Meeting demand


Today Amway announced a nearly USD$180 million manufacturing expansion  to better meet growing global demand for our top-selling NUTRILITE™  vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements.

The four new facilities at sites in California, Michigan and Washington state will employ more than 250 people when fully operational.

The investment includes construction of a new $81 million nutrition plant  near our headquarters in Ada, Michigan, to produce soft gels and tablets and a new $42 million granulation operations and research and development facility at our Nutrilite center  in Buena Park, California. Amway also recently announced a new Nutrilite extraction and concentration operation to be built in Quincy, Washington, and a nearly-completed nutrition powder products plant at Amway World Headquarters.

“NUTRILITE™ is integral to the future of Amway as the world’s number one selling vitamin and supplement brand.” said Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and President Doug DeVos in a joint statement announcing the expansion.

The new facilities are an investment designed to support Amway distributors and their customers, ensuring we’re able to meet demand for NUTRILITE products for years to come.