Source-Make-Deliver: Vitamin C Plus

Thanks to a new Amway website, anyone can see examples of our products moving through the development process, from the selection of the raw ingredients to the delivery of the finished product to the warehouse.

For example, here is the process for our NUTRILITE Vitamin C Plus Extended Release:

SOURCE: Brazil

Our Vitamin C Plus Extended Release is a plant-enhanced vitamin C supplement made with natural acerola cherries grown at Amway’s agribusiness operation in Brazil. Acerola cherries are one of nature’s most concentrated sources of vitamin C. Natural antioxidants from lemons, oranges and grapefruits also are included in Vitamin C Plus Extended Release. Our  Brazil farm features 4,102 acres where we grow and process organic acerola cherries, watercress, picao preto and other tropical herbs and fruit.

MAKE: California, U.S.

The plant ingredients in Vitamin C Plus Extended Release come from dried whole foods, such as acerola cherries, lemons, oranges and grapefruit. For acerola cherries, our process includes an early harvest, the selection of improved varieties and color-sorting for fruit that is highest in vitamin C. We also use a gentle concentration process right on the farm, the majority of which is completed via reverse osmosis. This process only removes water, not phytonutrients, and avoids heat to minimize loss of vitamin C. The powder is packaged in sealed drums and shipped out to our manufacturing plant in California to be used in our products.

Computer-controlled scales measure the exact weight and amount of each concentrate powder. The final mixture is compressed into tablets, coated with a special solution for easier swallowing and inspected closely for cracks or chips. Finished tablets are sealed in specially-designed containers to maintain freshness.

DELIVER: Several markets, including Georgia, U.S.

NUTRILITE Vitamin C Plus Extended Release is offered in several markets, including the United States.  Deliveries to locations in the U.S. are made primarily by truck to four warehouses throughout the country. Shipping times vary based on location. Vitamin C Plus Extended Release arrives in the central part of the country in roughly one week. Off-shore deliveries made by sea to our center in Hawaii can take up to four weeks.

Did you enjoy the journey? You can learn about the process of other Amway products at Enjoy!


From start to finish

Vertical integration. Seed-to-supplement. Supply chain. Regardless of what you call it, Amway controls much of the process (and, in several cases, the entire process) when developing and manufacturing high quality nutrition, beauty and home products for the world.

By controlling as much of the process as possible, Amway is able to have heightened oversight of product quality – from the core ingredients that serve as the source of the products, to the manufacturing of goods in our 15 manufacturing facilities, to the complex delivery systems that allow millions of Amway distributors in more than 100 countries and territories to secure goods close to home or ship directly to the ultimate consumer.

The source/make/deliver process that Amway has built is truly unique. It is a point of pride for the company, its employees and Amway Business Owners and it is detailed in a new website called

The site helps to chronicle some of the many reasons why customers who buy Amway products from Amway Business Owners continue to make the company a trusted part of their daily lives.


Progress at Spaulding

The new $81 million Amway manufacturing facility on Spaulding Avenue in Ada, Michigan, USA, is taking shape just down the street from our World Headquarters.

Walls, flooring, plumbing and ventilation are mostly in place. As those aspects of the job are being completed, leaders are now shifting their attention to the equipment that will actually make the soft gel capsules and tablets for our Nutrilite products around the world.

This week, several members of the engineering team – along with staff from manufacturing and maintenance – are meeting with soft gel equipment manufacturers to complete something called a Factory Acceptance Test.

The manufacturers have created a full production line at their site, setting up the equipment in the same way that it will be installed at the Spaulding Avenue facility. They will use the same or similar raw materials that we will use to simulate a full production run. This extensive review is part of making sure that everything is right, and, if not, fixing any issues before the equipment arrives in Ada.

All other equipment is undergoing similar testing as well, and the efforts don’t end there. Once the equipment arrives, more  tests and trials will be run over several months to ensure the highest standard of quality and validation.

Getting it right is what Amway is all about. The Factory Acceptance Test is one more step in helping us get there. Check out more photos of the progress at our Amway Facebook page.


Quality assured

Pull any cleaning product off your shelf at home. Do you know how much that product is quality-tested before it gets to you?

We can tell you, if it’s one of our Amway home care brands.

Amway Quality Assurance lab analysts perform hundreds of tests a day on our surface, dish and laundry care products made in our U.S.-based manufacturing plants to ensure they meet our exacting quality standards.

That amounts to 124,000 tests every year on raw ingredients, finished products and even packaging — just for home products made in Ada, Michigan. Our home care products made in Belgium, China, India and Vietnam are tested with the same rigor. All to ensure our products always look, smell and perform exactly as promised by the scientists who created the formulas — and that they are safe for your family.

We don’t have to be that exacting. No regulatory agency in the world requires that much testing.

We do it for one reason: to ensure the more than 3 million people worldwide who proudly use and sell Amway products are getting the quality they deserve — in every package.


Visible Progress

Amway’s manufacturing expansion is well under way.  The seven-site, $375 million project is geared toward building an infrastructure that will continue to provide quality nutrition, beauty and home products to the world for decades to come.

Recent visitors to construction sites in the U.S. states of California, Washington and Michigan have seen great advancements, as have visitors to the Tamil Nadu, India site.  While there are several months left before these projects begin manufacturing products for consumers, the visible progress is exciting.

And, you don’t have to be on the ground to see the progress. Photo albums of some of the sites are updated regularly, allowing everyone to track the developments. New photos have recently been added to the albums for Buena Park, California, and our new tablet and soft gel facility down the street from our World Headquarters in Michigan.

As work progresses, we’ll soon add photos of our other projects, including China and Vietnam.

It is an exciting time at Amway, as we grow to meet growing demand worldwide.


“Queen” of cookware

The cookware lab might just be one of the most fun places at Amway World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan. The lab is actually 10 kitchens in one, simulating authentic home cooking conditions in Japan, China, Europe and North America.

Amway employees from around the world helped select typical appliances from their countries or regions. The power supplies also are designed to mirror those found in homes in our global markets. That’s how we ensure cooking with iCook™ (sold in the Americas, Europe and several Southeast Asian markets) and AMWAY QUEEN™ (sold in Japan, Korea and Greater China) cookware is one of the healthiest ways to cook anywhere.

The lab is the domain of Principal Engineer Sue Hoff, who has been cooking up innovative cookware designs for more than half of our 50-year cookware history. You can ask Sue nearly anything about preparing food for optimal nutrition. Not only does she know a lot about our nutrient-preserving VITALOK™ low-moisture cooking method, she also knows about nutrients themselves as she started her Amway career in food and beverage product development.

Employees with knowledge and experience spanning two or more product lines are common here. That’s a big reason why you can have confidence in Amway as your single source for brands that help you create a healthy home environment for your family, from safer cleaning to optimal health.

See more photos of our lab at the Amway Facebook page.


A shining example

“Where do we locate the new facility?”

It’s a question that faces many global organizations experiencing success and long-term growth, and a question that was magnified for Amway as it laid out its multisite, $375 million manufacturing expansion.

Amway settled on seven locations, including four in the United States.  But it was the determining factors behind the site selections that led Industry Week to chronicle the effort as an example for others, highlighting the impact of customer demands and sale locations in the supply chain process.

As Amway Chief Supply Chain Officer George Calvert told Industry Week, “Looking at our costs, we determined which costs were value added and which were not and for which products. There is no value add in paying duties or transportation costs, so manufacturing closer to the end customers makes sense. But there is value added in having our nutritional supplements, for example, made in the U.S. due to customer preference.”

To read the full story, click here.


Launched with permission

We’re fond of saying that Amway is a global business that thinks and acts locally.  It’s a statement that guides everything we do, including the building of new facilities.

Take, for example, the start of construction on our new $95 million manufacturing plant in India. Following Hindu culture, we began our efforts with a ceremony called Bhoomi Puja, which means “Land Worship.” The ceremony requests permission from Mother Earth for goodwill and assistance as well as forgiveness for the disruption of many living things already on and in the land.

The end result is a 64-part diagram drawn in the northeastern part of the construction site symbolizing the Vaastu Purusha, or the energy surrounding the location.  The event culminated with the digging of a pit nearby and the first stone being laid in it, marking the beginning of construction.

We’re excited to see what the future brings as we progress toward the opening of the facility in 2015. See more photos on our Amway Facebook page.


Team Effort

Construction is now going strong at our new Spaulding Avenue manufacturing facility, just down the road from our World Headquarters.

Last week we welcomed about 150 guests to mark the occassion and sign a beam that will be used as part of the project. Why the hoopla? The $81 million investment will add 3 billion tablets and 1.3 billion soft gel capsules to our annual capacity.  On average, that’s 136 tablets/soft gels every single second of every day, helping to meet the needs of people around the globe.

It also represents a team effort. With the help of government officials and organizations like the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and The Right Place, we were able to make the project work for everyone.

So, what exactly will be happening at this plant? Take a look at the video below. You can also read more about our global expansion efforts in the Amway Global Newsroom and see photos from the beam signing on our Amway Facebook page.

YouTube Direkt


Expansion Continues

We are happy to welcome several guests to our community Wednesday as we officially mark construction of our $81 million manufacturing and warehouse facility near our World Headquarters, one of seven sites around the world where we are expanding manufacturing.

We first announced this project last year as part of a larger investment in U.S. operations. Work is ongoing in Quincy, Washington, and in Buena Park, California. And our new protein powder plant at our World Headquarters became operational last year.

But tomorrow the spotlight will be on our 317,000-square-foot plant at 5101 Spaulding Ave. SE. just down the road from our main campus. Since we’re renovating an existing building, a ground-breaking ceremony with gold shovels didn’t seem appropriate. So invited guests, including distributors, employees, local business and government officials and the media, will bear witness to a “beam-signing” to officially kick-off the project.

We anticipate the plant will yield 200 jobs over the next three years with construction wrapping up in 2015. Stay tuned!