Farewell to a ‘first’

We always remember those who were the first to do something.

And so Charlie Marsh has a special place in our hearts and history. 

Charlie, who died Monday, and his wife Elsie, were Amway’s first crown distributors, reaching what at the time was the highest level in our business.

Before he and Elsie started their Amway business, Charlie walked the beat as a policeman in Rome, New York.  He saw the opportunity and quickly found a favorite product – Shoe-Glo, an aerosol shoe polish.  Charlie shared Shoe-Glo with his fellow officers on the force and his business took off.    The rest is history.

Charlie chalked up his achievements to hard work and dedication. 

“You have to remember that a tree grows in two directions,” he has said.  “The greatest height is out where everyone can see it, but the real work is being done down in the roots.”

Farewell to one of our “firsts.”


Hola, bonjour, g’day, guten tag!

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Leah Zuber, the public relations intern in the corporate communications department, and new managing editor of Interns Expose Amway. I graduate next month with a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Grand Valley State University. I am thrilled to join the Amway community.

I have some blogging experience under my belt, as I’m a contributor for the Classroom to Cubicle Project and used to manage my own blog. In addition to reading me on here, you can also find me conversing on social media channels like Twitter (follow me!), Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn.

I’m a Michigan native, originally from Howell, and fell in love with West Michigan when I began at GVSU. In fact, I never want to leave and strive to eventually call this area my home. As my Twitter Bio reads, I’m a “mad coffee drinker” – couldn’t go a day without it. I also love reading, anything from Elizabeth Kostova to the Twilight series (yes, I said it. I’m hopeless) to trashy gossip magazines.

But back to the blog.  This summer’s group of eager and enthusiastic interns will continue to expose, reveal and unravel the purposes and functions behind a diverse group of Amway departments. We’ll show you, first-hand, the places we visit and the people we meet by recording our visits and sharing them with you here.

In addition, we will blog about our learning experiences and the role interns play at Amway.

That said, what are some areas of Amway you’d like us to expose? What are you dying to know about interns or interning at Amway?

Feel free to comment below and tell us what you’re interested in learning about.


Amway announces supply chain changes

Today Amway announced the consolidation of several U.S. facilities and other supply chain changes designed to improve efficiencies.

The changes, which will be rolled out over a three-year period, will move production closer to customers to cut supply times and costs.

We shared this plan with our employees earlier today and issued a news release with further details.   A PDF of the release is also available.


Kick off

When I started playing soccer in junior high, I was nothing but a little pipsqueak with the athletic prowess of an orchid. But my coach saw a power in me that no one else did.

Apparently, watching a 4’6”, 60-pound girl fight with all her might inspired others to fight for the win, too. In short, playing soccer shaped my life. I learned that you don’t have to be the biggest to win. That spirit and passion can take you just as far as talent. And that when you get the wind knocked out of you, you just get back up and keep going.  

Today marks the kick off of the third annual Nutrilite Canadian Championship (NCC), a six-week soccer tournament that we’ve sponsored since its inception. It’s no ordinary tourney, for the winner will represent Canada in the 2010-2011 Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football League, which helps determines who plays in the World Cup.  For an insider’s view, follow the NCC on Facebook.

As Canadian Soccer Association President Dr. Dominique Maestraccis has said, “the pride of Canada will be on the line.” 

We’re proud to support soccer worldwide, from our sponsorships of youth and amateur events and teams, all the way up to the Marta- and AC Milan-level players of the world.

We’re even proud of the pipsqueaks.

What a pipsqueak!


Lock up when you leave

Today the Amway Media Blog merges with the Amway Global Insider blog to become The Amway Insider.  So we’re closing the virtual doors on this blog.

Visit us at Insider for the stories and updates you came to expect from the Amway Media Blog, and a whole lot more.

Insider is the first blog to launch on the new Amway corporate blog portal, and will be followed in the coming months by the One by One  and Interns Expose Amway blogs.  Stay tuned to Insider for more information on these and other new blogs.

So we’re turning out the lights on the Amway Media Blog.  Lock up when you leave, and we’ll have the welcome mat out for you over at The Amway Insider.


Hello, again

Welcome to The Amway Insider. 

You may be a regular reader of the Amway Media Blog.  If so, you’ve come to expect updates about Amway from around the world.     Or, you may have found your way here from the Opportunity Zone, where the blog I wrote there shared the backstory behind many Amway programs and initiatives.  

You’ll find a bit of both at The Amway Insider.   It’s a merger of sorts that will bring you more stories from more people about our global business. 

I’m one of the writers who will share our stories,  and you’ll meet more of us in the coming days and weeks.    I’m also serving as editor of this blog,  curating what you’ll read here, and would love to hear your ideas on what we should cover.  Just comment below to share your thoughts.

Welcome to our new blog.  Or welcome back, in the case of Media Blog or Opportunity Zone readers.  Either way, we’re glad you’re here.


Goodbye, Opportunity Zone

In February 2007, we launched the Opportunity Zone with three blogs, one of which was then called Inside Quixtar.

The blog had actually existed since 2004, when we decided to start participating in the online conversation about our business rather than letting it go on without us.  As one of the first corporate bloggers, I’m proud to have been one of our social media pioneers.

Almost a year ago I moved from North America to a role with our global PR group focusing on social media, and now it’s time for this blog to officially come with me.  We’re combining this blog and the Amway Media Blog into a single forum where we’ll share our stories with the world.  It will be called Amway Insider, and a few other O-Zone blogs that are more global in scope, like the One by One Blog, will follow in a few months.

Thanks to everyone who’s been part of the conversation at Inside Quixtar and Amway Global Insider.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know many of you on and off the blog.  Thank you for your feedback, your ideas,  your roses and thorns, and your support through the years.

I hope you’ll visit the Amway Insider blog when it launches in a couple of weeks.  I’ll be posting the new URL here once we’re live, and much of the content of this blog will become part of the Amway Insider archives.  So perhaps the blog will be gone, but thanks to the archives, hopefully not forgotten!

After 618 posts and 2,352 comments (and counting), it’s time to say goodbye to the Opportunity Zone.  Come by and say hello at Amway Insider in a few weeks.


Green house

On Earth Day, as we think about ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle, our eCoupled brand is doing much more  as part of a Wired magazine exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

Our Fulton Innovation technology is part of The Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit.  The Smart Home is a fully-functioning, eco-friendly home that demonstrates how new technologies can make life simpler, smarter and more efficient while simultaneously minimizing impact on the environment.

eCoupled supplies a kitchen counter with wireless technology that powers appliances and can charge electronics like cell phones and laptops without cords.

Visit the green house on this very green day, or any other time through January 2011.


Words of wisdom

Today two of our top execs offered words of wisdom to very different audiences.

Eva Cheng, who heads Amway’s greater China region, offered advice on doing business in China to a Grand Rapids business group.   A few of her tips:  never take no for an answer, help provide solutions to problems and communicate why your business is good for China.

In an interview with, Amway chief marketing officer Candace Matthews counseled women on managing their careers.   Candace shared her secrets of success: understand the value of education, find a strong mentor and focus on excellence in all you do.

Wise words from women we have the benefit of learning from every day.


Small talk

Just as we would on Twitter, we can describe the events of this past weekend in Soweto, South Africa’s Freedom Square in small talk of 140 characters or fewer:

Amway launched products in miniature sachets – cleaner, two laundry products and Dish Drops. Why? To meet the needs of this marketplace.

Want more information? Follow @AmwaySA and @TalkingAmway on Twitter for quick updates on all of Amway South Africa’s endeavors.

It may be small talk, but it’s a big deal to us and our business in South Africa.