BLOG ARCHIVE FOR: January, 2013


Getting our goat

Every year our Lakeview farm in California welcomes some nibbling visitors.

Usually it’s a flock of sheep brought in to spend a few weeks in the fields feeding on the dormant alfalfa and weeds that pop up this time of the year.

This year we were treated to a herd of goats. Farm Supervisor Pete Debus said about a thousand goats are spending three weeks in the fields, keeping the vegetation under control until the growing season starts. (An added benefit, they leave behind some natural fertilizer!)

We use the same process in Brazil, where the sheep are moved around through the acerola trees.

“It’s not a dormant period, because that doesn’t happen there, but they are good at keeping the grass down around the trees,” Debus said.

We’ll have to check back to see which animal does a better job. Sheep or goats?


It’s a digital world

Our Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews sat down with recently and talked about her role in transforming marketing at Amway while ensuring the company maintains the identity that served it so well for more than 50 years.

Matthews talked about creating a global strategy and global branding to the business to help our more than 3 million distributors be more successful. And she talked about the importance of listening to the younger generations.

“They live in a digital world,” she said. “And what they’re thinking about is beyond what we baby boomers could ever imagine.”

While the younger generation of distributors may go about things a bit differently from their predecessors, the core of what they do remains the same — building relationships. And Matthews said that is the key to success.

“Digital enhances our business model; it won’t replace our business model because that contact is who we are,” she told “What digital does is it brings relevance, but it won’t replace relationships. That’s the core of who we are.”

Read the entire interview here.


Powerful Impact

Our Amway One by One Campaign for Children celebrates 10 years of providing hope, inspiration and generosity to children across the world. In those 10 years, 10 million children have been helped by the efforts of our wonderful distributors and employees. We celebrate that accomplishment and thank everyone who made a difference. We also look forward to the next 10 years of building better lives for children in our communities.

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Flu Season: Are you prepared?

Cough, cough. Sniff, sniff. Achoo!

If that’s not you, it’s likely a family member or coworker suffering from the flu or just an annoying common cold.

You can’t always avoid those illnesses, but you can do your best to arm your body against them. Vitamin C plays an essential role in keeping your body’s natural defenses strong by maintaining healthy tissue and supporting the immune system.

However, your body cannot store vitamin C. If you load up on a 1,000-miligram tablet in the morning, you will only benefit from about 12 percent of that. The rest gets flushed out of your system.

Our Nutrilite scientists have found a solution. They developed Vitamin C Plus Extended Release, a plant-enhanced supplement made with vitamin C from both ascorbic acid and natural acerola cherries. The tablet uses a fibrous ingredient that expands to form a network after entering the stomach. As a result, it gradually releases vitamin C through the network as the tablet passes through your system.

“Using time release technology slows the release of vitamin C over an eight hour period, resulting in improved utilization at a highly efficient rate of approximately 80 percent of the given dose,” Nutrilite Research Scientist Dr. Dawna Venzon said. “The vitamin C is more effective.  It is not only absorbed better, but it also remains in the blood stream for a longer period of time, supplying a steady rate of vitamin C for your body to use.”

Another example of the best of nature combined with the best of science.


Connecting with Community

Amway now operates in more than 100 countries and territories. Wherever we go, we try to connect with the community, and our hometown is no different.

We are pleased to partner with Grand Rapids NBC affiliate WOOD TV to share our stories of connecting to the West Michigan community. As Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and President Doug DeVos explain in these videos, connecting with community has always been a part of the Amway culture.


Golden Globe Glamour

You don’t have to be a Hollywood A-lister to look like a star. ARTISTRY Global Makeup Artist Rick DiCecca shares his favorite looks from the Red Carpet at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The stars have professional makeup artists of their own, but Rick explains how you can steal those looks with ARTISTRY — anywhere, anytime.


Amy Adams
To get her look start with…
On the skin: ARTISTRY Creme L/X. On the eyes: ARTISTRY Creme L/X Eye.
On the face: ARTISTRY Hydrating Foundation and ARTISTRY Loose Translucent Powder.
On the cheeks ARTISTRY Loose Powder with ARTISTRY Blush in Rosewood.
On the eyes: ARTISTRY Eye Shadow in Charm and Steel. ARTISTRY Automatic Eyeliner in Shimmer Black. ARTISTRY Signature Eyes Volume Mascara in Black.
On the lips: ARTISTRY Lip Colour in Bon Bon.
To finish the look: ARTISTRY 3D Face Powder in Shimmer Pink.

Emily Blunt
To get her look start with…
On the skin: ARTISTRY Creme L/X. On her eyes: ARTISTRY Creme L/X Eye.
On the face: ARTISTRY Hydrating Foundation and ARTISTRY Loose Translucent Powder.
On the cheeks: ARTISTRY Loose Powder with ARTISTRY Blush in Sunkissed.
On the eyes: ARTISTRY Eye Shadow in Drift and Fusion.  ARTISTRY Automatic Eyeliner in Espresso. ARTISTRY Signature Eyes Volume Mascara in Black.
On the lips: ARTISTRY Lip Colour in Neutral and ARTISTRY Lip Gloss in Precious Pink.
To finish the look: ARTISTRY 3D Face Powder in Shimmer Coral.

Salma Hayek
To get her look start with…
On the skin: ARTISTRY Creme L/X.
On the eyes: ARTISTRY Creme L/X Eye..
On the face: ARTISTRY Hydrating Foundation and ARTISTRY Loose Translucent Powder.
On the cheeks: ARTISTRY Loose Powder with ARTISTRY Blush in Sunkissed.
On the eyes: ARTISTRY Eye Shadow in Exquiste, Steel and Starry Night.  ARTISTRY Automatic Eyeliner in Shimmer Black and ARTISTRY Signature Eyes Automatic Liquid Eye Liner in Black. ARTISTRY Signature Eyes Volume Mascara in Black.
On the lips: ARTISTRY Lip Colour in Stunning and ARTISTRY Lip Gloss in Nectar.
To finish the look: ARTISTRY 3D Face Powder in Shimmer Coral.


Amway: Gangnam Style

The wonderfully talented employees at Amway Korea may be the next K-pop sensation with an Amway-inspired song and video that is reminiscent of the viral hit “Gangnam Style.”

Aiming to share the Amway story in a fun way for the younger generation, the employees at Amway Korea stepped away from their desks, put on costumes and performed in a video for an Amway-inspired song called “Dreaming.” Their choreographed dance moves are against a backdrop of images and graphics from Amway’s history.

The song has Korean and English lyrics. It begins with our Founders’ Fundamentals and even coins a new word, “Amwaian,” which means anyone who loves Amway. Are you an Amwaian? You might be after watching the video!

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Olympics and Optimal Health

The London Olympic Games were undoubtedly a highlight for the Chinese people last year thanks to the impressive performance of the Chinese Olympic team.

Sponsored by Nutrilite, the team won 38 gold, 27 silver and 23 bronze medals – the best performance outside of the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing.

Thanks to Nutrilite’s reputation for safety and credibility, the Chinese Olympic Committee extended the sponsorship agreement for eight more years. That means Nutrilite will continue to support the Chinese Olympic Delegation until 2020.

And, the official Olympic rings will continue to appear on Nutrilite products in China. How’s that for a symbol of optimal health and Nutrilite’s credibility?


Greasing the skids

With more than 3 million distributors worldwide providing “word of mouth marketing” for our business opportunity and brands, what’s the role of marketing for Amway?

To make it easier for our distributors to sell our health, beauty and home products to their customers. 

Candace Matthews, Amway’s Chief Marketing Officer, recently met with and other media to talk about how marketing efforts support our distributors from Australia to the Wake Islands.

“What we’re trying to do now is build awareness about not only Amway the company and the business opportunity, but also our major brands like ARTISTRY and NUTRILITE,” Matthews explained in one of two videos posted at “We are in essence greasing the skids so that when distributors are talking to people about the products or the opportunity, the awareness is there and it makes it easier for them.”


Nature by the month

Steve Van Dyke was stalking a deer at Amway World Headquarters last year with his Canon 60D, tracking it through the woods until he was about 30 feet away.

“I turned around, and he looked right at me and gave me a look,” said Steve, who works in the Amway IT department. “It was the deer-in-the-headlights look.”

Turn to May in the Amway 2013 company calendar and you can see that deer-in-the-headlights look yourself. The calendar features four other photos by Steve and several by other Amway employees.

Amway Sustainability Program Manager Rick VanDellen has produced wildlife calendars for the company before, but only in small batches.

This is the first year it was published as the main company calendar and included employee photos of nature scenes captured on the property. It also highlights several activities Amway has focused on the wildlife habitat, including bird boxes, bird banding, nature nights for families and wildlife photography workshops. They all help us maintain our certification with the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Rick said many of the photos chosen from the 40 or so submitted were taken by people who had attended the photo workshops. But Danny Favreau captured his Snowy Owl photos for January while on the job at the Amway corporate hangar at Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

“Normally you see one; on occasion we see two. But on one occasion, there’s a great big pine tree next to our hangar, and there were three of them there at one time in close proximity,” he said. “I couldn’t get to my camera fast enough.”

Sri Soekarman also took her photo of a blue dasher dragonfly while on the job. She was photographing the first annual Lake Amway Charity Fishing Tournament for the public relations department.

Other photos were taken by Jim Parker in IT, John Harrison, a senior software developer, and Bob Garner, a system engineer. David Aupperlee, a contractor and former Amway employee who regularly photographs the wildlife habitat, also has several photos featured.

Rick said he’s getting very good feedback and he may have to print more than the 5,000 in the first run.

“I’m running out quickly,” he said.

See a photo album of all the calendar pictures at our Amway Facebook page.