Talent talks

Would you like to have a conversation with top experts from a global company in your area of interest…manufacturing, R&D, marketing? If so, do we have a surprise for you!

Last week, Amway Talent Acquisition’s Facebook corporate careers page piloted its first guest-hosted Facebook discussion. During the conversation Jim Brundidge, director of manufacturing at our Nutrilite Lakeview, California, operation, discussed manufacturing and labor trends and shared insights gained in his almost 35 years at Amway.

The pilot went so smoothly that our Talent Acquisition group plans to do it again.

From R&D and manufacturing to supply chain and business services, Amway has more than 20,000 dedicated subject matter experts who serve our distributors and want to change the world. We call them employees – and they’re ready to engage in discussions that benefit their functions, industries and global communities.

So check out Amway’s Talent Acquisition page at and join us in the next conversation, and stay tuned for future Facebook discussions with Amway industry experts.

Our guest blogger is Jon Brickner, of Amway Talent Acquisition.


Starring attraction

Record-breaking sales and the opening of a new nutrition powder products plant are evidence that Amway is on a roll, according to CBS Detroit journalist Carol Cain.

Bringing new jobs to Michigan makes Amway a “rock star,” she says, among Michigan companies.

We think that our new nutrition powder facility is the real starring attraction, as it will bring more than 50 jobs to West Michigan and produce our top-selling Nutrilite protein powder for consumers all around the world.



Five weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal reported on an Amway distributor they called, “one of the most prolific salespeople on Earth.” Five days ago, Amway appeared in the publication again, this time for our investment and involvement in the coworking space GRid70 in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The name GRid70 represents “Grand Rapids innovation and design” at 70 Ionia Street. It is one of only a few similar design hubs in the world that is shared by already established corporations instead of start-up businesses, freelancers and solopreneurs. Bringing together creative talent from major corporations Meijer, Pennant Health, Amway, Steelcase, and Wolverine World Wide, Grid70 allows for innovation, ideation and cross-pollination of various expertises.

The advantages of coworking are clear, including exposing employees to new people, experiences and processes. It’s happening at TechHub in London, Betahaus in Berlin, Xindanwei in Shanghai and all around the globe. It’s a concept that’s experiencing explosive growth and we’re happy to help lead the way.


Testing ground

Do you know what’s the roughest part of the journey an Amway product goes through in a trip from our headquarters in Ada, Michigan, to Japan, some 6,314-miles (10,161 kms.) away? 

Our scientists at product support at Research in Development do. 

They can also tell you how much pressure an eSpring™ Water Purifier package can stand and the height a bottle of SATINIQUE® can fall from without breaking. 

 (Mark Gammage, senior group leader in R& D, shows package testing equipment at Amway, including the ‘Chicago loop’ truck ride simulator (left).)

Packaging is an essential part of our products, protecting them in their long journey to our distributors worldwide, said Mark Gammage, senior group leader in R&D.

That’s why we test our packaging – with products inside — by shaking them, dropping them and exposing them to extreme temperatures. Last year, our experts performed 1,400 of these tests. 

Some years ago, our scientists loaded a package -monitoring devices included – and sent it all the way to Japan. They found the roughest part of the ride wasn’t the train ride to ocean ports or the long ship voyage across the ocean. Instead, it was the four-hour ride from our headquarters to a truck/rail transfer facility in Chicago. 

So now, in addition to other tests, our products take the ‘four-hour, Chicago-loop ride’ a simulator of the conditions they’ll be experiencing in their trip to Chicago. 


Pool of talent

For the last 15 years, Amway Taiwan has sponsored the prestigious Amway eSpring Women’s World Ball Open.

Celebrated in Taipei, the event stars 48 of the world’s best female billiard players, who compete for the top spot of their sport.

This year, we also reached out to help younger players, whose quest to win the world’s major billiard competitions has just begun.

Shirley Chen, general manager for Amway Taiwan, recently awarded scholarships to 60 high school and college students to support their journey toward future success.

It’s a pleasure to keep our eye on the brightest talent of today. In them, we see the powerful potential for tomorrow.


Highway to health

More than 400 of our employees are getting fit.

In fact, they’re racing toward their optimal health, thanks to two “miles” of reward given for each minute that they exercise.   

Named after the legendary U.S. highway, Get Fit on Route 66 is a program that shows how fast employees can ”travel” the historic 2,448 miles stretching from Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean.

The more employees exercise, the more miles they earn. While some employees quietly track their progress online, others publicly mark their mileage on large, brightly colored maps.

“It’s all about having fun and creating a sense of community,” said Sheila McCarrey, our Optimal You Wellness Program coordinator. 

Part of reaching optimal health is to enjoy the journey. Our goal is to reach the end of the road together.

 How does fun help motivate your healthy fitness habits?


Escape to Paradise this Spring

Spring has arrived in a bouquet of captivating colors – think lively yellows and sprightly greens, cool oranges and racy reds, to pretty purples and airy lagoon pastels.

This inviting look of the season comes to life in ARTISTRY’s Portofino-inspired Spring 2012 Escape to Paradise color collection. Taking its cues from the sun-drenched glamour of the Italian Riviera, the collection includes two cheek and eye quads, two lip gloss duo compacts and two eye pencils in both warm and cool shades – that smack of laid back luxury.

Watch this collection come to life on location at an Italian-style villa where a sensational team of premiere creative talent – including Professional Makeup Artist Fulvia Farolfi and International Fashion Photographer Lachlan Bailey – collaborated under the direction of internationally acclaimed Creative Director Olivier van Doorne to carefully construct the perfect portrait of a luxurious Riviera lifestyle.

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Reporting excellence

It’s time to submit your green thumbprint to Amway Colombia for this year’s award competition.

Amway Colombia recognizes the best environmental journalism efforts in that country through the award, “Premio Amway de Periodismo Ambiental.” Instituted 15 years ago, the award has become one of the most prestigious and competitive in the country. Under the theme, “Act green. Leave a green fingerprint,” it recognizes journalists who write news stories that provide feasible solutions to environmental problems and explore ways to better manage our natural resources.

Past winners have examined the impacts of gold mining, coastal erosion and mountain deforestation. The award recognizes top three entries plus three honorable mentions in the professional category and the top two for students. More than COP$23,000,000 (USD$13,000) will be divided among the winners. Entries are expected to exceed 150.

We can’t wait to read all about it, when the winners are announced June 14.


Leading by example

Our team at Amway China works hard to help people live better lives.

They break records for participants in New Year’s Day health runs. They help educate thousands of migrant children. They even change classroom light bulbs.

By the end of 2011, Amway China organized 68,000 volunteers who contributed more than 1.54 million hours to make a positive impact on the lives of 1.2 million children since 1995.

Now our Amway Charity Foundation in China has joined forces with the China Volunteers Association to form the China Volunteers Foundation.

Why? While charitable organizations are booming in China, they must overcome common challenges. “Acting as volunteers is really a fresh thing here,” Zhou Tienong, chairman of the China Volunteers Association, told the China Daily.

That’s why an initial donation of 10 million yuan (USD$1.6 million) from Amway Charity Foundation can help – by funding training, research and best practices that set high standards for volunteer efforts across China.

Together, we can lead the way to an even better future.  


Juice without wires

We’re proud of Dave Baarman for many reasons.

He’s the driving force behind the development and success of Fulton Innovation, leading a team of scientists who work with various industry partners to bring eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology to market and into the hands of consumers.

Dave just returned from SXSW, the popular music, film and interactive conference in Austin, Texas. There, he and Menno Treffers, chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium, hosted a panel called Juice without Wires.

Instead of words, technology did the talking. Dave used a wirelessly powered skillet and blender to sizzle sausages and mix margaritas to wow this technology-hungry audience. Check out the videos presented at SXSW below.

Their prediction? In the future, wireless power will be integrated into chargeable surfaces that can power a wide range of products, across a variety of power levels – from cars and stove tops, to tablet computers and mobile phones.

We look forward to the next round of wireless power capabilities.

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