Nov. 20: What a day

It’s been two months since the Amway Universal Children’s Day on Nov. 20, but we still marvel at the impact it had.

More than 15,000 volunteers worked on 300 projects in 57 countries that resulted in more than 100,000 children being helped.

Jesse Hertstein from our global One by One team puts it best: “It’s not just one day of volunteering. It’s really a demonstration of our commitment … to help children in every community we do business in. Not just today, but on into the future.”

Here’s a collection of some of the amazing things accomplished in our 24-hour global celebration focused on making a difference.

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Christmas elves

Remember on Nov. 20 when we told you about the 1,400 bikes being assembled at our Spaulding Avenue facility near our World Headquarters for Amway Universal Children’s Day?

Those were being built for Elves & More of West Michigan, a nonprofit that delivers bikes to children in need each Christmas season. The elves were busy over the weekend.

They delivered those 1,400 bikes, plus 1,100 more to children in the neighborhood of Burton Elementary and Middle schools in Grand Rapids. See great coverage of the bike give-away here from WOOD TV. It includes a lot of smiling faces.

More Amway volunteers were on hand to help with the give-away. The gesture had an extra special meaning for them because Amway has long had a partnership with Burton schools, volunteering at Christmas and other times of the year.

Visit our Facebook page for more photos of the give-away.


World of impact

More than 100,000 children in one day.

What a great way to mark 10 years of helping more than 10 million children through the Amway One by One Campaign for Children.

On November 20 we marked Amway Universal Children’s Day, inviting our Amway Business Owners and employees to reach out and help children in their community. They did not disappoint.

During the span of 24 hours, more than 15,000 ABOs and employees from 57 countries volunteered 35,425 hours through 304 projects. Those efforts benefitted more than 100,000 children.

“Amway is a people business, and our people live and work in communities all over the world,” said Todd Woodward, vice president for Amway brand, public relations and corporate social responsibility. “For one day we aligned as a global company to make the lives of the children and families in the communities we serve a little better.”

Read more about the events of November 20 here and watch this message of thanks from Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos.

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Our global family

Andrea Clark and Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy, members of our global public relations team, continue to share their experiences on a recent visit to Amway Vietnam.

It was a sunny November day in Nha Trang, a beautiful seaside city in central Vietnam facing the South China Sea.

Sri McCarthy and I accompanied two of our Amway Vietnam colleagues and the chairman of Khanh Hoa Funds to present educational scholarship to under-privileged children.

We were fortunate to visit five of the families who received the scholarships and hear about their school progress. We met grandparents, single mothers, siblings and other caregivers, all of whom welcomed us into their homes, offering us tea or water.

Despite their circumstances, they were able to thrive, and they proudly showed us pictures of their children or grandchildren and their report cards.

At the end of the day, we visited 11-year-old Le Dinh Nguyen Tri Thoi. When he was younger, he suffered from an untreated illness that caused him to lose his hearing. He struggles with some subjects but excels at math and science. His smile pulled at my heart and made me grateful that we work at a company that supports children like Le Dinh Nguyen Tri Thoi, helping them achieve their potential.

Through the Amway One by One Campaign for Children, we are committed to help children be children — making sure that they have the opportunity to live, laugh and learn.

Have we done enough for those children? No. While we can’t change the lives of all children in Nha Tran over overnight, we can do it if we join together. We can do it one by one.

You can see more photos from our trip at the Amway Facebook page.


Three, four, five

Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy, a member of our global public relations team, recently shared her experiences while visiting Amway Thailand.

After that trip, she and Andrea Clark, director of Amway Global Public Relations, continued on to visit Amway Vietnam. Read on…

Andrea Clark and I flew more than 980 kilometers (564 miles) over Cambodia from Thailand to Vietnam. Our experiences while visiting our friends at Amway Vietnam are best told with the numbers three, four and five.


We visited three different cities in three days to tackle three public relations assignments.  We met with our colleagues from the Amway Vietnam Public Relations team in Ho Chi Minh City. We interviewed Amway Business Owners in Hanoi. And we met with officials from the People’s Committee of Schooling Fund’s in Nha Trang.


The four ABOs we interviewed were from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Prior to joining Amway, one used to own an advertising agency, another owned a pharmacy and the other two were a real estate agent and a human resources professional.

While talking about their Amway businesses, they said that having financial independence is great, but having the freedom to run their own business and control their daily schedule was the primary motivation for becoming ABOs.  Amway has allowed them to focus on their families and raise their children while working in a less stressful job.


Five years ago, Amway began operating in Vietnam. Since then, Amway Vietnam has championed children’s welfare and education through the Amway One by One Campaign for Children.  During our visit, we were happy to support that effort.  Andrea presented a check for US $10,000 to the Khanh Hoa People Committee’s Office to provide scholarships to underprivileged children in Nha Trang.  We visited five of the children who received the scholarship. (Come back to the Amway Insider later this week to learn one recipient’s story.)

We experienced a lot in those three days and three cities, and we have more stories to tell you about the ABOs and our experiences in Nha Trang. In the meantime, check out some photos from our trip at the Amway Facebook page.


Giving thanks

Amway World Headquarters will be closed today and tomorrow, Nov. 28-29, in celebration of Thanksgiving.

We are always thankful for our Amway Business Owners and employees, but this year, as we look back on the amazing activities that took place on Nov. 20 to mark 10 years of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children, we are especially grateful.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!


Four corners

Earlier this month, all four Amway regional presidents sat down to chat with employees at Amway World Headquarters about their corners of the world. They shared insights, initiatives and compelling stories about local corporate citizenship efforts and Amway Business Owners (ABOs).

In Southeast Asia, Jim Payne uses his 30+ years of experience with Amway and time-tested relationships to lead several countries in which Amway already holds a top market share position. He highlighted Amway’s appeal to those under age 35 in Vietnam, one of our newest markets. He told a story of a Japanese ABO who lost half of her family and downline distributors during the 2011 tsunami. The loss motivated her to rebuild her business to the Diamond level in only three years, using her income to support and help rebuild her still-struggling community.

Greater China Regional President Gan Chee Eng, focused on China’s Amway Charity Foundation, which was recently named one of the Top 10 Most Transparent Foundations in China. The foundation was featured during this year’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting, where its Spring Sprouts Kitchen project was highlighted as one of CGI’s Commitments to Action.

With 30 countries, 26 languages, 19 currencies and 11 time zones, Europe/India/Africa Regional President Samir Behl describes his region as having three advantages: diversity, complexity and opportunity. He shared that there are more women than men in Russia and they live longer. In addition to the societal impact of this, he (only half-jokingly) said this could contribute to a huge demand for beauty products such as ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND.

Last, but certainly not least, in the home region of our headquarters – the Americas – Tanios Viviani says he lives for hearing, and telling, our ABO stories. The Americas president recently attended an event in the United States where he met a Costa Rican native who had left his parents and moved to Mexico to find success, promising not to return until they could be proud of him. After many years and he returned as a Diamond level ABO and was able to tell his mother that “Amway was [his] graduation in life.” That ABO now supports his family with his business. Tanios knows there are others like him capable and willing to do the same and says his region will do more than its part to ensure the Amway opportunity is relevant to future generations.

Across the miles and the 100-plus countries and territories where the Amway opportunity can be found, these four men brought their markets to life and connected our employees in Ada, Michigan, with the ABOs they support all over the world. 


Measuring a world of impact

Check out the map.

It’s one thing to say you are a global company; it’s another thing altogether to prove it by your actions.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013, was Amway Universal Children’s Day, an event to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children. In the past 10 years, the campaign has helped more than 10 million children.

On Wednesday, Amway Business Owners and employees worldwide mobilized for one cause – children. Though the projects and events varied in scope and creativity, the passion was evident and undeniable.

As we started planning for the 10th anniversary celebration of the One by One Campaign for Children, the map was blank. When we crept closer and closer to the day, more and more markets shared their plans for participation. On Wednesday, people in more than 55 countries participated in over 100 projects. (And those are just the ones we know about!)

You can see a larger version of the map here: A World of Impact. Look at the coverage. Quite humbling.

We also have another map. As we neared the November 20 date, we challenged our ABOs and their markets to showcase their projects by taking Instagram photos and videos using the hashtag #amwayonebyone. As the posts came in from around the world, they populated a map found on our Amway One by One home page. We were stunned. We also shared some wonderful photo albums on our Amway Facebook page.

You have to see the photos for yourself. Priceless.

So, how do you impact the world? Simple… One by one.


Today is the day

We’ve been planning all year and Amway Universal Children’s Day is finally here. Our friends in other timezones already have been busy with their projects.

And the more than 4,000 employees at our World Headquarters kicked off their work at midnight, building bikes for Elves & More of West Michigan, decorating lunch bags for Kids’ Food Basket and filling hygiene kids for victims of Typhone Haiyan in the Philippines via International Aid.

Want to know what’s happening in your part of the world? Check out our Instagram map where Amway employees and business owners and upload photos of their activities using #AmwayOnebyOne.

Even our spokespeople got involved. Check out what they had to say at our Amway One by One blog and keep up on all our global activities at

We want to say a big “Thank you!” to all of our employees and business owners across the globe who helped us reach the milestone of helping 10 million children in the first 10 years of our Amway One by One Campaign for Children.


Hard working, earth-friendly

What do coconuts and citrus have to do with cleaning your home, washing dishes and doing laundry?

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