Cycle of health

When it comes to eating well and exercising, Nutrilite brand ambassador Samim Rizvi doesn’t just walk the talk. He cycles it, too.

Rizvi, the only Indian to qualify for the Race Across America (RAAM), was recently featured in an article by Indian Bloom for his efforts in promoting healthy eating habits and fitness in Kolkata.

Rizvi, who also counts among his accomplishments riding 435.6 miles (701 kms.) in 24 hours and riding from Mumbai to Bangalore and back in 3.5 days –a round trip of about 1,228 miles or 1,976 kms.- said that optimal health is all about balance, both in your eating habits and your exercise.

“A well-balanced diet, full of variety of fruits and vegetables and right supplementation go hand in hand with (a) fitness workout.”

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