BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: November, 2010



On November 18 a visit by the Chinese gymnastics team caused an unprecedented sensation at the Amway China plant in Guangzhou.  Fans packed a meeting area to see these sports stars, who have been spokespersons for our Nutrilite brand since 2009.

This was the first time the champions visited Amway China, where they were greeted by Amway employees, Amway sales representatives and middle school students sponsored by Amway China.

It’s quite understandable why the team was so warmly welcomed. In the 2010 Asian Games this month, they won 13 events in the artistic gymnastics competition and medaled in eight others.

After the meeting, the team visited the Amway and Nutrilite Experience Centers and the Nutrilite production lines, so they could better understand Amway’s history and culture and how our products are manufactured.


Decking the halls

Amway Japan is decking the halls of its Tokyo headquarters with ribbons of orange this holiday season. 

Amway Japan is a supporter of the National Network for Child Abuse Prevention orange ribbon campaign to end child abuse.   The orange ribbons signify hope and a bright future for all children.

In November Amway Japan customers, distributors and employees created orange ribbon ornaments to decorate holiday trees. For every ribbon used in the display,  Amway donated 10 yen to a shelter for abused children.

As a sign at the display proclaims, it’s a way to create a Merry Christmas for all children this holiday season.


Thanksgiving here and there

While we celebrate Thanksgiving today in the U.S., Japan gave thanks yesterday and our neighbors in Canada feasted last month.

Many Amway markets celebrate Thanksgiving or similar harvest events, including Africa, Australia, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, and the U.K., to name a few.

Amway is closed on Thanksgiving Day and November 26 so our employees can celebrate with family and friends.  We’ll be back open for business bright and early on November 29.

Happy Thanksgiving to our customers, distributors, employees and friends!


HOT New Year’s Eve

New York City may be known for throwing one of the world’s best New Year’s Eve parties, but our home town of Grand Rapids knows how to ring in the new year, too.

Citadel Broadcasting announced today the return of the 3rd annual HOT New Year’s Eve Party, and we’re a sponsor once again. As host of the “Amway Family Area,” we’ve secured the steps of the Grand Rapids Art Museum to create a safe location for families to sit and watch the show.  

Live performances by Good Charlotte, We the Kings, Runner Runner and Kaci Battaglia will make this one HOT show.  Watch Insider for more details on what we’re planning for this special event.  And be sure to follow our social media platforms for live updates from our roving reporter, so you can follow the celebration no matter where you are in the world.


Return trip

Some of us return to the same place every year.  It might be going home for the holidays or venturing to a cherished vacation spot.

Jung Hee Choi and Yong Sik Kim, Founders Executive Diamonds from Korea, do the same.  Nearly every year they travel to our world headquarters in Ada, Michigan with a group of distributors.

Yesterday 40 distributors on the “Growing Together Rally” tour  were greeted by dozens of Amway employees, who cheered as they walked the red carpet into our lobby.   Amway President Doug DeVos was at the front of the line, welcoming each distributor.

“When you visit Amway here in Ada, it’s not about seeing the buildings,” Doug told the group. “It’s all about the people.  You have a chance to meet a great group of people who are dedicated to making the Amway business the best it can be for you.”

Meeting thousands of people half a world away working hard to helping you succeed?   That’s definitely worth a return trip.

Thanks to my colleague Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy for the photos for this  and many other Amway Insider posts!


No barriers

This week, the Achievers event for Amway of Australia and New Zealand is taking place on Hamilton Island, rightful home to the highly-publicized “best job in the world.”

It’s one of seven resort islands that are part of the Great Barrier Reef - the only barrier that Amway co-founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel wanted Australians with a dream of starting their own business to think about.  After all, Rich and Jay made Amway an opportunity that is low-risk, low-cost and open to virtually everyone.

Nearly 40 years ago, Australia was Amway’s first expansion outside of North America.  No matter where you live, join us in celebrating the achievements of our distributors down under.


Riding the rainbow

Increasing traffic in Jakarta has helped create a greater interest in cycling. It’s a popular activity among Indonesians because it promotes wellness and increases environmental awareness.

Recently Amway Indonesia provided support to the Gowes Pelangi Fun Bike event. Approximately two thousand people had fun riding their bikes together through the streets of Jakarta. A NUTRILITE booth greeted them at the finish line and offered free health assessments to riders including bone density tests, blood pressure screening and BMI tests.

The event was coordinated by alumni cycling enthusiasts of Canisius High School in Jakarta. Money raised from the event benefits victims of the Mentawai Tsunami, the Mt. Merapi volcanic eruption, and Sanggar Anak Akar, a school that focuses on music and arts for underprivileged children.

In the Indonesian language, pelangi means rainbow. And rainbows represent better times and hope for the future. That’s something worth riding your bike for.

Visit our Flickr page to see more photos from the event.


Hat trick

In sports, ”hat trick” means to achieve a positive feat in the sport three times during a game. For instance, in association with ice hockey, a player might score three goals.

And that’s exactly what we’ve just done.

Goal 1
Yesterday, our North American affiliate announced its partnership with the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League.

Goal 2
Today, we’re excited to share that Amway has scored a deal with the American Hockey League’s Grand Rapids Griffins. For the next three years, the Amway logo patch can be seen on the Griffins’ home and road jerseys.

 But that’s not all.

 Goal 3
“Amway Section A,” the $1.2 million expansion of Van Andel Arena’s northwest concourse, will be dedicated and opened to the public prior to the game this Saturday, November 20, between the Grand Rapids Griffins and Lake Erie Monsters at 7 p.m. If you’re in the area, join us on opening night, or follow the chatter on Twitter using hashtag #LetsGoGriffins.

 Hip, hip, hooray! This is a big win for Amway.


Going solo

A new study sponsored by Amway Europe shows the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. 

The survey, conducted in honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010, polled more than 12,000 people in 11 European countries about business ownership.

More than 2/3 of those surveyed (69 percent) were positive about self-employment,  with citizens of  Denmark, France and Great Britain most enthusiastic.

About half of those in favor of business ownership can imagine starting a business of their own one day, drawn by the independence (40 percent), self-fulfillment (35 percent) and second income prospects (34 percent) of self-employment.

Global Entrepreneurship Week will feature 40,000 events in 100 countries involving 100,000 people.  

It seems there’s plenty of company in “going solo.”


Blogging beauties

Word of mouth – it’s how you found out about the free giveaway at your favorite makeup counter or the shiny new, imited edition, can’t-live-without-it lip gloss.

And it’s how bloggers are helping us spread the word about our beauty brand, Artistry. Recently, some of our affiliates around the world have invited media personalities and beauty mavens to special events to “talk beauty” and educate them about our latest line of skin care and colour cosmetics.

Our beauty team in Malaysia invited five bloggers to the Khareyana Spa, PJ to discover the benefits of Artistry Time Defiance products. Amway Hong Kong hosted a press trip to Beijing for the Artistry Fall/Winter Makeup Show featuring makeup artist, Zing. The event was organized by Amway China. As the official skin care and cosmetics provider of the Miss America Organization, our North American affiliate flew bloggers to Las Vegas to watch the Miss America Pageant and pampered them with Artistry products.

This snapshot is only a taste of how we’ve spread the Artistry word around the world. How would you spread the word?