Wonder women

The World Fact Book tells us that the ratio of men to women in the entire world population is 101 males to 100 females. Amway data tells us that our world looks a little bit different: More than 3 million people around the world have joined Amway, and two-thirds of them are fearless females — hard-working, independent entrepreneurs who joined Amway to earn extra income, be their own boss, learn new skills, set their own schedules and be rewarded for their accomplishments.

Every one of them has a unique story, and some of them are not building the business on their own. In most Amway markets, husband-and-wife teams are common. In some cultures, it’s mothers and daughters who start and work an Amway business together.

Busy mothers are building Amway businesses to earn extra income and flexibility for their families. And in some economies, women have become successful Amway business owners where few other entrepreneurial opportunities exist for them.

Two-thirds. We believe it’s a formula that’s producing many happy returns.


Our belief

Have you ever wondered: What does Amway believe in?

We recently sent a team on a world tour armed with a film crew to answer that question. They went to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Guangzhou, Bangalore, New York and our own World Headquarters, meeting with Amway Business Owners along the way.

The resulting video is a powerful answer to that question: Amway believes in people – people and their potential.

As the video states, “This potential is a postive force within all of us, and, when it’s inspired, it can’t be contained by race or class or creed or anything else. This is why we started Amway: to help people live better lives by helping them realize their potential.”

So, what is our most precious resource? An energy so big it can transform the world? Just watch…

YouTube Direkt


More than a number

When Amway releases its annual sales, people focus on the big number,  sales of USD$11.8 billion for 2013, another record for the company.

But we measure our accomplishments in smaller terms – the individual successes of a lot of ones, twos and threes.

Ones, such as Patrice Deibert of the U.S., who has built a thriving Amway business in Japan.

Twos, including Vladimir and Elena Sidorov of Russia, who found an outlet for their entrepreneurial spirit in Amway.

And threes, like Minnie Wen, Li Man Bong and Roy Li of Hong Kong, each of whom started a promising career but wanted more control over their future.

Millions of people like Patrice, Vladimir and Roy are achieving their potential through their Amway businesses.

That’s why our annual sales are more than a number.  They represent the collective achievements of our business owners all over the world, supported by our more than 21,000 employees.

To them, we say thank you, and congratulations on another amazing year.


24-7 Convenience

Amway Business Owners can now get more than a Slurpee or a plate of fish and rice to go at Thailand’s more than 7,400 7-Eleven stores.

ABOs may also pick up Artistry Youth Xtend or an eSpring filter, thanks to a new agreement that allows them to ship their Amway orders to nearby 7-Eleven stores for pick up.

Amway has partnered with Dynamic Management, part of CP All, the franchise operator for 7-Eleven in Thailand, to make the convenience stores a 24-hour distribution channel for ABOs.

The arrangement allows ABOs and customers to receive their products faster and more conveniently, according to Kittawat Ritteerawee, managing director of Amway Thailand.

ABOs and their customers can place orders online or by phone and designate the nearest 7-Eleven store for pickup.  A three-stage SMS notification lets the ABO know when the order has shipped, when it has arrived at the designated 7-Eleven and when the customer has picked up the order.

Ritteerawee estimates the new service will reduce order wait time by one or two days. It will also make the convenience stores that much more convenient!


Sold on eSpring

Congratulations, Amway Business Owners, you’ve made another Amway brand number one on the planet!

Thanks to you, eSpring is now the world’s largest-selling brand of home water treatment systems according to a Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales. It’s also the number one selling brand of water treatment systems in the Asia region – and in the individual countries of Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand.

The study included systems sold through retail channels as well as through direct selling. With so many options for getting drinking water, why do so many consumers prefer eSpring?

One reason is that our eSpring system reduces more than 140 potential health-effect contaminants to deliver clean, safe drinking water. It also is certified by NSF to reduce more individual contaminants than any other carbon filtration and ultraviolet (UV) light treatment point-of-use system in the world.

People also love eSpring because of the smart technology that other water filtration systems don’t have: electronic monitoring that tells the user when it’s time to change the filter cartridge, and eCoupled™ wireless power technology that safely and efficiently assures that people are getting high-quality, clean water every time. That gives consumers peace of mind.

From water and air purification to products for safer cleaning, you can have confidence in Amway as your source for brands that help you transform your home for healthy living.


Measuring a world of impact

Check out the map.

It’s one thing to say you are a global company; it’s another thing altogether to prove it by your actions.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013, was Amway Universal Children’s Day, an event to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children. In the past 10 years, the campaign has helped more than 10 million children.

On Wednesday, Amway Business Owners and employees worldwide mobilized for one cause – children. Though the projects and events varied in scope and creativity, the passion was evident and undeniable.

As we started planning for the 10th anniversary celebration of the One by One Campaign for Children, the map was blank. When we crept closer and closer to the day, more and more markets shared their plans for participation. On Wednesday, people in more than 55 countries participated in over 100 projects. (And those are just the ones we know about!)

You can see a larger version of the map here: A World of Impact. Look at the coverage. Quite humbling.

We also have another map. As we neared the November 20 date, we challenged our ABOs and their markets to showcase their projects by taking Instagram photos and videos using the hashtag #amwayonebyone. As the posts came in from around the world, they populated a map found on our Amway One by One home page. We were stunned. We also shared some wonderful photo albums on our Amway Facebook page.

You have to see the photos for yourself. Priceless.

So, how do you impact the world? Simple… One by one.


Earned recognition

Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy, a member of our global public relations team, recently spent some time with our friends at Amway Thailand. This week she shares her stories with us at The Amway Insider

On November 10, I attended a gala dinner as formal as the Oscars!

Men in suits and women adorned with formal evening dresses filled a large room in one of Bangkok’s largest convention centers. More than 1,500 people attended the event organized by the Thai Direct Selling Association to honor top distributors from 30 local and foreign direct selling companies in the country, including Avon, Giffarine and Amway.

Amway Business Owners Pongsak and Porntip Ajjimarangsee, Samran Unyuang and Niramol Werojnakul, and Worapop and Titiporn Thawong were among those who received recognition.

Amway selected the winners based on more than just the bottom line. They were also selected based on their compliance to the Rules and Code of Ethics set but the company and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

Kittawat Ritteerawee, general manager of Amway Thailand and president of the TDSA, presented the awards along with other executives from each direct selling company. Government officials from the agency that oversees the direct selling industry and members of the media were also invited.

I was privileged to sit at the same table with the Amway Business Owners who won the award. Prior to joining Amway they were educators, engineers or health care professionals.

Worapop grew up with parents who were Amway Business Owners, while his wife, Thawong, worked as medical doctor in a clinic. The Ajjimarangsees both have doctorate degrees from prestigious universities.  And Unyuang was on the staff at a local health clinic while his wife, Werojnakul, was a nurse before they joined Amway.

Regardless of their background, they all found success with Amway. Congratulations to our ABOs!


Their time, their priorities

People who start any kind of business quickly realize: There’s a lot of work to do, and they are in charge. On Day One, it becomes their turn to call the shots, decide how to use their time and set the goals and priorities.

Being in charge of the priorities is one of the things Vladimir and Elena Sidorov appreciate most about being Amway Business Owners.

Before they joined Amway Russia in 2005, the Sidorovs held many jobs in their small village in the Altai Mountain region of Siberia: producing snake venom, growing mushrooms, delivering coal, working in retail.

When he heard about Amway, Vladimir felt he’d discovered a business opportunity that plays to his entrepreneurial streak and preference for working independently. The couple embraced the responsibility of owning a business and the success they have enjoyed from their own hard work.

So what advice did they have for their son Ilya when he became an Amway distributor at age 19? “Stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like a leader,” Vladimir says.

That can be a daunting change for those used to having someone else control their time and activities. In direct selling, newcomers typically find help in that transition through training and mentoring by their leaders. However, it still takes discipline and the willingness to accept that rewards are commensurate with the effort they put in.

The Sidorovs find their work hours aren’t fixed, but they don’t mind. Through their business they spend a lot of time together and with other successful people.

That’s a priority achieved.


Confident young trio

Minnie Wen, Li Man Bong and Roy Li are three talented and ambitious young professionals with success in their sights. All were academic standouts at prestigious Hong Kong colleges, with promising starts to their careers.

Minnie and Bong landed positions in Hong Kong’s financial industry, working hard to advance themselves. Roy interned in civil engineering and began pursuing his doctorate.

However, the idea of their own business ventures attracted all three, and each was looking for a way to accelerate their financial security. That interest led them to discover the Amway business opportunity.

Running their own businesses has given these early-in-career professionals greater chances to polish their interpersonal, communication, time management and broader business skills.

That kind of experience is so critical that experts urge students not to wait until graduation to practice skills like leadership, analyzing problems, working in diverse groups and social skills (the face-to-face kind, not the 140-character variety). In fact, many experts say work or professional experience during college can give new grads a job-market advantage.

Direct selling offers people of all life stages the tools to create new income opportunities and develop new skills – an antidote to fears about shrinking job markets. Minnie, Bong and Roy say they have developed confidence and expanded their networks as they share their Amway business experiences with others. And more seasoned business owners have been happy to share their own knowledge and experience with these young stars.


Training games

When new Business Owners join Amway China, instead of getting to work, they start playing a game.

It’s called Amway Life: The First 90 Days. In short, it’s a gamification of learning. The 3-D online learning tool is tailor made to help newcomers get started.

It was released to senior sales supervisors earlier this year as part of a promotional campaign and was recently made available to new Amway Business Owners in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The game allows players to experience the Amway life in a virtual space before they get started in the real world. They meet potential customers with different personalities, backgrounds and careers, such as Sun Liang, a 35-year-old high school math teacher who loves to talk about reading or students, or Wang Rong, 32, an office worker whose daughter is a picky eater and a little too thin.

By learning the best approach for each customer and finishing the tasks in the game, new ABOs learn about products, acquire selling skills and gain confidence.

Amway China launched the game with a comprehensive social media campaign that included the national Amway Young Achievers Club and the Amway China Training Institute.

Senior sales supervisors were invited to play the game, interact online by posting results on Weibo while tagging their followers and participate in a competition for a championship. By engaging senior business owners early, Amway China expects a powerful recommendation from the market.

Weibo is the main channel for the promotional campaign, with Wechat being used to  update the progress. The official websites of Amway China & AYAC also covered the championship on their pages.

—Written by Trista Xie, Senior Sales Communication Coordinator, Amway China