Yesterday, the top leaders in the Amway business departed Portofino, Italy and returned to the 14 countries from which they hail. It is our hope that the following words, which appeared in the customary take-home packet, remain with them and are meaningful to all readers of the Amway Insider:

“Where we go tomorrow, well, that’s really up to all of us, isn’t it? We are all the current caretakers of the Amway business, and we have an awesome responsibility.”

That responsibility – to fellow members of Amway, family members, friends and strangers alike, communities and countries – can be seen, heard and most importantly, felt in the videos created to honor the seven new members of Founders Council in 2012.

In one of the videos, here and embedded below, a former film editor expresses that responsibility in his terms: “We would interview, shoot, and edit programs. When something wasn’t right, we could always rewind. But we can not rewind and restart in life.”

That was his reason for joining Amway – for saying “arrivederci” to editing and hello to a business opportunity with endless potential.

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