Love letters

Australia, Croatia,  Vietnam, Zambia.

The names of the places where our company, employees and distributors make a difference in a child’s life range all the way from A to Z.

Here are just a few of the many generous efforts last year that positively affected more than 1.5 million children around the world:

Australia: Many of the 3 million people affected by flooding received relief.
100 children with chronic childhood diseases were treated with new medical equipment.
140 children with cleft lips and palate deformities received life-changing surgeries.
175 children received essential micronutrients through NUTRILITE™ Little Bits.

To find out how Amway is making a difference in your community, visit the Amway 2011 Corporate Citizenship Report. A global summary starts on page 18.


Bringing home the gold

Thomas Edison was a brilliant inventor.

That’s why our Fulton Innovation team is privileged to win the Gold Edison Award in Applied Technology for Power Management for eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power in the internationally renowned 2012 Edison Awards.

Fulton’s innovative entry impressed the judges – a group of more than 3,000 senior business executives and academics – with a collaborative effort with Motorola Mobility to provide a wireless power option for the DROID™3.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the prestigious Edison Awards,” said Dave Baarman, director of advanced technologies for Fulton Innovation, in a news release. “Our work with Motorola, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and our many partners enable us to bring advancements in wireless power directly to consumers to simplify their lives.”


Navigating commerce

In their pre-Amway days, Co-Founders Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos embarked on a sailing trip to the Caribbean. They didn’t let the fact that neither of them knew how to sail stop them from their wanderlust.

Well, the boat sank in the waters off Cuba, but one of the things salvaged was the boat’s bell, which Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel will talk about in his May 2 speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C.

“It’s something I keep right outside my office at Amway’s headquarters as a constant reminder of Dad and Rich’s sense of adventure and willingness to take on new challenges,” Steve says. “These were two guys not easily deterred by hard work or rejection.”

Steve will highlight the importance of that adventurous spirit when he visits the Chamber. It will be a familiar venue for him. He has served on the Chamber board since 1996, is a past chairman and currently serves as treasurer.

Our guest blogger is social media consultant Cami Reister.


A product of the science

Earlier this month the members of the Nutrilite Scientific Advisory Board came to the Center for Optimal Health at our headquarters in Buena Park, California for their annual meeting. Our Scientific Advisory Board, or SAB as we call it, is made up of global leaders in the nutrition science and medical fields.

The annual meeting is an opportunity for the board to directly interact with our scientists to offer guidance and feedback on the direction of our research. Lots of time is spent in conference room sessions discussing our latest research and trends in nutrition science innovation. But at this meeting a larger group of Nutrilite scientists discussed their work at a poster session created specifically for our SAB members.

“Each year we strive to expand our interaction with our SAB, and this year the scientific and technical poster session enabled a full half day of one-on-one dialog between SAB members and NHI scientists,”  offered Dr. Keith Randolph, who coordinates the SAB meetings.

The session captured the essence of the partnership we share with our SAB. Our scientists are constantly researching across a broad spectrum to better understand the intricacy of the human body at the cellular level. They are constantly seeking the right combination of botanical ingredients, phytonutrients, and other nutrients that can improve the efficacy of our products and help people achieve optimal health. The work they do is special, and they represent the backbone of our supplements.

But the other part of this equation is you. Because the work of our scientists, along with the SAB’s guidance, results in new product launches and continual improvement in the supplements you take each day. It is a continuation of the work of Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg and his discovery of the important role that plant nutrients, or phytonutrients, play in maintaining our health. It is embodied in the exacting, painstaking control we take from “seed to supplement” in the production of our products. And it is unlike anyone else in our industry.


Making the world a better place

YouTube Direkt

Did you know that Amway employees and distributors have volunteered more than 2.5 million hours to make the communities where they work and live a better place?

Read about our ongoing efforts around the world in the 2011 Amway Global Corporate Citizenship Report published today, or in the Amway One By One blog.  That blog, by the way, was recently honored as the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility” blog by PR News.


Patented innovation

The next time you enjoy a glass of water from an eSpring water purification system, thank a coconut.

That’s right, a coconut. Scientists chose coconut shells as a carbon source for our water filters because studies show it works much better than other sources, including coal.

“You can use less of it, and it’s a higher quality,” Amway Research Scientist Karen VanderKooi said. “It’s also abundant and renewable.”

The activated shells are extra porous, which makes them superior at attracting contaminants.

Our suppliers use the charcoal from burned coconut shells, typically used for simple fuel, and treat them with high temperatures to make “activated carbon” granules.  The granules are then ground to a fine powder, pressed into a block and fit right into our eSpring cartridges.

The size range of the powder particles is patented and unique to eSpring, says Karen.

“It’s why the carbon filter can reduce over 140 potential health-effect contaminants and can treat up to 5,000 liters of water before needing replacement,” she said.

Our guest blogger is social media consultant Cami Reister.


The story behind the story

The quality of Amway products is well known in many parts of the world.

But in the United States, many people are not familiar with our nutrition, beauty and home brands.

That opportunity opens the door to share more information about our company — including the story behind our quality story.

See how  ”Amway conveys quality” through the combination of  science, research and development and an unwavering commitment to producing  exceptional products in this new North American commercial. Look for this message in print and digital advertising, too!

YouTube Direkt


The perfect guy

He’s intelligent, confident and charismatic. His skin is healthy and his wardrobe effortlessly cool. He’s who the ladies would call “the perfect guy.”

 And now, he’s officially an ARTISTRY Man!

Amway Japan recently named Daisuke Fujii, 30, winner of the ARTISTRY Men Contest. He’ll serve as brand ambassador for ARTISTRY Men, the premium range of skincare products formulated to address the specific needs of men’s skin, namely hydration and oil-control. But first, he’ll take an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Stonehenge, among the world’s most famous iconic stone monuments, which inspired the packaging for the ARTISTRY Men collection.  

From more than 3,000 entrants, Daisuke was selected by a panel of celebrity judges including actor Mikihisa Azuma, photographer Herbie Yamaguchi, model Alice Saito and Amway Japan President Mark Beiderwieden. Contestants were judged on style, intelligence, communication skills, sense of humor and good values. As brand ambassador, Daisuke will work to raise brand awareness for ARTISTRY Men while attracting Gen Y males in Japan.

 For a contest play-by-play, check out this video.

 Congratulations, Daisuke!


Numbers you can trust

Did you know that the global direct selling industry represents US$132 billion in estimated retail sales, generated by more than 87 million individual direct sellers?

Statistics offer credibility for our industry – and they are key to showing the strength and impact of the direct selling business.

To do that, date needs to be collected consistently, Amway Insights Lead Judy Jones recently told Direct Selling News. “Statistics form the basis for the story of direct selling and why it is such a powerful engine of opportunity,” she said.

In addition to her job at Amway, Judy chairs the Global Research Sub-Committee of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), dedicated to improving global statistical reporting of the industry.

Find more on the WFDSA’s new Global Statistical Report in April DSN’s issue.


Industry accolades

Amway President Doug DeVos and former Amway President Dick DeVos will receive our industry’s highest honor when they are inducted into the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Hall of Fame in June.

The induction during the DSA Annual Meeting will recognize the far-reaching impact these second-generation Amway leaders have had on direct selling.

Both have served as chairman of the DSA board of directors. Dick has been chairman of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) and Doug was previously chair of the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF), earning that organization’s Circle of Honor Award in 2009. Doug is currently treasurer of WFDSA.

 “The leadership and vision Dick and Doug DeVos have provided to the Direct Selling Association over many years made their induction into the DSA Hall of Fame an obvious choice. The tireless efforts of both of these extraordinary men to serve the interests of not only Amway, but the entire direct selling community, has been a source of inspiration,” said DSA President Joseph Mariano in a news release announcing the honor.

Amway Co-Founders Rich DeVos and the late Jay Van Andel were inducted into the DSA Hall of Fame in 1979 and 1987, respectively.