that company?

After righting the wrongs of the wild American West, the famous Lone Ranger character would ride away on his horse, prompting the question, “Who was that masked man?”

In similar vein, our friends in Australia pose the question, “who is that company?” in a new video designed to make people realize they may not know Amway as well as they think they do.

Hosted by three-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer and Amway ambassador Libby Trickett, the video is already sparking conversation. Trickett’s accomplishments make her anything but incognito and now, the same is true for Australia and New Zealand’s 100,000 Amway business owners.


Up, up, and A(m)way

A little recognized side of our growing global operations - our Aviation Department - graces the cover and is featured in a five-page story in the January issue of Professional Pilot.  This comes on the heels of Amway Aviation being one of two flight operations honored for “outstanding flights” in 2009. 

The headline – Amway uses broad mix of aircraft to develop opportunities and further company growth - pretty much tells the story of the significance of aviation to the company’s global expansion over the last 50 years.

 ”Without a flight department we wouldn’t be where we are…we surely would not be all over the world like we are,” said Amway co-founder Rich DeVos in the article.

Read about the team of 63 employees that  make ours one of the top corporate flight teams in the world.  They’re far and away among the best around.


Haiti relief by the numbers

In the days since the devastating January 12 Haiti earthquake, we’ve heard staggering numbers…3 million affected, tens of thousands dead, and countless others suffering.

But there have been hopeful numbers as well…of funds raised by hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations and help provided by the thousands of volunteers who have raced to Haiti to aid the victims.

We’re proud to have helped in our own way by providing: 

Help for Haiti is adding up, but the needs are great and increasing every day.


Recognition to the second power

When Black Enterprise compiled its 2010 list of the 75 most powerful women in business, they added Candace Matthews, our chief marketing officer, to the roster.

But this isn’t the first time Candace has been honored by the magazine.  She graced the cover of Black Enterprise in September 2009 as its Corporate Executive of the Year

You might say this is well-deserved recognition to the second power.


A toast to…

For years we’ve hosted Toastmasters International groups at Amway.  Now the nonprofit organization that teaches communication and leadership skills is toasting Amway with one of its annual Sponsor Awards.

We’re one of just two Michigan companies recently honored by the organization for the company’s strong support of its employee Toastmasters members.  The company pays each member’s club dues, allows them time away from work and provides a place for them to convene and hone their speaking skills.

We may have received the award, but we raise a glass to our employees who have conquered their fears, expressed their ideas and become more confident communicators through Toastmasters.


Haiti update

Yesterday an Amway corporate plane transported medical personnel and supplies to Haiti and brought back medical missionaries who were there when the quake struck one week ago.

Read more at local ABC affiliate WZZM TV 13’s web site.


Sound advice

When Robert Pagliarini became an Amway distributor in 1995, he experienced a mindshift. His words:

“If you’ve never had your own business, you can’t understand what it feels like to be CEO of a company and to be responsible for marketing, generating clients, cash flow, recruiting, training, and all of the other hats an entrepreneur must wear.”

Today, Pagliarini writes for the CBS Human Capital section and is a frequent guest on Good Morning America and NPR’s Marketplace, offering financial and career advice.

He’s no longer a distributor, but 15 years later, Pagliarini penned a blog post titled Why You Should Join Amway. As he says, it’s the “easiest and quickest way to start your own business” and an opportunity worth considering.

Sound advice from someone who makes his living advising others.


Ronaldinho scores big for kids

AC Milan forward and global soccer star Ronaldinho is proving to be worthy of the Golden Foot award he received late last year in more ways than one.  With a hat trick in the January 17 match against Siena, he brought the construction of a children’s sports center $30,000 closer to reality.

That’s because each time Ronaldinho scores a goal, the Amway One by One Campaign for Children contributes $10,000 to the AC Milan Foundation which will fund the recreational center for children affected by the devastation of the April 2009 earthquake in the Abruzzi region of Italy.  A member of Team Nutrilite, Ronaldinho has already helped to raise $120,000 in the 2009-10 season—11 goals from play, plus one ceremonial half-time goal that kicked off the joint Nutrilite and AC Milan “Goal by Goal” program.

What’s more, Ronaldinho has surpassed the $100,000 he and Nutrilite donated last season.  And there’s still four months left in season play.

That makes every goal he scores truly worth its weight in gold.