BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: August, 2012


Growing business

More than seven decades ago, Carl F. Rehnborg introduced what’s believed to be the first multivitamin/multimineral food supplement, manufactured in a Quonset hut in Southern California.

Since then, NUTRILITE has become the world’s No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand, and is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on its own certified organic farms.

Today, Carl’s son Sam Rehnborg, Ph.D., and George Calvert, Ph.D., Amway Vice President of Research and Development and Supply Chain, were in a field in Quincy, Washington, to celebrate yet another milestone for the company.

Amway  broke ground on a $38 million botanical concentrate manufacturing facility that will process plants from the company’s nearby Trout Lake Farm operations. Trout Lake is the largest certified organic herb farm in North America.

The Quincy project is part of a $185 million manufacturing expansion we announced earlier this year to meet growing global demand for NUTRILITE products. Amway had sales of $4.7 billion for its nutritional products for 2011.

Check back at The Amway Insider and our Facebook page for photos from the groundbreaking ceremony and more about our growing nutrition business.


UK’s self-employment story

Here’s a bright note that doesn’t often make reports on employment conditions in the UK: self-employment is at an all-time high of 4.16 million.

Direct selling is part of that growth, with nearly 400,000 people working in the industry – and contributing £390 million annually to the UK economy. Just this year, Amway UK has seen 26 percent more people signing up to start an Amway business.

Direct selling often is called recession-proof, offering an income opportunity even in tough economic times. It also appeals to budding entrepreneurs, and to those looking for a flexible second income option that works around other commitments.

New shopping concepts are attracting more people to direct selling as a convenient shopping solution, too. Amway UK is pioneering a new kind of sophisticated retail experience at its refurbished London Flagship Experience Centre, where consumers can try products before they buy.

Such innovations help Amway business owners grow their businesses…a bright note all its own.

Our guest blogger is Pam Hunt.


Behind the scenes: Amway’s wildlife

Nearly 180 of the 430 acres at Amway World Headquarters Campus in West Michigan are managed that boast more than 80 different species of wildlife habitat, including woods, wetlands and 8,000 feet of river frontage.

In protecting this land, Amway distributors, employees and leaders across the world take pride in our generations of environmental stewardship.  Since a photo speaks a 1,000 words, we thought a video could truly convey the beautiful serenity of our campus wildlife.

YouTube Direkt


Champion for consumers

Earlier this summer, Amway Poland participated in the Federation of Consumers Conference along with representatives of Poland’s Parliament, the European Parliament, consumer advocates, employers’ organizations and several business associations.

The conference was held to discuss new regulations proposed by the European Commission that would change methods of settling consumer disputes with companies selling goods and services inside Poland and via online, cross-border transactions.

What made Amway an ideal panelist? Our Code of Conduct; existing consumer and distributor satisfaction guarantees; and commitment to our industry’s Codes of Ethics prove that sufficient protective measures can – and do – exist when companies commit to self regulation.

Our partnership with the Polish Direct Selling Association (PSSB) and its other member companies was also lauded as an example of how entrepreneurs, working together, can positively impact consumers’ rights when they actively set and follow standards for ethical behavior, resolve disputes in a timely fashion, and tackle potential ethical issues head on.

We’re serious about the work we do - and the policies we keep in place - to protect consumers from Poland to India, Thailand and the world over. Being invited on stage to discuss these efforts is just the icing on the cake.



Just try to get an appointment at this hair salon.  There are no regular customers and walk-ins are strictly prohibited.

But it  plays an important role in helping your hair look great.

That’s because the Amway International Research Salon allows our scientists and researchers to learn more about how our products perform on all kinds of hair, by testing those products on volunteers.

Salon testing  allows  product developers to receive “in-use” performance data on Satinique formulations to support  preliminary testing done in our  labs.  Scientists and licensed cosmetologists evaluate the condition of hair before and after use of our shampoo, conditioning and styling products so they know they will perform as expected.

It’s just one way Satinique helps you get “salon-worthy” hair without leaving home.  No appointment necessary!


Healthier habitats

This year Amway Russia granted a total of  $161,000 to the World Wildlife Fund to support 11 projects that protect endangered and water-dependent species such as muskrats.

Due to the loss of habitat and pollution, the muskrat population in Russia has declined rapidly.

Fewer than 100 muskrats live in the Khopyorskij Nature Center in the Voronezh region.

Amway distributors and employees recently volunteered to clean the wetlands surrounding the Khopyorskij Center,  providing muskrats with a cleaner and healthier environment. They removed two truckloads of plastic fishnets left by poachers, as well as other non-degradable waste.

Taking care of the environment has been a priority for Amway since 1959 and Amway Russia is continuing that commitment today.  In a few months, Amway Russia will coordinate volunteer clean-up events in several additional  nature centers to help create safer and healthier habitats for other endangered species.


Putting customers first

In the last year, Amway China was recognized for its corporate citizenship efforts and earned honors as a finalist for the US Secretary of State’s prestigious 2011 Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE).

Now, Amway China has become the first direct seller to win the China Best Customer Service Award, widely recognized as the benchmark for corporate customer service.

Haier Group, 360 Buy, China Life Insurance and China Merchants Bank joined Amway China in this elite group of 2012 award winners.

‘Secret Customers’ evaluated the companies by testing more than 30 indicators of customer service through experiences in-store, online and telephone hotlines.

The awards are granted by the China Information Industry Association and China Association of Trade in Services.


‘Stuff’ for back-to-school

Summer vacation is all about fun and play for kids.

But for some parents,  the last days of summer are hardly carefree as they worry about paying for back-to-school supplies for their children.

That’s where Stuff the Bus comes in.  A coalition of West Michigan businesses and non-profit organizations,  the effort aims to outfit 3,500 backpacks for area middle school students with the supplies they need to succeed.

To do that, West Michigan residents were asked to donate new folders, pencils, pens, rulers, notebooks and erasers at Kent County Fifth Third Bank branches. The items were stuffed  in backpacks donated by Fifth Third, along with personal care items from Amway.

This is the third consecutive year has gathered “stuff” to help kids go back to school with everything they need.


A matter of taste

How a product smells and tastes matters.

That’s why our in-house descriptive testing panel at Amway World Headquarters undergoes 120 hours of training — to prepare their tastebuds and olfactory reflexes for product testing.

Three days a week, these professionals taste, smell and discuss a range of products currently available to our distributors and their customers, as well as new concepts still under development.

How does a descriptive testing panel work? The testers spend several minutes silently studying the aroma and flavor. They use attributes – such as sweet, aromatic, sour or astringent — to classify the product. After their observations are recorded, a panel leader facilitates discussion to capture and summarize the findings.

Our descriptive testing team provides rapid results and an analytical measurement that continously improve our products – a sniff and taste at a time.


Losing to gain

At Amway, we encourage people to take control of their own health.

Amway Malaysia’s Nutrilite Shape Up and Amway Indonesia’s Nutrilite Ambassador programs are two excellent ways to start.

For 10 weeks, 20 of our distributors from Malaysia and Indonesia met with nutritionists, physicians and exercise experts. They learned about the importance of balanced nutrition and exercise.

And then they went to work. 

Losing weight is not easy. But their friends and family would not let them give up, encouraging their journey toward better health through social media. Facebook fans followed their progress, watched their testimonial videos and were inspired to start their own weight loss programs.  

The result? In less than three months, these 20 distributors lost a combined weight of more than 100 kilograms or 220 pounds.  

But what they gained was even greater – lower blood pressure, reduced body fat and the improved self confidence that comes from achieving your goals.