A product of the science

Earlier this month the members of the Nutrilite Scientific Advisory Board came to the Center for Optimal Health at our headquarters in Buena Park, California for their annual meeting. Our Scientific Advisory Board, or SAB as we call it, is made up of global leaders in the nutrition science and medical fields.

The annual meeting is an opportunity for the board to directly interact with our scientists to offer guidance and feedback on the direction of our research. Lots of time is spent in conference room sessions discussing our latest research and trends in nutrition science innovation. But at this meeting a larger group of Nutrilite scientists discussed their work at a poster session created specifically for our SAB members.

“Each year we strive to expand our interaction with our SAB, and this year the scientific and technical poster session enabled a full half day of one-on-one dialog between SAB members and NHI scientists,”  offered Dr. Keith Randolph, who coordinates the SAB meetings.

The session captured the essence of the partnership we share with our SAB. Our scientists are constantly researching across a broad spectrum to better understand the intricacy of the human body at the cellular level. They are constantly seeking the right combination of botanical ingredients, phytonutrients, and other nutrients that can improve the efficacy of our products and help people achieve optimal health. The work they do is special, and they represent the backbone of our supplements.

But the other part of this equation is you. Because the work of our scientists, along with the SAB’s guidance, results in new product launches and continual improvement in the supplements you take each day. It is a continuation of the work of Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg and his discovery of the important role that plant nutrients, or phytonutrients, play in maintaining our health. It is embodied in the exacting, painstaking control we take from “seed to supplement” in the production of our products. And it is unlike anyone else in our industry.

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