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When you own your own Amway business, you enjoy flexibility, personal growth and a limitless potential for added income. How? Watch this video to learn more…

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Present in Portofino

Portofino is known as one of the most beautiful ports on the Italian Riviera, a place where artists have long found inspiration and tourists have found rest and relaxation. This week, it is home to our annual Founders Council gathering of top Amway distributors from around the world.

They will certainly experience history with a visit to the 1361-built Cervara Abbey, but they’ll also get a glimpse of the future through the eyes of our executives.

As Doug DeVos shared with them, “For over 50 years, the decisions we’ve made, the relationships we’ve forged, the successes we’ve seen are a result of bringing to life the vision, values and cause of the Amway business. The partnership that began with Rich and Jay so many years ago and the partnership we have with you is what’s made this business what it is today . . . and will make this business strong for generations to come.”

Poet and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said Portofino was the perfect example of the profound connection between the places that have inspired artists and intellectuals and their works. In our case, it’s inspiring more than 90 Amway distributorships and through them, a global family of celebrated accomplishers.


Making the world a better place

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Did you know that Amway employees and distributors have volunteered more than 2.5 million hours to make the communities where they work and live a better place?

Read about our ongoing efforts around the world in the 2011 Amway Global Corporate Citizenship Report published today, or in the Amway One By One blog.  That blog, by the way, was recently honored as the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility” blog by PR News.


Talent talks

Would you like to have a conversation with top experts from a global company in your area of interest…manufacturing, R&D, marketing? If so, do we have a surprise for you!

Last week, Amway Talent Acquisition’s Facebook corporate careers page piloted its first guest-hosted Facebook discussion. During the conversation Jim Brundidge, director of manufacturing at our Nutrilite Lakeview, California, operation, discussed manufacturing and labor trends and shared insights gained in his almost 35 years at Amway.

The pilot went so smoothly that our Talent Acquisition group plans to do it again.

From R&D and manufacturing to supply chain and business services, Amway has more than 20,000 dedicated subject matter experts who serve our distributors and want to change the world. We call them employees – and they’re ready to engage in discussions that benefit their functions, industries and global communities.

So check out Amway’s Talent Acquisition page at and join us in the next conversation, and stay tuned for future Facebook discussions with Amway industry experts.

Our guest blogger is Jon Brickner, of Amway Talent Acquisition.


Take 10 for health

Don’t have time to exercise?  Don’t sweat it. Ten minutes of stretching, along with cardiovascular and strength exercises, can do the trick.

Studies show that a healthy diet combined with a short exercise routine can have a positive impact on our overall health.

At Amway, we encourage employees to be physically active throughout the day to achieve their own Optimal Health. In our California and Michigan facilities, for example, Amway offers the “Take 10” exercise program, a routine modified from the breakthrough 4321 program developed by Sean Foy, a lead fitness consultant for the Nutrilite Health Institute.

The program is simple. For 10 minutes, an employee volunteer leads a non-sweat exercise routine that helps with flexibility, coordination, strength, rejuvenation and counter-repetitive motions. Exercises include overhead reach, chin drops, shoulder rolls, elbow butterfly and chair squats.

It only takes a short time to make a long-term investment in feeling better and living longer.