Amway One by One Seeks China Storytellers

A team from the Amway One by One Campaign for Children went to China recently to capture the wonderful stories of Amway distributors helping those who need it most.

They went to the remote Long Ma Village to learn about the Spring Sprout program that helps feed children whose parents moved to the city to find work.

And they went to Beijing, where other distributors are helping the rural children that moved with their parents to find work through Project Sunshine.

Migrant children in the city don’t have access to the same schooling as the children who live there. That’s where Project Sunshine comes in, helping to build libraries and supporting other educational programs.

The Amway One by One blog chronicled the team’s first impressions of the trip – Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 – and there will be more to come. Until then, check out the collection of photos at the Amway Facebook page.


Guiding great

Wikipedia defines a guide as one who leads others through unknown or unmapped territory. And as the direct selling industry looks toward 2013 and beyond, two prominent Direct Selling Associations (DSAs) have elected Amway executives as guides at the helm.

Amway Hong Kong General Manager Louisa (Liu) Chan will lead the Hong Kong DSA and Amway UK/Republic of Ireland General Manager and Director Andy Smith will do the same for the DSA of the United Kingdom.

From financial planning, strategic thinking and operations to managing information technology, membership and marketing, it’s no small task to lead these groups that provide consumer education and protection, proactive and reactive communications, and ethics training and guidance on a daily basis.

It’s a commitment – one that more than 50 Amway company executives, including Andy and Louisa, have made to the industry and the associations that represent it around the world.


The secret of our success


The just-published Forbes  list of America’s biggest privately held companies ranks Amway the 25th largest private company in the U.S.  That’s up three spots from 2011, reflecting record-breaking sales of $10.9 billion last year.

More importantly, it’s recognition of the efforts and success of our three million distributors doing business in more than 100 countries and territories.   

There’s no room to list them all, but they’re the secret of our success — and the reason Forbes and others take note.


Fact Check

Ideally, the news industry and fact checking go hand in hand.

In the 1930s, having a full-blown fact checking department was a badge of honor for any newspaper or magazine and today, German weekly Der Spiegel (The Mirror) has the world’s largest operation dedicated to getting the story straight.

The United States Direct Selling Association (DSA) understands that finding valid information on how direct selling contributes to the strength of an economy isn’t always easy. But those who try will find new videos linking direct selling to economic recovery and underscoring the industry’s unique value in a marketplace crowded with product options.

As DSA spokespersons note, “You can imagine the echoing effects . . . ” of an industry where millions of people are either earning a few extra dollars to help their families or are building truly large businesses. Not to mention all of the people involved in inventing, manufacturing, transporting and otherwise supporting direct selling businesses around the world.

These are the facts. We wanted to share them, and we hope you will, too.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … flying camera?

A remote-controlled helicopter flew around the campus of our World Headquarters recently. While we’re pretty sure the operator was having fun maneuvering the machine, this was no toy.

It was carrying the Red Epic, a high-tech camera belonging to a crew from Brain Farm Digital Cinema.

We have more than 4,000 employees at our headquarters working to research, develop and manufacture our high quality products, and we want to share that story.

The team from Brain Farm came in with their flying camera and other equipment that is frequently used for elite fashion spreads and 3D IMAX features.

Over the course of two weeks they captured more than 300 still images and 90 minutes of video, including high-level aerial photography and detailed manufacturing close-ups.

They also documented our presence in the West Michigan community, such as the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel , Grid 70, and the Van Andel Institute.

Look for the wonderful results of this effort as we continue to share our story here and elsewhere. Meanwhile, check out a photo album from the crew’s visit on our Amway Facebook page.



Amway World Headquarters will be closed Nov. 22 and Nov. 23 in celebration of Thanksgiving.

We are very thankful for our employees and distributors all over the world.

Would you like to know why? Click over to our One by One blog to see some of the amazing things they do.

Happy holidays!


Entrepreneurs every day

Last week marked the fifth annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups, bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and improve the human condition. Global Entreprenership Week is recognized in 120 countries.

From the Dutch government’s recognition of the important role played by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in its country to 17 connection meetings between Latina entrepreneurs in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, each participating country designs local and regional events to inspire others and help them explore their own potential.

It was the first year Guatemala celebrated GEW, and proponents in Indonesia used the week as an opportunity to try to change and improve its country’s entrepreneurial culture.

Global Entrepreneurship Week happens only once a year, but here at Amway, we celebrate our distributor force – the entrepreneurs that inspire us– every day.


Printed power

Magazines on store shelves whose covers light up. A cereal box that transmits its nutritional data to your mobile device. Even a container of soup that can heat itself with no stovetop or microwave.

Those are the examples of the power of Fulton Innovation’s eCoupled Printed Electronics, which earned the company yet another award. They were named a Silver winner in the Best New Product of the Year category in the Best in Biz Awards 2012.

Fulton used conductive ink, printed electronics and its innovative wireless technology to demonstrate how the packaging and printing industries can transform everyday objects, creating new levels of engagement.

When the specially printed magazine or cereal box are on an eCoupled-enabled shelf, they can light up or transmit data on command. And when a user pulls the tab of the soup container and sets it on an eCoupled-enabled countertop, the contents will heat to low, medium or high, depending on the user’s preference.

And the container is still recyclable!

YouTube Direkt


Luxury at first sight

More proof that big things come in small packages…

Celebrating the excellence in the packaging industry, the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club recently recognized ARTISTRY with two packaging awards.

 A true reflection of the prestige beauty of the ARTISTRY brand, our packaging team has captured the elegance and innovation of two very luxurious ARTISTRY products. Taking home Honorable Mention in the Health & Beauty category was ARTISTRY Creme L/X Eye. The ARTISTRY Escape to Paradise Spring and Fall 2012 Color Collections won the Silver award in the Color Collections category.



First impression, lasting impression

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Amid strong growth in the direct selling industry, Amway President Doug DeVos wrote about the importance of that first impression in the current issue of Direct Selling News.

“As we look to share our businesses with even more people around the world, the first impression is always the most important and the most lasting,” he said.

That is why ethical business practices are so important. Amway is proud to be a member of the Direct Selling Association, which features a powerful Code of Ethics emphasizing the importance we place, as an industry, on ethics.

“The expectation is that distributors can rely on leaders in their organizations to uphold the highest levels of honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability,” DeVos said. “At the same time, consumers should be able to trust that people in this industry possess strong principles, moral character and sound judgment.”

Read his complete column here.