Guiding great

Wikipedia defines a guide as one who leads others through unknown or unmapped territory. And as the direct selling industry looks toward 2013 and beyond, two prominent Direct Selling Associations (DSAs) have elected Amway executives as guides at the helm.

Amway Hong Kong General Manager Louisa (Liu) Chan will lead the Hong Kong DSA and Amway UK/Republic of Ireland General Manager and Director Andy Smith will do the same for the DSA of the United Kingdom.

From financial planning, strategic thinking and operations to managing information technology, membership and marketing, it’s no small task to lead these groups that provide consumer education and protection, proactive and reactive communications, and ethics training and guidance on a daily basis.

It’s a commitment – one that more than 50 Amway company executives, including Andy and Louisa, have made to the industry and the associations that represent it around the world.

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