Two words

Customers first.

Leadership and passion.

Knowledge and expertise.

Those are just a few of the words that describe Amway’s Bob Hamilton, THE go-to person for policies and regulations in the home care and beauty products industries.

“His practical approach is highly valued by regulatory professionals worldwide,” says Dr. Nico Raczek, Amway global director of regulatory policies.

What else makes Bob stand out? “Good science, and products that are safe for our families as well as our communities are primary motivators for Bob,” says Terri Gaskey, who leads our quality assurance and global technical services.

Few were surprised when Bob received a prestigious distinguished service award from the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) for his decades of science-based policymaking.

Two more words? Sweat equity.

“He has worked tirelessly over many years to strengthen the work we do on behalf of the industry,” says Ernie Rosenberg, ACI President & CEO. “We could never say ‘thank you’ enough for all that he has done.”

Those two words are the perfect way to begin.


Crescendo takes the cake

We always believed we were award winning, but now, it’s a fact. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND won the Gold Award for its sleek packaging in the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club Health and Beauty category.

Crescendo is defined, especially in music, as a gradual and continuous increase in volume. This name was adopted as the title for the new ARTISTRY package design to signify the grace and height of the upward-slanted caps.

YOUTH XTEND is the first product line to launch in signature Crescendo packaging,” said Maud Pansing, vice president global beauty. “It underscores the ARTISTRY brand’s ‘Forward Beauty’ positioning and commitment to the most advanced research and technology yielding clinically tested results.”

Congratulations to our YOUTH XTEND team!


Earned recognition

Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy, a member of our global public relations team, recently spent some time with our friends at Amway Thailand. This week she shares her stories with us at The Amway Insider

On November 10, I attended a gala dinner as formal as the Oscars!

Men in suits and women adorned with formal evening dresses filled a large room in one of Bangkok’s largest convention centers. More than 1,500 people attended the event organized by the Thai Direct Selling Association to honor top distributors from 30 local and foreign direct selling companies in the country, including Avon, Giffarine and Amway.

Amway Business Owners Pongsak and Porntip Ajjimarangsee, Samran Unyuang and Niramol Werojnakul, and Worapop and Titiporn Thawong were among those who received recognition.

Amway selected the winners based on more than just the bottom line. They were also selected based on their compliance to the Rules and Code of Ethics set but the company and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

Kittawat Ritteerawee, general manager of Amway Thailand and president of the TDSA, presented the awards along with other executives from each direct selling company. Government officials from the agency that oversees the direct selling industry and members of the media were also invited.

I was privileged to sit at the same table with the Amway Business Owners who won the award. Prior to joining Amway they were educators, engineers or health care professionals.

Worapop grew up with parents who were Amway Business Owners, while his wife, Thawong, worked as medical doctor in a clinic. The Ajjimarangsees both have doctorate degrees from prestigious universities.  And Unyuang was on the staff at a local health clinic while his wife, Werojnakul, was a nurse before they joined Amway.

Regardless of their background, they all found success with Amway. Congratulations to our ABOs!


Diversity champion

Because Amway operates in more than 100 countries around the world, our 21,000 employees and millions of Amway business owners are seemingly everywhere.

But unlike real estate, location isn’t everything. It takes a major commitment at the foundation of an organization to ensure diversity and inclusion to engage employees and distributors globally and strengthen our business.

Those efforts at Amway are led by Cheryl Kern, who guides us through best practices that leverage and integrate diversity to help our company grow.

Others are noticing Amway’s momentum, including Corp! Magazine, which recently recognized Cheryl for her efforts to highlight  Amway as a great place for diverse talent,  increase the number of women in leadership positions and partner with leaders to champion and sponsor diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The first step, Cheryl says, is to understand that each of us has a role to advance diversity.

Her advice: Start by simply seeking out someone with different life experiences. See what they think about an idea you’re considering. It might open your eyes to new possibilities and lead to even greater changes in your life and work.


Round of applause

The Annual International Package Design Awards (IPDA) announced the competition’s 2013 winners during a reception held at the HBA Global Expo on June 19 — and ARTISTRY was among those who won.

Chosen by a judging committee that included designers, packaging executives, brand experts and members of the media, the ARTISTRY intensive skincare 14 Night Restore Program took home the award for the best “Sampling/Travel Size Packaging.”

How did our packaging designers and engineers make the ARTISTRY intensive skincare 14 Night Restore Program’s packaging so special?

  • 14 mini-airless pumps — 1.5ml each — designed to keep the product freshes by not exposing it to air
  • A sleek base in the graceful Crescendo — elegantly and adequately stores all 14 mini-pumps
  • Consumer-friendly design that enables the easiest use for the consumer — capable of dispensing the full 1.5ml amount of product
  • 100 percent recyclable. The base is 100 percent ABS plastic material and the lid is 100 percent PET plastic material enabling easy separated recycling.

It all goes to show that sometimes, it’s OK to judge a book by its cover!


Discovery — By Accident

With more than 900 research and development professionals employed by Amway, discovery is job #1.

In fact, more than 1,000 patents have been secured during the company’s history and over 800 more are pending. Many of these discoveries are driven by customer demands, feedback from distributors or advances in the market.

But some of the best discoveries happen simply by accident.

Take, for example, the company’s invention of non-chlorinated automatic dishwasher detergent. In the 1980s, there was not a non-chlorinated product on the market and Amway wasn’t trying to develop one. But, while testing a potential product for soil removal, our R&D professionals noticed that the product eliminated spots. Upon further testing, it also seemed to clean plates, plastic and other flatware better than anything else.

Quickly, a new product was born.

“It was all just serendipity,” Amway Scientist Ernie Brumbaugh said. “The result of observation and the understanding that something unique was happening in front of our eyes.”

What came to be known as Crystal Bright Automatic Dishwashing Detergent is just one of many discoveries made by Brumbaugh, who’s been with Amway for nearly 43 years.  It’s also one of the reasons the company recently honored him with induction into the Amway’s new R&D Distinguished Scientific Leadership Society – the highest honor bestowed by the R&D division.


Top Ten

Our Amway One by One Campaign for Children had quite a week last week.

Amway staff attended the International Corporate Citizenship Conference, organized by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship.

Our own Jesse Hertstein was one of the speakers, explaining how our campaign is organized globally, but is implemented with flexibility among the local country affiliates.

We also were honored with an award: Our film highlighting 10 years of our One by One Campaign was named one of the 10 finalists in a film festival sponsored by Boston College.

Many thanks to all who voted for it. That film has now been viewed more than 10,000 times. Thank you to everyone for helping us share our story!


Beauty and Beyond

Last night, cosmetics industry professionals gathered at the Beyond Beauty Gala in New York City to support the James E. Marshall OCD Foundation, which raises money for education and research into Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Clubhouse International, community centers for people living with mental illness, will also benefit.

The disorder affects millions of people worldwide and is considered among the top 10 most disabling diseases in the U.S. — more than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.

That’s why the cosmetics industry is taking a stand to expand its concept of beauty beyond physical attributes to include the beauty from within — and we’re proud to support this cause.

Congratulations to the Beyond Beauty 2013 co-honorees Nicolas Mirzayantz of IFF and our very own George Calvert, Ph.D, vice president R&D and supply chain at Amway, for their work to bring attention to this cause.

“We are proud of our association with this tremendous organization and the great work that it does in OCD awareness and research,” Calvert said.


Innovation, imagination and creativity

The distributors who won Amway Europe’s Home Demo Contest this year had an experience they won’t soon forget – including being treated like movie stars while they filmed their winning demonstrations.

But they’re not the only ones: Our research scientists at our World Headquarters won’t forget the Home Demo Contest, either.

“What we saw in the distributor Demo Contest was innovation of applications,” Amway Senior Research Scientist Bob Faber said. “And those innovative applications and innovative uses of product shed new light on what we need to be … in the R&D environment, concentrating on in the future.”

Faber and other researchers praised distributors creativity, imagination and innovation. Watch the video to see the story behind the contest and how much fun – and educational — it was for our researchers.

Congratulations, again, to our winners!

YouTube DirektAmway Home Demo Contest Video


Power up!


We’re placing another wireless charging award in the trophy case!

This week, Fulton Innovation won the Silver Stevie Award for Electronics Company of the Year. Part of the 2012 American Business Awards, the Stevie Award recognizes achievement in business for companies all over the world.

The Stevie Award follows our success at the 2012 Edison Awards, where Fulton Innovation earned a gold award in the applied technology category for eCoupled wireless power.

Our intelligent wireless power technology finds a home just about everywhere — from restaurant table tops to grocery aisles to parking garages.

This year, Fulton’s Dave Baarman was invited to speak at SXSW  representing us as a founding member of the Wireless Power Consortium – a who’s who of companies leading the wireless charge.

Our congratulations to the Fulton team!