One month later

One month ago, the world watched in disbelief as Japan suffered two devastating blows – one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded followed by a deadly  tsunami that destroyed villages and lives in a matter of minutes.

One month later, as the death toll continues to rise and more than half a million Japanese left homeless struggle to start over, a bright spot has been people around the world giving to help Japan recover and rebuild.

Our colleagues and distributors and Japan have been warmed and comforted by the messages and support from the global Amway community. Thanks to the generosity of Amway Corporation, our affiliates, distributors, employees and customers, collective Amway donations to support disaster and tsunami relief now total more than $4.4 million worldwide.

These funds will help the Japanese Red Cross address immediate needs as well as long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Because one month from now people will still need food, water, and shelter. One year from now Japan will be rebuilding homes, communities and lives.

Thanks to everyone who’s given to help Japan recover and heal.

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