On the menu

Unlike the Iron Chef competition, the challenge for chefs at Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health cafe  is to create food that not only tastes good but also reflects the Nutrilite Optimal Health philosophy.

How do they provide a menu of entrees and side dishes that are good, and good for you?

It starts with the ingredients. Nutrilite’s chefs use fresh produce from local organic farmers  or from Nutrilite’s own Lakeview farm. They use seasonal fruits and vegetables, grains and globally-inspired ingredients such as tofu or tempeh to create a menu that will satisfy visitors from around the world.   

To ensure that every dish meets Optimal Health  nutrition standards, the chefs consult with our own nutritionists and use the Esha Food Processor to accurately calculate nutrients and calories per-serving.

And unlike Iron Chef, there’s no celebrity panel of judges evaluating their work.  The judges of these culinary creations are Nutrilite’s employees and guests, who provide continual feedback and requests for recipes so they can duplicate Nutrilite’s cuisine at home.


Wild things

When you devote more than 1/3 of your land as a wildlife habitat, you’re bound to have some wild things scampering, flying or otherwise wandering about.

Nearly 180 out of a total of 430 acres at Amway’s Michigan headquarters are managed as wildlife habitats. That means the people who  work here share space with 80 different bird species, 155 inspect species and 12 amphibian and reptile species,  not to mention deer, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and other fellow mammals.

Miles of trails through Amway’s wildlife habitats allow our employees to get out of the office and enjoy these natural spaces.  And maybe even spot a few “wild things” along the way.


The Day I Didn’t Win

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on the Interns Expose Amway blog.

Kendra Peterson is an intern in the Documents & Design department. She shares her recent experience at an Intern Lunch & Learn.

I walked through the Durables Department with a sponge-like mind, learning all the company had to offer with items such as cook ware, air filtration systems, and water purification. The presenters did an excellent job in the description of their projects. Such a good job, that when a raffle was announced, I knew I just HAD to win.

I entered the room with a smile on my face as I eyed all of the glorious products just waiting to be raffled off.

My eyes opened wide as they announced the first winner. I looked across the table at an elated winner, but still had hope.

However, the next three names were not mine either. The next item was a set of cookware: the apple of my eye, my one greatest desire.

Didn’t win that either. As the last name was called, and the bragging intern to my right stood up, it was then that I realized I would leave empty handed.

But thanks to the Durables team, I now know why I want those items!

Check out the video to see how they convinced me!

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That’s how many seconds there are in a single day. 

This week Amway is taking some of those seconds to recognize its World Headquarters employees for everything they do every day of the year with employee appreciation events. 

Today our employees were served lunch by our executives.  Tomorrow they’ll enjoy an ice cream social. 

Recognition is an important part of  Amway’s culture, so it’s fitting that we take time to celebrate the employees who make us successful  every second of every day of every year.   

And serve up our gratitude along with hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream.


Innovation equation

Amway’s track record of creating innovative products is no accident…it’s the result of an ongoing investment in innovation in Research & Development.

Consider how these numbers add up to an innovation equation:

  • A total of 65 R&D labs worldwide
  • More than 700 scientists and technicians (with 100 advanced degrees among them)
  • More than 900 international and domestic patents and more than 800 patents pending
  • More than 200 published papers
  • More than 75 university associations and 85+ trade association memberships 

Amway focuses on  ”open innovation” in emerging technology areas to partner with hundreds of organizations, universities, suppliers and consultants around the world.

It all adds up to a lot of innovation in a lot of places – and bringing the best thinking anywhere to Amway’s health, beauty and home brands.


Shared victory

The elite of IT undergraduates in China gathered recently to take part in the Amway Cup IT Project Competition.

Over 400 projects designed by students from 136 universities in 13 provinces of the Pan Pearl River Delta Region, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, vied for the gold prize and prestigious Amway Cup.

Amway China Vice President of Information Services Peter Yeung says  the Amway Cup has an impressive positive impact on the IT industry and encourages the next-generation of IT leaders to create technology to help people live better lives.

Teams from Hannan University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Macao University and Chengchi University of Taiwan shared the gold prize and Amway Cup honors  this year.


Artistry on Ice is back!

China’s very own world class figure skating show is back.

Taking the ice for a second year are Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, the Chinese Olympic gold medalists who exchanged vows during last year’s debut of Artistry on Ice presented by the Artistry brand and Amway China.

Inspired by the television series Sex and the City starring actress Sarah Jessica Parker, the pair will skate to a newly themed “Art and City” show.

Earlier today at the Trends Night Event in Shanghai, Amway China shared the news that Parker will be the spokesperson for both Artistry on Ice and the Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel exclusively in the Greater China Region from September 2011-February 2012.

Artistry on Ice kicked-off earlier this week in Beijing and will continue on to performances in  Shanghai and Taipei.


Building better performance

Yesterday Nutrilite and AC Milan announced their latest research findings on the link between nutrition and player performance  in a press conference at the Milanello training center in Italy.

Nutrilite and MilanLab conduct comprehensive player assessments using genetic test data and bioinformatics. Nutrilite then creates individualized nutritional and supplement recommendations for players. As a result of the tailored programs, player recovery time has improved and some success has been seen with research into the prevention of non-tackle injuries.

MilanLab understands that the key to optimal performance is integrating balanced nutrition and supplementation into their players’ regimens.

And AC Milan football players get it, too.

They understand that the scientific partnership between Nutrilite and MilanLab is an ideal combination. That was made clear by Gianlucca Zambrotta at the press conference. He’s one of the players who have seen  athletic performance improve through the nutrition program developed by Nutrilite and MilanLab scientists.

Just like you and me, athletes need balanced nutrition and supplementation in their diets to achieve optimal health. Not only to improve their playing careers, but also for the rest of their lives.


Bright ideas

Our Fulton Innovation eCoupled technology is a bright idea that allows for the wireless transfer of power from a charging station to devices that range from mobile phones to electric cars.

So it’s not surprising that the Edison Awards, which honor innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the spirit of Thomas Alva Edison, named eCoupled a finalist in the program’s applied technology category.

But this isn’t the first time that a “bright idea” from Amway caught the attention of the Edison Awards.  Back in 1993 Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel were honored with an Edison Achievement Award for creating Amway’s pioneering direct selling model.


Making it meaningful

Amway spans the globe, and in order to do it effectively, the way we communicate our business opportunity, brands and corporate citizenship efforts needs to be culturally relevant.

That’s where localization – the process of adapting to a specific language or culture so that a product or item feels like it belongs – comes in. Localization includes not only translation, but also, culture, customs and other nuances of each region.

Amway is committed to excellence in its localization efforts, and to the industry as a whole. That’s why we’re supporting the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) standards initiative. GALA’s members help companies, non-profits and governments communicate effectively to their worldwide audiences.

As part of this initiative, we’ll help create the building blocks defining the future of localization, and do our part to build awareness and adoption of best practices.

In doing so, we hope to have a different kind of impact on peoples’ lives all over the world. We’re used to talking about that impact in terms of personal economic freedom and children’s advocacy.

But this time – no matter what the subject – we’ll be helping to make it more meaningful.