Fitness that works

Workplace wellness is an integral part of optimal health. At our Nutrilite and Amway facilities in the U.S., we have a brand new program to help our employees achieve it as part of Amway’s Optimal You program. It’s called Fitness that Works, and it is the brainchild of Sean Foy, Nutrilite Fitness Instructor, and creator of the 10 minute workout.

Think of it as a first step toward wellness. Many of us sitting at desks and staring at computer screens all day — otherwise known as a “desk sentence” — have a hard time just getting started with an exercise regimen.  Fitness that Works addresses that with a simple approach — seven basic moves over a seven week period. They are moves you can accomplish in a minute or two in your office area throughout the day. They cover balance, reach, step, push-pull, squat-lift, twist and lunge.

Fitness that Works was developed through Sean Foy’s work with the Wellness Council of America. Interested in learning first-hand how this program works? You can soon follow the seven simple moves on our Facebook page. Now is the time to make your move!