BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: October, 2010


On the edge

Figure skating combines athleticism and grace, as skaters perform dazzling spins, intricate steps and gravity-defying jumps while on the edge of blades 3/16 of an inch thick.   

This weekend in Kingston, Ontario, you can see some of world’s top skaters perform these and other feats in the Skate Canada event, which will be viewed by fans all over the globe. 

Amway Canada has been involved with Skate Canada since 2007, and Artistry  is the official skin care and cosmetics brand of the competition.    

Our brands will be visible at the event and on the air, as Amway is presenting sponsor of figure skating on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Don’t have a rinkside seat for Skate Canada? You can follow the event on Amway Canada’s Artistry Facebook page and get updates throughout the weekend.

Tune in or check in.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat watching some of the world’s best compete.


Coloring our world

Often the simplest ideas are the most powerful, like using color as a guide for eating the right mix of  fruits and vegetables. That’s an idea Nutrilite pioneered last year with the release of America’s Phytonutrient report and the launch of the Phytonutrient Spectrum.

Now that idea has gone global, and Amway Markets around the world have adopted Nutrilite’s daily dose of color campaign.

Here’s what some of them are up to:

  • Amway Malaysia launched a Facebook game a few weeks ago that challenges players to create healthy salads for choosy customers. Between filling orders, players are served up tips and facts about how eating a colorful diet can help improve health and wellness.
  • Amway Singapore held the Nutrilite Walk and Optimal Health Carnival. People committed to eating fruits and vegetables by signing a Color Yourself Healthy mural and then took part in a variety of fitness activities – aerobics, kickboxing, and hip hop dancing – and had free health evaluations.
  • Earlier this month Amway North America was in Denver, Colorado participating in the latest Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon event. Miss America, Caressa Cameron, and Denver Broncos Quarterback, Brady Quinn were on hand to talk about the benefits of eating a colorful mix of fruits and vegetables.

So no matter where you are, keep an eye out for Nutrilite’s Phytonutrient Spectrum, and use it to color your world with a healthy diet.


Full court press

It’s a big night for sports fans.

At 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the National Basketball Association kicks off its 2010-2011 regular season pitting the champion Boston Celtics agains the Miami Heat.

At Amway, we love basketball, and we’ve blogged plenty about the Orlando Magic and their new home. But today, we turn our lens to the other side of the world, where Basketball New Zealand’s Tall  Blacks impressed even the toughest critics in 2010, and are preparing for competition in 2011.

The Tall Blacks’ name is derived from New Zealand’s popular rugby team the All Blacks. Since their debut at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, they’ve become a case study in showing just what an underdog can do. In one world tournament, they finished ahead of FIBA’s top-ranked team, and have been described by their competitors as “gallant,” “deserving of credit on the world stage,” and “the best-shooting team outside of the U.S.”

In New Zealand, basketball isn’t well funded and doesn’t receive as much media coverage as rugby or cricket, but the Tall Blacks coach said it best: “We don’t have any NBA stars on the team, but we play as a team and we show a lot of heart.”

They’re scrappy and we like that. So much so that Amway of New Zealand was proud to be an official sponsor of the Tall Blacks during their last World Championship bid. They finished in the middle of the pack, but to us, they’re top notch.


Trash talk

Amway Thailand has supported environmental awareness and protection programs since the 1990s, including efforts to preserve Thailand’s wild elephant population and educate Thai youth about the the need to protect the planet.

But this time of year, Amway Thailand talks trash – keeping Amway’s plastic packaging out of the trash, that is. 

The company has kept 3.77 million plastic bottles out of landfills since 2006 through its annual ”I’m not Rubbish” campaign, which launches November 4.

This month-long effort encourages distributors and customers to recycle and earn points for each bottle they return to Amway.  Points can be redeemed for Amway products during the campaign.

Last year more than 1.5 million bottles were returned – nearly double the number recycled in 2008.  

That’s the kind of trash talk we like to hear.


131 Showdown

Louie the Laker and Brutis the Bulldog made an appearance at the Van Andel Arena this morning to rile up fans for one of the biggest college basketball rivalries this season – and it’s happening right in our backyard.

Dubbed the “131 Showdown” for the 67 miles that separate the two institutions on highway US 131, Grand Valley State will take on Ferris State in both men’s and women’s Division II basketball on January 29, 2011.

But winning a basketball game isn’t the only goal in mind. We’re spreading the word now so everyone knows that a portion of the proceeds from this exciting community event will be donated to the Van Andel Institute as part of the Community for a Cure Purple Game.

As presenting sponsor of the 131 Showdown, we’re proud to team up with two of the area’s finest universities to make a positive difference in West Michigan.


Rolling out the welcome mat


I still remember the advice I got my very first day on the job at Amway - never  forget that you’re here because of our distributors.

So when we have distributor visitors, we roll out the welcome mat.  Today nearly 50 distributors who are part of Founders Emerald Yoshie Nichi’s group from Japan stopped by.  Dozens of Amway employees formed a welcome line to greet our guests, who are visiting us in Ada, Mich., today and will also tour our Nutrilite facilities in California.

This group traveled here because they wanted to see the world headquarters of the company behind their businesses.

Each year thousands of distributors visit Amway’s world headquarters, some as part of formal incentive trips, and some, like today’s guests, on their own.

But they’re all welcome.  After all, they’re the reason we’re here.


Long line of leaders

Amway India Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs Yoginder Singh was recently named chairman of the Indian Direct Selling Association.

He’s the latest in a long line of Amway leaders to helm direct selling trade organizations in our markets.

A dozen company execs currently lead direct selling associations in Belgium, China, Colombia, CroatiaCzech RepublicDominican Republic, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania, Singapore and Taiwan.

They carry on a tradition of service that dates back to when our Co-Founder Rich DeVos served as chairman of the U.S. Direct Selling Association.   

Thanks to Yogi for being the latest in a long line of leaders to lead our industry.


A Perfect 10

When you’re a perfect 10, you’re the best.

Marta Vieria da Silva, the four-time Women’s FIFA Soccer Player of the Year who wears number 10 for the FC Gold Pride, has teamed up with our North American affiliate for a new social media campaign that inspires girls to be a “ten” at what they love to do.

 The “Marta Power of 10” club encourages girls to participate in sports and extracurricular activities that will empower a sense of achievement, something that Marta knows a thing or two about. In addition to her amazing soccer career, she has just been named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to advocate for women and fight poverty.

Marta believes anyone can be a perfect 10, and we agree! Visit these social media channels to find the latest news about Marta, see videos of her in action, and read about stories that promote health, beauty and community involvement.

Twitter @Power10Club


Force and impact

As the saying goes, it’s an honor just to be nominated for an award.

But we have to admit it’s great to see some of our teams win recognition by their peers. 

Our procurement group was one of just 13 companies honored in the Corporate Executive Board’s Force of Ideas Awards. Amway was feted in the category for “next generation cost savings” in the awards that recognize business practices that “redefine the way companies do business and that create sustainable value for organizations.”

But they’re not alone.  Brian Heath and Amway’s Global Training and Education division were recently recognized in Chief Learning Officer magazine’s ”Learning in Practice” awards in the “Business Impact” category.

We believe these teams have are a “force of ideas” and have “impact” on our business every single day.  Clearly the Corporate Executive Board and Chief Learning Officer magazine agree.


Good neighbor

The Amway Center has only been open a few days, but it’s already proving to be a good neighbor in  Orlando.

The October 9 gala to commemorate the opening of the Amway Center raised $300,000 for the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and its bold goal of ending homelessness in just 10 years.

That evening the Orlando Magic and Amway announced they would build a KaBoom! playground in April as part of their ongoing commitment to the Parramore neighborhood that’s home to the Amway Center. 

This is the first KaBoom! playground Amway and the Magic will build together, and the 11th build  for Amway overall. 

Orlando has warmly welcomed the Amway Center to the Parramore neighborhood.   Being involved in the community is one way to ensure the Amway Center is a good neighbor that’s always welcome.