BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: February, 2011


And the award goes to…

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard during this film awards season.

We’d like to fill in the blanks of that phrase with “Amway,” and you can help.

Cast your vote for Amway’s One by One Campaign for Children “Positive Sprouts”  film, which is in the running for honors in the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship film festival. 

Learn more about our entry at the One by One blog, and see and vote for our video at the Boston College Center web site.


Confetti and cheers

There was lots of confetti, cheers and celebration at Amway’s offices in Malaysia and Vietnam this week.

This week Amway Malaysia opened a 10,000-square-foot brand experience center at its headquarters in Petaling Jaya.  It is the first center in Malaysia and one of our largest brand centers in the world.  Amway Malaysia also plans to open three shops this year. 

Across the South China Sea, we had another celebration.  Just three years after its launch, Amway Vietnam opened its first shop in Ha Noi to serve customers in Ha Noi and northern areas in Vietnam.

Brand experience centers and shops help our distributors market our products and give our customers the opportunity to see, feel and try all of our products at once.

And that’s a reason for celebration!


262 years

Since the launch of Amway’s One by One campaign for children in 2003, our employees and distributors have volunteered the equivalent of 262 years to bring hope and opportunity to 8 million children worldwide.

Since 2003 Amway employees and distributors have volunteered 2.3 million hours to children’s causes from the Americas to Venezuela.  That’s the equivalent of 95,833 days, 13,690 weeks or more than 262 years of service to children.   In the last year alone, our One by One volunteers gave 1 million hours to help children around the world.

The campaign has also donated more than $141 million to children’s causes worldwide. 

These are big numbers, but they represent the collective efforts of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  An hour to two, or a dollar or two, add up to a lot when we’re all committed to the same cause.   

Read more about the Amway One by One campaign’s 2010 efforts at the Amway One by One Campaign for Children Blog.


Nutrilite’s Jr. NBA “All-Stars”

This past weekend the winning team from the Amway Nutrilite Junior NBA challenge, the Tigers, made their trip to Los Angeles to attend the NBA All-Star game.

Their journey began last spring when four cities in China and Taiwan held basketball skills challenges for thousands of kids between the ages of seven and twelve. Six lucky kids selected from each city were invited to a city camp where they worked one-on-one with Dwight Howard of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. The boys were then divided into two teams of twelve players each. They competed against each other in games in both Beijing and Taipei. And the winning team made the trip to the United States.

On Friday the team spent the day at the Nutrilite COH in Buena Park where they toured our facilities, enjoyed a fun-filled round of our “Color Yourself Healthy” beanbag game, and were put through the paces in a fitness session with Diane Paetz, Nutrilite’s fitness instructor.

On Saturday they played an exhibition game against the Junior NBA Clippers at the NBA Jam Session in the LA Convention Center.  Throughout their visit their biggest support came from Taiwanese celebrity, and former Asian basketball star Chen Chien-Chou, affectionately known as “Blackie” in Asia, who accompanied the team on their trip.  

The highlight of the trip was spent watching the Slam-Dunk competition and then the All-Star game Sunday night. You can see more photos from the trip on Amway Taiwan’s Junior NBA Facebook page and the Global Nutrilite Facebook page.


Voices carry

In Amway’s case, our voices carry around the world. It might be our distributors talking about the business; news about us that travels faster than ever before; or our global social media properties where our fans and followers contribute to the conversation.

That’s why we’ve built Amway Voices, a content aggregator that will bring blog posts from our World Headquarters, Australia, Italy, Canada, United States, Korea, Russia, Germany, Taiwan and more into one place. It’s also where you’ll find our global Facebook posts, Twitter updates and the photographs we post to Flickr.

It’s a collection of voices that we simply couldn’t leave sitting on separate shelves.


Foreign investment

Amway has been investing in Korea since we launched there in 1991. 

And now we’re being recognized for it. 

Amway Korea was selected one of the 30 top foreign-invested companies by Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge Economy and KOTRA, the Korean Foreign Trade Promotion Agency.   Amway’s peers on the list include General Motors, IBM and GE Healthcare.

Amway Korea was cited for its contributions to Korea’s economy through its strong partnership with local firms.  

More than one dozen media covered the February 17 event celebrating these companies, including Amway Korea President Se-Joon Park and Global Amway Brand Vice President Dana Boals.

Nearly 20 years after launch, Korea is one of Amway’s top markets.  Clearly it’s an investment that’s paid off!


Another record year

Today Amway’s parent company, Alticor, announced record sales of  US$9.2 billion for 2010.

This performance reflects a 9.5 percent increase over the $8.4 billion in sales posted in 2009, and is the 10th sales increase in the last 11 years.

Growth was fueled by strong performance in China, Amway’s biggest market, as well as gains in India, Korea and the Americas.

“We had a strong year across the map,” said chairman Steve Van Andel. “Amway was able to gain market share in the direct selling industry, and our key product lines improved their competitive position as well.”

Added president Doug DeVos, “Awareness of Amway’s business opportunity and product brands continues to grow as we invest in brand-building. We believe in the potential of this business, and so do our distributors.”


Inside the ‘room of doom’

Most people’s jobs involve making something.

The engineers in Amway’s Reliability Lab make a living breaking things.

“Our customers have an expectation of quality and reliability,” says Mark Gammage, senior group leader in Research & Development. “To meet that expectation, we have to determine the product’s weakest points.”

The lab, dubbed the “room of doom,” is where we find our products’ breaking points. The Reliability Lab puts products like our eSpring Water Purifier and Atmosphere Air Purifier under unusual conditions and pressure, as opposed to normal conditions over the average lifespan of those products. Part of the lab tests the effects of different electrical voltages and surges on electronics, or how the products perform under unusually high heat or humidity.

Our iCook and Queen knives are subjected to repetitive cutting and dishwasher conditions, to test durability and performance. The buttons on Atmosphere’s electronic panel might be pushed thousands of times by a machine, simulating years of constant use. Our eSpring unit could be subjected to a water pressure of 350-400 psi (pounds per square inch) when normal use is between 0-50 psi.

And when the products break or fail, our engineers know what needs to be improved in future designs.

“We make the quality of our products the same all over the world,” Mark said. “The Reliability Lab makes sure that when our products go out the door, they’re the best they can be.”



Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on the Amway Answers blog.

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is in A Christmas Story, when Ralphie fantasizes that his essay on Santa bringing him a Red Rider BB Gun earns an “A-plus-plus-plus-plus” grade from his teacher.

We didn’t get the name from Ralphie or Miss Shields, but Amway North America does have an “A+” program, which stands for Accreditation Plus. A+ ensures that all Business Support Materials (BSM) content is consistent with Amway Quality Assurance Standards that approved providers of BSM must abide by.

In the US and Canada, only approved providers are authorized to sell or promote BSM to Amway distributors (called Independent Business Owners in these markets). It’s our quality assurance program. Requirements for becoming an approved provider include:

  • Take a training course on what should, can and definitely can not be part of business support material content.
  • Submit their training and motivational materials for our review and final authorization before they can be sold or distributed.
  • Their ability to sell or promote BSM is contingent on signing a uniform agreement and complying with all A+ program requirements.

The purchase of BSM is optional, and probably one of the most important things that A+ approved providers must do is let new IBOs know that. They also need to let them know that within their first 90 days, all BSM materials purchased can be returned for a full refund. This includes event tickets.

And one of the most important things that A+ approved providers can’t do is suggest that the opportunity is anything other than the Amway business opportunity. It can’t be suggested that it’s a job. A buying club. A tax shelter. It can’t be suggested that the Amway business opportunity guarantees an income for life.

There are other requirements, too. We’re committed to the accuracy and transparency of these materials, and so are the approved providers. We don’t want anyone to be misled by a brochure or video that isn’t authorized by Amway, or in line with our beliefs of how this business opportunity can and should be presented. If you have questions about a specific BSM, please contact us at 616-787-6712.

Business Support Materials are an important part of our business in some parts of the world. They have a place in helping people achieve success – not only in Amway, but in life. We applaud Amway North America for paving the way and adopting A+.


Our kind of green

Trends come and go. But in Australia, green is always in style.

Amway Australia has cut greenhouse gas emissions by 680 tonnes a year by turning off about 1/4 of the high-wattage light globes used in its facilities and installing energy efficient lighting elsewhere.

In the warehouse alone, energy use has been cut by more than 40 percent, making energy bills and this affiliate’s carbon footprint much smaller. Amway also recycles 99% of incoming shipping cartons and packages products in 100% recyclable materials.

As Amway Australia General Manager Michial Coldwell told the Hills Shire Times, “We want to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the interests of future generations. This is an ongoing mission.”

A mission that has Amway Australia focusing on green, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and even saving some green to boot. That’s our kind of green.

Clean energy concept photo by Pixomar at