Science that adds up

While we like to talk about the science behind our products — and there’s a lot to say — the real story is about our experts who stand behind the science.

To be precise, our company employs 800 scientists, engineers and technicians, responsible for more than 950 patents granted and 850 pending, who work at 65 labs around the world.

In tandem with well known global partners and highly regarded scientific leadership, our talented R&D, QA and Analytical Sciences team builds and refines a strong product portfolio.

In collaboration with our manufacturing and marketing teams, they discover, develop, test and help deliver more than 450 nutrition, beauty and home products to Amway distributors and their customers worldwide.

Check out this video from our Research and Development team to find more about the people — behind the science — behind our products.

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Third time’s the charm

The Amway Center in Orlando, Florida has been named Sports Facility of the Year in Street and Smith’s annual Sports Business Awards.  The Center, which opened in 2010, has been nominated twice before and this year took top honors.

The Sports Business Awards honor excellence in the sports business.  Winners were selected by a panel of sports industry executives based on growth, creativity and innovation.

The Amway Center came out on top, clearly harnessing the culture of Central Florida and setting a standard for sports facilities across the country.
Photo credit: Ben Tanner


Meeting demand


Today Amway announced a nearly USD$180 million manufacturing expansion  to better meet growing global demand for our top-selling NUTRILITE™  vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements.

The four new facilities at sites in California, Michigan and Washington state will employ more than 250 people when fully operational.

The investment includes construction of a new $81 million nutrition plant  near our headquarters in Ada, Michigan, to produce soft gels and tablets and a new $42 million granulation operations and research and development facility at our Nutrilite center  in Buena Park, California. Amway also recently announced a new Nutrilite extraction and concentration operation to be built in Quincy, Washington, and a nearly-completed nutrition powder products plant at Amway World Headquarters.

“NUTRILITE™ is integral to the future of Amway as the world’s number one selling vitamin and supplement brand.” said Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and President Doug DeVos in a joint statement announcing the expansion.

The new facilities are an investment designed to support Amway distributors and their customers, ensuring we’re able to meet demand for NUTRILITE products for years to come.


Coming in and contributing

Every year, thousands of Amway distributors around the world are rewarded for their efforts with trips that combine exotic locations with learning opportunities and entertainment.

But these trips do so much more. They also benefit local economies and communities.

This week in Fiji, Achiever-level distributors from Amway Australia and New Zealand are repairing desks, painting new chalkboards and otherwise making a disaster-struck school an acceptable place for learning to take place again.

Said one distributor: “By the time we leave today, we’ll be friends with another group of people somewhere else in the world – which is absolutely wonderful.”

And earlier this spring, Amway China brought its top 15,000 distributors from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Laguna Phuket in Thailand. The visit was estimated to help the local economy by bringing an influx of $2.5 billion baht in cash; providing temporary jobs to 300 students; and hiring hundreds of local transport and catering employees.

When our distributors enjoy their well-deserved rewards, they aren’t the only ones positively affected.


The “12 week interview”


Nearly 100 eager interns will be on-site with us for the summer, and started arriving earlier this month.

The interns will work in 16 different internal divisions and 70 departments, in both the Amway World Headquarters and the Nutrilite facility in Buena Park, California. These internal divisions range from supply chain management to marketing to human resources. They come from 33 different colleges and represent 58 majors.

Interns are excited to get started on what Jon Brickner, a recruiter with talent acquisition, refers to as their “12 week interview.”

While we routinely hire interns every summer, our approach was slightly different this time around. Interns were hired based on projected future positions within departments, to help create a pipeline for talent, geared toward converting interns into full-time employees.

I’m one of those interns and will be sharing my experiences – as well as those of other Amway interns – with you here at The Amway Insider.


Garden of friendship

For centuries, the tea house has been a key element of a Japanese garden.

It’s a tranquil place. Before you enter, you cleanse your face and hands to symbolically check your cares and worries at the door. 

It’s a harmonious place, where you meet with friends, receive special tea and cake, and enjoy your time together. 

It’s also a familiar place for our recent guests at Amway World Headquarters, who participated in the Georgetown University Leadership Program, supported by Amway Japan and The Japan Times.

They were excited to learn that a tea house is planned for the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, as part of The Richard and Helen DeVos Japanese Garden. Construction for the project begins in 2013.

During a preview and personal tour of the future garden site, they shared their stories and suggestions for the first official tea ceremony with David Hooker, president and CEO at Frederik Meijer Gardens.

Already new friendships are starting to blossom.


Business builders

In 2011, our sales numbers were impressive and we reached several milestones, including our first month with sales over $1 billion.

But years from now, we won’t have those numbers memorized. What we will remember are the people who made our success possible.

That sentiment was recently echoed by Amway President Doug DeVos.

“While it’s a business and we talk about sales numbers and growth, what we’re really excited about is the people in our business … our business owners from around the world who make Amway what it is,” he said during an interview with a dozen journalists from Turkey who visited Amway World Headquarters.

During their stay, the journalists toured our cosmetics plant as well as our research and development facilities. They also visited the Van Andel Institute and Gerald R. Ford Museum in nearby Grand Rapids.

“This is an exciting time to be part of the Amway business,” Doug told the journalists, adding the distributor force behind the company is what it makes it unique. “We’ve had great business performance in the past few years, especially last year, and we’re proud to be part of a vibrant and growing industry.”


Cleaning with the stars

Some of the best online videos are designed by people who might not be experts with a camera, but who have unlimited imagination and enthusiasm.

We’ll uncap some of that creative talent in Europe, where we’re celebrating the first anniversary of our Amway Home brand with a call for original video demonstrations.

Video entries are due today for this pilot program. The videos are made by and star our distributors, as well as Amway Home laundry, dish or surface products. To date, more than 160 videos are contenders. [Update: The final number of entries totals more than 220.]

It’s a simple idea, but one that could have far-reaching potential. Our research shows that a home care demonstration increases sales volume, and improves both distributor and customer engagement.

Our Research and Development team will help judge the winning entries, based on novelty, simplicity and relevance.

We can’t wait to meet the winners later this year. Not only do they each earn a trip for two to Amway World Headquarters, they’ll also perform in their own demos, which will be professionally produced.

Watch the Insider for a future sneak peak!

Jesseca Frost, Amway Public Relations Intern, co-authored this post.



Yesterday, the top leaders in the Amway business departed Portofino, Italy and returned to the 14 countries from which they hail. It is our hope that the following words, which appeared in the customary take-home packet, remain with them and are meaningful to all readers of the Amway Insider:

“Where we go tomorrow, well, that’s really up to all of us, isn’t it? We are all the current caretakers of the Amway business, and we have an awesome responsibility.”

That responsibility – to fellow members of Amway, family members, friends and strangers alike, communities and countries – can be seen, heard and most importantly, felt in the videos created to honor the seven new members of Founders Council in 2012.

In one of the videos, here and embedded below, a former film editor expresses that responsibility in his terms: “We would interview, shoot, and edit programs. When something wasn’t right, we could always rewind. But we can not rewind and restart in life.”

That was his reason for joining Amway – for saying “arrivederci” to editing and hello to a business opportunity with endless potential.


Founders’ fundamentals

When we say we’re a company built on values, we mean it.

Freedom. Family. Hope. Reward.

Those are our Founders’ Fundamentals that are embedded, literally, in stone in front of our World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan.

These principles, along with our corporate values and mission, provide a solid foundation for all our business operations, from our dealings with distributors to the leadership positions our executives hold within their communities.

To find out how, inspired by our values, we collectively improve the world around us, read our Corporate Citizenship Report.

Or watch this video of Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and President Doug DeVos discussing what the Founders’ Fundamentals mean to our organization.

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