Fitness that works

Workplace wellness is an integral part of optimal health. At our Nutrilite and Amway facilities in the U.S., we have a brand new program to help our employees achieve it as part of Amway’s Optimal You program. It’s called Fitness that Works, and it is the brainchild of Sean Foy, Nutrilite Fitness Instructor, and creator of the 10 minute workout.

Think of it as a first step toward wellness. Many of us sitting at desks and staring at computer screens all day — otherwise known as a “desk sentence” — have a hard time just getting started with an exercise regimen.  Fitness that Works addresses that with a simple approach — seven basic moves over a seven week period. They are moves you can accomplish in a minute or two in your office area throughout the day. They cover balance, reach, step, push-pull, squat-lift, twist and lunge.

Fitness that Works was developed through Sean Foy’s work with the Wellness Council of America. Interested in learning first-hand how this program works? You can soon follow the seven simple moves on our Facebook page. Now is the time to make your move!


Work in progress

Did you know we are growing? We are expanding Nutrilite manufacturing facilities at sites around the globe to meet increased demand and to continue to provide the high quality products customers have come to expect.

In Buena Park, California, a new granulation plant and a research and development facility are under construction. The new buildings, along with a new visitor experience at the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health, are scheduled to open in late 2014 or early 2015.

Work began on these projects last year when we started demolition of the older facilities. We’re far enough along to provide regular construction updates, not only from Buena Park, but also from the new facilities we’re building in Quincy, Washington, at our World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan, and other locations around the world.

Right now in Buena Park, the construction team is installing structural steel. That will continue for about six weeks. The granulation tower has been the first priority and is far enough along to allow the second floor decking to begin.

Watch us grow on our Nutrilite Facebook page, where we will be sharing regular photos from our construction sites.


Point. Counterpoint.

Last week, posted “10 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Start a Business,” designed to help readers know when the time is right to make the leap from employee to self-employed.

Of course, the author is referring to the type of entrepreneurship that many people think of when they hear that word: start-ups. But when we hear entrepreneurship, we think of the millions of Amway distributors around the world who represent and sell our products. suggests a self-assessment with questions like these:

Are you miserable in your current job? They advise developing a strong business plan before jumping ship. Our advice? Yes, do that. You might also consider direct selling to test your true appetite for talking to others about your business and selling your products or ideas.

How will you raise money to keep your business going? Most new businesses aren’t profitable right away. For start-ups, it takes an average of three to five years to benefit financially. And living without income isn’t feasible for everyone. But in direct selling, you immediately earn retail profit when you sell to a customer. You can keep it or reinvest it, whatever works for you.

Who are your future customers? Says one expert interviewed, “If you’re not quite sure, consider pursuing your idea part time.” That’s perfect advice for any entrepreneur and direct selling fits right in.

When starting a direct selling business like Amway, some of these questions apply. But some don’t – and that’s the beauty of it.

Image courtesy of this video on female entrepreneurship published by The European Direct Selling Association (SELDIA).


5 minutes with…Samantha Izzy

Today we spend 5 minutes with one of our “nutritional sleuths,” Samantha Izzy. Samantha is a nutrition investigator in Buena Park. She joined Nutrilite in 2008 and describes her job as a liaison between science and the rest of the world.

How did you get started in this type of work?

I started in school at Purdue University as a pharmacy student. But I realized I wanted to be involved in prevention, so I switched into the dietetics program. When I saw a job opening at Nutrilite in Southern California, I applied, got the job, and moved from Indiana to Orange County. It was a great move!

What do you work on each day?

Every day I touch a little bit of everything. In product development we do a lot of research: exploring new ingredients we can put into products, understanding the benefits of those ingredients and how they will function in the human body. We do a lot of reputational work as well, publications and presentations to different audiences, including distributors.

You just returned from a trip to India. What did you do there?

It was huge, and very exciting. They’re launching their women’s health product line, so I traveled to five different cities, five days in a row to support the launch. I gave presentations to distributors on what a woman needs to maintain good health through the different stages in life and where supplements fit in. We highlighted NUTRILITE Complex for Hair, Skin and Nails; Tri Iron Folic; Cal Mag D Plus; and Black Cohosh and Soy. The audiences were the largest I’ve ever presented to; the people were really excited.

Did you feel like a rock star?

I did, people were asking for autographs. I kept joking that I felt like Madonna when I was on stage. But it’s so cool to see people this excited about health and well-being. They’re so passionate about it. That’s what we live for working in this industry.

What does Optimal Health mean to you?

It’s the million dollar concept: Striving to live a healthy life helps enhance the quality of life. I get all the healthy food I need, and I take my basic supplements each day. I take a multivitamin and omega-3. I take Complex for Hair, Skin and Nails, and I take Cal Mag D. I notice that when I take my supplements each day and maintain an active lifestyle, something as simple as walking in the evening, I feel better and happier. And I have the faith that I’m extending my life.


Lessons in success


Amway President Doug DeVos, in the April 2013 edition of  Harvard Business Review, shares the lessons Amway learned working through China’s direct selling ban in the 1990s.

“The idea that direct selling could be outlawed was incomprehensible to us. This method of marketing was the foundation of Amway’s business—it had been tested and proved over time and across borders. And now it appeared that we could be put out of business, despite our commitment to and investment in our China operation,” he writes in Harvard Business Review.

In “Amway’s President on Reinventing the Business to Succeed in China,” Doug describes how Amway worked with government officials to create strong direct selling legislation and made significant changes to the way it did business in China, such as opening stores.  Doug details four key lessons – understand the market, stay true to your mission, build strong, trusting relationships and take a long-term view – that helped Amway become the industry leader in China.

Doug’s column also appears in the China edition of Harvard Business Review in April, along with a story about Amway China’s innovation and growth strategies. 


Really Not That Different

Aside from living on the same continent, what do one Thai restaurant server; a bank employee; a choir director; and a veterinarian all have in common?

All are Amway Business Owners featured in the section of Amway Europe’s web site that promotes its new Start Kit.

The kit, dubbed “a mini journey of discovery into Amway,” holds stories of how these distributors work their businesses; an improved catalog of Amway-exclusive products they can sell; and support guides and access to free web-based training.

It’s a comprehensive effort to make starting an Amway business in Europe easier. Other benefits include a new, lower registration fee; new promotional and training videos; and a simple, step-by-step guide to early profitability.

All of kit’s contents – and the support given behind the scenes – are things that Amway prospects have asked for. And they’ll be used by our current business owners to focus on what they have in common: a desire to give others the extra income and flexibility that they’ve found by representing Amway.


Bringing our work to the classroom

About 140 eighth-graders received some hands-on job experience recently without ever leaving their classrooms.

Continuing longstanding partnerships between Amway, Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes and Grand Rapids Public Schools, students at Burton Middle School were visited by Amway employees from our World Headquarters as part of the Junior Achievement Reverse Job Shadow Day.

The employees told the students about their jobs and responsibilities, but also collaborated with them on real scenarios in their school.

“(We) were teaching the students about integrated marketing communications and how to put together a communications plan,” said Jerry DiTrapani, manager of marketing programs at Amway. “We did a group exercise to brainstorm the objectives for the upcoming Burton Field Day in May.

“The students had some tremendous ideas, which we will implement when we organize the field trip.”

The students also had some thoughtful questions for the employees.

“I wanted to know about the benefits of hard work,” said eighth-grader Victor Diaz, an aspiring home builder. “And what to do, if you put your all into a job, and don’t accomplish much.”

Through events like this, students become more likely to succeed in the workplace. JA’s research shows that students participating in programs like the Reverse Job Shadow Day have a better understanding of and interest in career opportunities.

It’s also a benefit for the employees who participate.

“Volunteering makes me a happier employee,” Sue Reahm, lead creative account representative at Amway, said. “It is great to give, and I also get so much out of spending time with the students. … I enjoy learning about them and with them and seeing first hand their hunger for knowledge.”

Check out more photos from the day at our Amway Facebook page.


One by One Around the World

One of the wonderful things about our Amway One by One Campaign for Children is how our employees and distributors reach out to make a difference right where they live. Because we operate in more than 100 countries and territories, in the 10 years since the campaign launched, lives have been changed all over the world.

This infographic represents only a small fraction of the more than 10 million children we’ve helped over the last decade. There are just too many projects to fit on one map!


Getting into the running gear

All types of people participate in Team Nutrilite running events around the globe. And many of our Nutrilite employees make running part of their routine, too, since its an excellent way to work toward optimal health.

As in years past, Nutrilite is paying the entry fee for its employees to run in the upcoming OC Marathon in Newport Beach, California. They’ll be wearing their Nutrilite gear and representing the company.

Participants come from across the departments at our Buena Park and Lakeview locations, and many are stepping up their training for the event. Some will be running the 5k, others the half marathon and we even have a few in the full marathon – all 26.2 miles of it.

To get you into the running spirit — and keep you focused on ways to pursue your own optimal health — we’re featuring three runners from the warehouse in Buena Park that are challenging themselves this year.

  • Ole Andrade is running the full marathon – 26.2 miles (42km).
  • Steve Huizar is running the half marathon – 13.1 miles (21km).
  • And Rosa Martinez is running the 5k race (3.1 miles).

Learn more about them by visiting our Nutrilite Facebook page. And check back after the May 5 event for photos of the race and to see how our runners fared.


Global Information Technology

Have you ever wondered how a global company with over 21,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries and territories handles the challenge of Information Technology? Take a look…