BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: December, 2010


Ringing in the New Year

Amway World Headquarters is closed December 31, 2010 and January 3, 2011 so our employees can ring in the New Year. 

We hope you have a safe and happy end to 2010 and start to 2011.

And we hope to see you again here at The Amway Insider next year!


Preparing to welcome the New Year

Tomorrow night, an estimated 30,000 people are expected to fill the streets in our backyard of Grand Rapids, Michigan for what is expected to be one HOT New Year’s Eve.

The free and family-friendly outdoor concert and celebration will kick off at 5:30 p.m. with entertainment to continue through 12:30 a.m. Those in attendance with children 10 and under can take advantage of the Amway-sponsored family area located on the steps of the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The first 300 to enter will receive Amway prize packs including hand warmers, headbands, and samples of our products.

The HOT New Year’s Ball will make its third appearance this year. The ball, which measures 6 feet, 2 inches in diameter (that’s bigger than the original famous New Year’s Ball in Times Square!) is made from welded steel plates and tubes and features 448 75-watt halogen bulbs. 

Can’t join our party? Watch it live from anywhere in the world at .

Happy New Year from all of us in Corporate Communications and best wishes for 2011!


Christmas cheer

Our headquarters in Ada, Mich., will be closed in celebration of the Christmas holiday on Friday, December 24, so our staff can spend time with friends and family.

We’ll reopen for business on Monday, December 27.

For a bit of Christmas cheer, visit the Amway One by One Campaign for Children blog to learn how our affiliates in Korea, Japan and Canada have warmed hearts and spread joy this holiday season.

We wish our employees, distributors, customers and friends a very Merry Christmas.


Ambitious Events

In 2010, Amway China staged a BIG incentive trip for their top distributors in the Amway Business. 13,000 distributors from the Chinese salesforce visited Southern California where they toured the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health and took part in a gala event at the Anaheim Convention Center. They did some shopping, too!

This week BizBash magazine recognized Amway China in a Top Ten list – Best of 2010: Ambitious Events. No doubt this event was ambitious, and its one more accolade for Amway’s top market.

Next incentive trip up for Amway China  – Sydney. In January.


A story with a happy ending

Amway Korea’s ”Nutrilite Story” ad campaign tells how Nutrilite grows and harvests plants for our Nutrilite supplements.

This story has a very happy ending,  as Nutrilite was just named Korea’s top brand by the Korea Advertising Society for the ad campaign and other innovative marketing efforts.

Congratulations to our colleagues in Korea for telling the Nutrilite story in such a compelling – and award-winning – way.


Time is running out

The Amway 50th anniversary exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum is closing December 31.  

So if you haven’t seen this look at Amway’s founding and growth over half a century, time is running out.

The museum will be open every day through the end of the year, except December 25.  Visit for hours and other details.


Weed control

Last week I was at Nutrilite’s Lakeview farm in California. Located on a prehistoric lakebed, it’s now primarily a research farm where new plant varieties, organic farming techniques and other research innovations are tested for use on our larger farms in Washington State, Mexico and Brazil. We do grow crops there, though, and the mix includes alfalfa, pomegranates and carrots.

It’s winter now in Lakeview and that means the alfalfa fields need weed control. Weed control on a sustainable organic farm can be done a couple different ways. During the winter we use sheep.

There’s actually a shepherd that lives in the neighborhood and he transports his flock throughout the western region of the U.S. to find grazing land. But two or three times a year, from December to February, the sheep come to Lakeview. He walks them a short two miles through town to our alfalfa fields and they go to work.

A flock of 5000 sheep are fenced into a nine and a half acre field and they eat everything – the alfalfa, the weeds – right down to the nubs. When they finish there’s nothing left on the surface, except the natural fertilizer they leave behind, of course.

Alfalfa roots are strong. They extend around six feet into the soil. So when the days begin to warm again in the spring the alfalfa shoots back through the ground and flourishes, thanks to the efficient work done by a hungry flock of sheep just a few months earlier.


Organic Matter

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on the Amway Answers blog.

We’ve talked a lot about the presentation of the Amway business opportunity. Now, let’s explore how our top-selling brand, Nutrilite, is referred to – or should be.

Nutrilite is many things – many wonderful things. One thing it’s not? “Organic.” Our farms are organic, but that’s different. And I hope this post will help that all make sense.

Last week, I spent time at Nutrilite, including the Lakeview Farm. And if you’ve ever been, you know: Nutrilite employees and scientists are passionate people. Their enthusiasm is contagious. They live and breathe the optimal health philosophy by leading healthy lifestyles and using supplementation to fill nutritional gaps in their diets.

During my visit, I learned more about our sustainable farming practices. Grown in accordance with nature is a way of life at our farms and something we take very seriously. Our four farms are organically certified in their regions, but calling them “organic” is not saying enough. Being sustainable means that we encompass all of the principles of organic farming. But we go further by setting higher standards for how we interact with the environment and the communities around us.  

Those higher standards form the basis for our Nutricert program. We pioneered it to ensure that the network of farms supplying product to us meet our rigorous standards for quality and sustainability.

Our commitment to sustainable farming practices, whether organic (on our farms) or NutriCert (on suppliers’ farms), is demonstrated by these principles:

  1. Diversified: Farms must be diverse in both elements and crops.
  2. Build Soil: The soil nutrition and organic matter must be continuously maintained or improved.
  3. No Contamination: Pests are controlled without use of prohibited, toxic pesticides. No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are used.
  4. Control: Full traceability of crops and processed ingredients is ensured.
  5. Healthy Social Environment: The farm life must represent an opportunity for human development and positive interaction with the community.


These principles make us good stewards and ensure the superiority of our products. They make us able to track our products and their ingredients from seed to serving. We harvest our crops when the plants are at peak potency and we process the ingredients within hours of their removal from the fields.

These are wonderful things. But they don’t make our products organic.

According to our scientists, without using the best of nature and the best of science we wouldn’t be able to create the level of strength we require in our products.

We always use natural and naturally-sourced ingredients when possible to deliver the best of nature. When possible. This also means we add no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to our products. When nutritionally superior, the natural form of an ingredient is used in Nutrilite products to provide the valuable phytonutrients that many people are missing in their diets. We have been doing this for over 75 years because we know that these phytonutrients provide benefits beyond ordinary vitamins and minerals.  

However, we also formulate products to deliver the best of science. This includes delivering nutrients at levels demonstrated by science to offer health benefits to our customers. In some instances, it is just not possible to deliver scientifically substantiated levels of nutrients using only natural sources.

When you take Nutrilite products you’re reaping the benefit of our sustainable farming practices – the best of nature. But you are also getting the best of science. That makes all the difference with our products.

We hope you’ll visit and find out more for yourself.


Spreading holiday cheer

The holidays are here, and employees at World Headquarters are busy spreading the Christmas cheer! From wrapping gifts with kids to decking our halls, these are some of the traditions our Amway family recalls.

Amway’s got talent! Every year, employees star in our very own Christmas program. Highlights from this year’s show include a ventriloquist and his L.O.C.-singing “dummy,” hula dancing and a Christmas story in sign language.

For over 15 years, employees have volunteered their time to run Santa’s Secret Workshop, a longtime program of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children, to ensure every child has the opportunity to receive and give a gift during the holiday season.

What traditions do you, your family, friends and community have for the holidays you observe in December? Tell us about your favorites and why they’re special to you.


Pay it forward

Congratulations to Caitlin Boyle, the grand prize winner of Amway’s Positivity Project contest! Last night, Caitlin was awarded a $10,000 positivity grant at a special ceremony hosted by renowned composer, Intelligence for Your Life founder and Amway partner, John Tesh.

Caitlin is the founder of Operation Beautiful and will use the grant to support Girls on the Run International.

Nine other finalists each received $2,500 to help them pay it forward and reward their accomplishments.

How would you use $10,000 to pay the power of positive forward?