BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: September, 2010


Granting teacher wishes

Pencils, paper and markers – oh my!

Classroom supplies are a hot commodity, especially for teachers who  must foot the bill to purchase extras once their school district-provided supply is gone.

To help teachers who need supplies, Teacher Wish Lists were  created for teachers, towns and parent organizations to publicize their needs to parents, businesses and other potential donors.

We partnered with West Michigan television personality Maranda to fullfill teacher wish lists right here in our community. More than 1,500 teachers lined up yesterday to receive our Legacy of Clean all-purpose cleaner and hand sanitizer – items teachers can use to eliminate germs in the classroom.

Visit to make a teacher’s wish in your area come true.


A picture’s worth a thousand words

When a story is about publicly-traded direct selling companies, you might not expect to see Amway referenced.

But when the story is about publicly-traded direct sellers in Asia, like this week’s (Investor’s Business Daily) piece, it’s hard not to mention us as Amway leads the direct selling selling industry in many Asian markets. 

We may not be part of the story because we’re privately-held, but this is a case where a picture’s worth a thousand words.


Sharing the ride

More than 300 Amway employees participate in a voluntary carpooling program at our World Headquarters here in West Michigan.

Our program matches employees based on schedules and routes to work, so those who want to share a ride can find a carpool easily.

Last year alone, these employees “saved” 6,000 commuter miles, which reduced CO2 gas emissions by 2.5 million pounds.

Learn about other ways Amway is working to reuse, reduce, recycle and otherwise care for the planet we share in Amway’s new Corporate Citizenship Report.


Getting the word out

Our One by One blog shares the stories of Amway’s philanthropic efforts around the world every week.  

A new corporate citizenship report captures the programs – and results – our One by One program achieved last year.

And sometimes, instead of telling the stories, we are the story.  

The September issue of Direct Selling News features a comprehensive look at how our One by One programs help improve the lives of children around the world.

Whether we’re telling the story or are the story, we’re happy to help get the word out about the amazing work done by our employees, distributors and affiliates worldwide.


Ciao, Au revoir, Goodbye

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

All good things have to come to an end, right? You know the saying, and today it applies to me.

Today is my last day as a public relations intern in the Corporate Communications department at Amway.

It is a sad day. But it’s a good day, too. The reason I’m leaving is because I received a position at the university I graduated from in May, Grand Valley State University. I will be a communications specialist for the university’s communications office.

Reflecting on my six months here, I met and worked with very intelligent people, who involved me in their projects and taught me the ins and outs of corporate PR. In addition to managing this blog, I practiced and developed my writing skills, applied PR strategies and theories I learned in school, helped with the marketing plan for a new website, and touched on many other aspects of PR. Oh yeah, and I got to travel across the country, twice (c’mon, how many interns get to say that?!).  

In addition to thanking the incredible people I worked with in Corporate Communications, I want to thank you, too. Thank you for reading my blog posts, for sharing my thoughts and experiences, and for bearing with me as I developed my video producing skills.

Like Ryan said in his last post, this is not goodbye, but simply a “See ya later, Amway” sort of goodbye. I like that.


Up on the roof

There are signs of change up, down, and all around the Amway Center in Orlando, which opens in less than 10 days.

Changes like the final signage installation.   Finishing touches on the interior.  And lots of excitement about the opening events beginning October 1.

We’re excited, too.  The Amway brand will be on the most technologically advanced and sustainably-built arena in the country.  Even up on the roof!


Come one, come all

Grand Rapids welcomes more than 1,700 artists from 21 countries and 44 states to town to compete for the world’s largest prize for art. The second installment of ArtPrize begins tomorrow and promises to deliver some exciting changes.

Some of those changes include musical entertainment. Check out the free street party featuring 80s band Starfarm at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, an Amway-sponsored Exhibition Center, on Thursday, September 23 from 6-9 p.m. This family-friendly night out will include activities like sidewalk chalk art, a bean bag toss at the Amway tent and an ice sculpture carving using pyro techniques in addition to extended Exhibition Center hours.


Former Intern Series: Charlotte

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

This is the first of a series of posts written by former Amway interns. Charlotte Milligan was an intern at Amway North America about a year ago. Below Charlotte updates us on her life and where she is now.

Hi there!

My name is Charlotte and some of you may remember me because I use to contribute to this blog when I was an intern at Amway. Around a year ago, I was given the opportunity to be the Recruitment Media Specialist at National Heritage Academies (NHA). In this role I leverage digital and traditional communications tools to enhance NHA’s recruitment message and our ability to connect with top educators. One of my first big projects was to assist in creating NHA’s new career site, If you know of anyone who is looking for a teaching job, be sure to refer them to this site. :)

I have no doubt in my mind that my experience at Amway helped me land my first job after graduating college. As a Public Relations Intern, I was able work on a variety of projects supporting multiple initiatives, such as employee communications, media relations, web reputation, and social media. One of my most favorite experiences was being able to attend the National Spotlight tours across the country. Not only did I get the opportunity to travel to places I never been, but was able to share how Amway helps children live better lives through their One by One program.

The main skill that I learned and practiced at Amway that I use in my current job is definitely writing. Writing is the core of each of my projects. Whether it’s for employee communications or reaching out to candidates, I am writing every day at my job. Also, I learned how to use social media in a corporate setting. In fact, I manage NHA Career’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

Advice that I would give to interns is to make sure that you are able to get your hands on a variety of projects. This may help find what interests you the most and what direction you want to go in your career. Also, always be proactive in gaining the experience you need and be sure that you are challenged. Not only will this help you grow as a professional, but it will also show your commitment and dedication to your supervisor.

Good luck to all in your career journey!


Your vote counts

As part of our corporate citizenship efforts, the Amway One by One Campaign for Children builds local partnerships that result in global impact. Earlier this week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Business Civic Leadership Center recognized our partnership with Kids’ Food Basket.

We’re up for an award and your vote counts! Learn more at the Amway One by One blog .


Help us build a house of hope

Eight months after the devastating earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions of people in Haiti, the story has slipped from the headlines.

Yet help is still desperately needed to help Haiti recover.

That’s why Amway is announcing the next phase of our Haitian relief effort, a partnership to build a new home for SOS Children’s Villages, which provides care for orphaned children.  

Amway is providing $250,000 in funding and is asking its distributors, customers and friends to help. 

Full details and giving opportunities are available at Amway’s One by One Campaign for Children Blog and at Amway’s web site, but gifts of all sizes are needed. 

Even $1 will buy a box of nails to build a house that will provide stability, care and most of all, hope to the children who need it most.