Junior Achievers

Dozens of Amway employees volunteer each year in West Michigan classrooms for Junior Achievement (JA). 

Amway Insider’s Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy and Joel Van Kuiken are just two of our JA volunteers.

But today, insteading of visiting the classroom, they invited the classroom to visit Amway.

About 40 students from Grand Rapids Montessori visited Amway to talk with two employees offering different perspectives – Kevin Douglas, Amway’s manager of college talent acquisition and Samantha Bourque, a public relations intern who edits the Interns Expose Amway blog.

Kevin advised the 10th, 11th and 12th grade students to never forget that they may only have one opportunity to make a good impression. He also said it’s never too early to consider what they want to do for a living.  Kevin’s advice for finding that path?   Start with what you like to do and figure out how you can make that a career.

Sam talked with the students about her transition from high school to college and how she learned to manage her time and schedule. She offered practical advice on how students  can start to interact with future employers through associations and groups and opportunities like internships.

One student was already thinking along those lines.  He submitted a question asking how old you have to be to intern at Amway!


One step at a time

How do you encourage people to exercise?  You make it fun!

Recently Amway Indonesia organized a health expo and Fun Walk in Pontianak City on Borneo Island.  After a brief warm up, more than 950 people of all ages walked Pontianak’s main street.  Or marched,  as a local high school marching band encouraged walkers along the way to finish the  four kilometer, or less than three mile, walk.

Amway produces Nutrilite nutrition and wellness products.  But, we aren’t just interested in selling vitamins. We actively encourage our distributors, employees and communities to live healthier lives through nutrition and exercise.

A healthier lifestyle is a journey you take one step at a time, just like our walkers in Indonesia.


Thanks a billion

Our brands to improve the quality of the water you drink, the indoor air you breathe and the food you cook are now a billion-dollar business for Amway.

Last year Amway’s “durables” brands – eSpring water purifier, Atmosphere air purifier and iCook and Queen cookware – generated US$1 billion in gross sales.

Amway has been selling cookware since 1961.  Our first water treatment system launched in 1984, followed by an air treatment system two years later.

Today our iCook and Queen cookware lines are on stovetops in households all over the world . Our eSpring water purifier is the world’s largest selling brand of “point of use” water filtration systems and the second largest brand of home water filtration systems worldwide.  And Atmosphere was the first air purifier certified  asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Allergy Standards LTD.

A few weeks ago Amway had a celebration for the staff who created, manufactured and marketed these brands that help people live healthier lives.

It was a way of saying “thanks a billion” for producing products that helped our distributors generate $1 billion in sales.


Earth day every day

Whether it’s using wind power for 10 percent of its energy, setting up birdhouses in its wildlife habitat or recycling 82 percent of solid waste, every day is Earth Day at Amway.

And has been for decades.

“(Amway Co-Founder) Jay Van Andel had an organic garden, I used to see it when I was a young kid,” said Rick Van Dellen,  Amway’s Environmental Health and Safety project supervisor said in an interview this week. “That comes from the values that our founders set forward when they started the company. This carries through the organization, and the next generation. We’ve done it right from the beginning.”

When Amway was founded in 1959, its first product was one of the first  biodegradable cleaners on the market, and  a commitment to the environment continues today through  activities to reuse, reduce and recycle .

In 2010, Amway recycled 82% of its solid waste in its World Headquarters in Ada, saving 218,935 trees, 61.3 million of gallons of water, 4.4 Kwh of energy and 1.4 million of gallons of oil. The company also avoided using 39,080 cubic yards of landfill space and emitting 531,954 pounds of air pollution.

Van Dellen said while recycling 82 percent of its waste is good, the company is striving to reach 95 percent. Efforts to save water and energy are also part of the company’s continuous improvement program.

And will be every day for decades to come.



Volonter is the Russian word for giving one’s time.

And while many people volunteer to help others, few know  how to coordinate and manage volunteers. And that’s where Amway Russia could offer some help and expertise, based on our tradition of mobilizing distributors and employees to care for the communities in which we do business.

Our colleagues in Russia have offered training programs to train our distributors to coordinate events, encourage others to volunteer, and work with organizations to meet their volunteer needs. Nearly 300 distributors have been trained in eleven cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

After the training, our distributor volonters have immediately put their learning into action – many volunteering at Russian orphanages and encouraging and training others to do the same.

Amway Russia plans to expand the program this year to train more people to help more organizations in need.


Goal, scored!

On Saturday, April 16, Nutrilite was the match sponsor of A.C. Milan’s game against Sampdoria – which A.C. Milan won 3-0!  If you were at the game you saw Nutrilite branding, products and product experts throughout San Siro Stadium.

About 30 hostesses were roaming around the stands with Nutrilite questionnaires on Apple iPads. Nearly 800 fans participated in a health survey and received a personalized response on Monday that included customized recommendations about which products would best fit their nutritional needs.

After the match, a USD $150,000 check was donated by the Goal by Goal campaign, representing USD $2,500 for each goal scored by A.C. Milan players during the season so far. Star player Robinho accepted on behalf of the team.  The funds will be used by the A.C. Milan Foundation to build a new sports center facility where it’s needed in an at-risk area of Naples.

Goal, scored!


Forty years young

In 1969, Amway cofounders Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos decided that Australia would be the company’s first intercontinental expansion. And forty years ago today – on April 18, 1971 – that vision became reality. As Rich has noted in the Amway history books, “There was little science in the choice. We simply liked the people.”

It was the first of many ventures in which original plans had to be adapted to the realities of new markets and cultures. From Australia, distributors’ cross-border relationships allowed Amway to also launch the business in Hong Kong (1974) and Malaysia (1976).

Today, more than 100,000 distributors own their own Amway businesses in Australia and New Zealand, and the majority of new ones are under the age of 30. Triple Olympic Gold Medalist Libby Trickett and cricketing legend Adam Gilchrist are company ambassadors; and donations of over $2 million have been made to help recover from local disasters and assist children with disabilities.

Next month, Australia will celebrate with employees and distributors and share in a big announcement. We’ll cover the big news here, so stay tuned! In the meantime, on behalf of your friends around the world, happy 40th birthday, Amway Australia!

(Pictured: Amway Australia headquarters in Castle Hill, New South Wales.)


Finding game changers

On Tuesday, Kurt Warner, a two time professional football MVP and spokesman for Nutrilite in North America, visited the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health in Buena Park, California.

The visit gave Dr. Sam Rehnborg  an opportunity to introduce Kurt and his family to the Optimal Health philosophy, and the people and science behind the Nutrilite brand.  Both Kurt and Dr. Sam are “game changers” - people that make a difference in other people’s lives.

You can read more about the visit on the Health Advocate and Adatudes blogs and you can see a photo album from the visit on the global Nutrilite Facebook page.


Growing up Amway

Japanese distributors Yoichiro Omura and Kana Yoshida visited Amway World Headquarter this week.

But while this was their first visit to our West Michigan headquarters, they are hardly new to Amway. Both literally grew up in the Amway business, as their parents are and were Amway distributors in Japan.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Yoichiro’s parents have had a great experience in Amway and are still distributors today. Kana’s father and mother tried Amway but found it wasn’t for them.

For Yoichiro, his parents’ experience inspired him to be a distributor. For Kana, becoming a distributor was a way to find out for herself if the business was right for her.

Their time here was spent absorbing Amway’s facilities, manufacturing and history. They took plenty of pictures to share with their parents, fellow distributors and prospects back home.

And add these shots to their “family albums.”


“Magic”-al playground

And for our next trick, we will build a playground in six hours flat.

Some might believe a stunt like this can only be accomplished by a magician waving a wand. After building 11 playgrounds with KaBOOM!, we’re confident it only takes the hands of more than 300 helpful volunteers.

Last Friday, we teamed up with the Orlando Magic, the Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation and KaBOOM! to transform the grounds of the Maitland Oaks apartment complex and provide children with a safe place to play. Through the Amway One by One Campaign for Children, our goal is to provide children around the world with the resources they need to live, achieve, learn and play.

Now, hundreds of children in the Orlando community will have a place within walking distance where they can go to simply be a kid.