Quality assured

Pull any cleaning product off your shelf at home. Do you know how much that product is quality-tested before it gets to you?

We can tell you, if it’s one of our Amway home care brands.

Amway Quality Assurance lab analysts perform hundreds of tests a day on our surface, dish and laundry care products made in our U.S.-based manufacturing plants to ensure they meet our exacting quality standards.

That amounts to 124,000 tests every year on raw ingredients, finished products and even packaging — just for home products made in Ada, Michigan. Our home care products made in Belgium, China, India and Vietnam are tested with the same rigor. All to ensure our products always look, smell and perform exactly as promised by the scientists who created the formulas — and that they are safe for your family.

We don’t have to be that exacting. No regulatory agency in the world requires that much testing.

We do it for one reason: to ensure the more than 3 million people worldwide who proudly use and sell Amway products are getting the quality they deserve — in every package.


Visible Progress

Amway’s manufacturing expansion is well under way.  The seven-site, $375 million project is geared toward building an infrastructure that will continue to provide quality nutrition, beauty and home products to the world for decades to come.

Recent visitors to construction sites in the U.S. states of California, Washington and Michigan have seen great advancements, as have visitors to the Tamil Nadu, India site.  While there are several months left before these projects begin manufacturing products for consumers, the visible progress is exciting.

And, you don’t have to be on the ground to see the progress. Photo albums of some of the sites are updated regularly, allowing everyone to track the developments. New photos have recently been added to the albums for Buena Park, California, and our new tablet and soft gel facility down the street from our World Headquarters in Michigan.

As work progresses, we’ll soon add photos of our other projects, including China and Vietnam.

It is an exciting time at Amway, as we grow to meet growing demand worldwide.


Launched with permission

We’re fond of saying that Amway is a global business that thinks and acts locally.  It’s a statement that guides everything we do, including the building of new facilities.

Take, for example, the start of construction on our new $95 million manufacturing plant in India. Following Hindu culture, we began our efforts with a ceremony called Bhoomi Puja, which means “Land Worship.” The ceremony requests permission from Mother Earth for goodwill and assistance as well as forgiveness for the disruption of many living things already on and in the land.

The end result is a 64-part diagram drawn in the northeastern part of the construction site symbolizing the Vaastu Purusha, or the energy surrounding the location.  The event culminated with the digging of a pit nearby and the first stone being laid in it, marking the beginning of construction.

We’re excited to see what the future brings as we progress toward the opening of the facility in 2015. See more photos on our Amway Facebook page.


5 minutes with…Samantha Izzy

Today we spend 5 minutes with one of our “nutritional sleuths,” Samantha Izzy. Samantha is a nutrition investigator in Buena Park. She joined Nutrilite in 2008 and describes her job as a liaison between science and the rest of the world.

How did you get started in this type of work?

I started in school at Purdue University as a pharmacy student. But I realized I wanted to be involved in prevention, so I switched into the dietetics program. When I saw a job opening at Nutrilite in Southern California, I applied, got the job, and moved from Indiana to Orange County. It was a great move!

What do you work on each day?

Every day I touch a little bit of everything. In product development we do a lot of research: exploring new ingredients we can put into products, understanding the benefits of those ingredients and how they will function in the human body. We do a lot of reputational work as well, publications and presentations to different audiences, including distributors.

You just returned from a trip to India. What did you do there?

It was huge, and very exciting. They’re launching their women’s health product line, so I traveled to five different cities, five days in a row to support the launch. I gave presentations to distributors on what a woman needs to maintain good health through the different stages in life and where supplements fit in. We highlighted NUTRILITE Complex for Hair, Skin and Nails; Tri Iron Folic; Cal Mag D Plus; and Black Cohosh and Soy. The audiences were the largest I’ve ever presented to; the people were really excited.

Did you feel like a rock star?

I did, people were asking for autographs. I kept joking that I felt like Madonna when I was on stage. But it’s so cool to see people this excited about health and well-being. They’re so passionate about it. That’s what we live for working in this industry.

What does Optimal Health mean to you?

It’s the million dollar concept: Striving to live a healthy life helps enhance the quality of life. I get all the healthy food I need, and I take my basic supplements each day. I take a multivitamin and omega-3. I take Complex for Hair, Skin and Nails, and I take Cal Mag D. I notice that when I take my supplements each day and maintain an active lifestyle, something as simple as walking in the evening, I feel better and happier. And I have the faith that I’m extending my life.


Strength in numbers


Today Amway’s parent company, Alticor, announced record sales of USD$11.3 billion for 2012. 

That’s a huge accomplishment, driven by the strength of our NUTRILITE™ brand, which accounts for 46 percent of product sales. The introduction of eSpring™ in China in 2012, the company’s biggest product launch ever, and the restaging of the ARTISTRY™ beauty brand, created excitement and generated strong sales. First-year sales of eSpring in China are expected to top USD$500 million.

Those are impressive numbers.  But we calculate success another way:  The strength of  the millions of Amway distributors operating their own businesses in more than 100 countries and territories, supported by more than 21,000 employees worldwide.  They are drawn to our business to earn extra income and create more flexibility and work/life balance. When they achieve, we achieve. 

That’s why in 2013 we’ll fuel their success through USD$335 million in investments in manufacturing and research and development expansions in the U.S., China, India and Vietnam.  We’ll continue to create innovative products in nutrition and beauty.  And we’ll find new ways to support our distributors doing business wherever they are.

Congratulations to our distributors and employees on another record year.  Thanks to you, we have a “strength in numbers” that creates success.


Making the world a better place

YouTube Direkt

Did you know that Amway employees and distributors have volunteered more than 2.5 million hours to make the communities where they work and live a better place?

Read about our ongoing efforts around the world in the 2011 Amway Global Corporate Citizenship Report published today, or in the Amway One By One blog.  That blog, by the way, was recently honored as the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility” blog by PR News.


“Tailor made” for India

While the concept of direct selling was virtually unknown in India just 15 years ago, the industry is thriving  today.

Direct Selling News, in a November cover story about India, says direct selling is “tailor made” for the market.

As Amway India’s Managing Director Bill Pinckney said in the article, “The business model does work incredibly well in India, and it has lasted and proven its detractors wrong.  Thousands and thousands of Indian entrepreneurs of all ages now earn important income for themselves and their families through the direct selling industry.”

Those entrepreneurs fueled a 24 percent increase in industry sales in 2010, and  Direct Selling News predicts direct selling will continue to grow at an annual rate of 15 – 20 percent over the next five years.


Healthy coverage

Amway opens its doors to journalists all over the world to share our story of product brands, business opportunities, enduring relationships and global citizenship.

That’s why nearly a dozen journalists from India’s top media recently visited the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health in Buena Park. Their hosts were Amway India and our Nutrilite experts in California.

A  focus on safety and how the industry should be regulated in India kept the conversation lively.  As reporters learned about the science behind Nutrilite products, they had plenty of questions. How do you know which nutrients your body needs? How do you ensure product quality and safety?

They also took notes and photos in the fields and greenhouses of the Agricultural Research Farm for Nutrilite products at Lakeview. More questions followed:  Who audits your sustainable farming practices? What crops are you growing to develop new products?

Dr. Sam Rehnborg, whose father Carl Rehnborg, introduced the Nutrilite brand, encouraged  the journalists to share the optimal health story with their readers.  

As of press time, they already are.


Another record year

Today Amway’s parent company, Alticor, announced record sales of  US$9.2 billion for 2010.

This performance reflects a 9.5 percent increase over the $8.4 billion in sales posted in 2009, and is the 10th sales increase in the last 11 years.

Growth was fueled by strong performance in China, Amway’s biggest market, as well as gains in India, Korea and the Americas.

“We had a strong year across the map,” said chairman Steve Van Andel. “Amway was able to gain market share in the direct selling industry, and our key product lines improved their competitive position as well.”

Added president Doug DeVos, “Awareness of Amway’s business opportunity and product brands continues to grow as we invest in brand-building. We believe in the potential of this business, and so do our distributors.”


Going local

The current issue of Chief Executive magazine features a story about “Amway’s New Way.”

That “new way” is how Amway has successfully crossed borders, bridged cultural gaps and adapted to the needs of consumers in the more than 80 countries and territories in which we operate.

As Amway President Doug DeVos says,  ”What we’re trying to do now is become really good at being local in every market in which we operate. It’s not just a multinational effort, but really understanding what it means to be an Indian company in India, a Chinese company in China, a Brazilian or Mexican company in Latin America.”

Part of that, adds Chairman Steve Van Andel, is a commitment to understanding the different needs everywhere we operate, to ”take a look at all the markets we’re in and figure out how to better service those customers.”

Global success?  For Amway, it’s a matter of going local.