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A fair go

The concept of ”a fair go” is uniquely Australian. There, the meaning is deeper than just an opportunity or a chance. It’s part of the country’s value system.

Maybe that’s behind the results found when we studied Australia as part of the 2013 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report.

Australia ranked third — behind only Finland and Denmark — with the most positive attitude toward self-employment. In fact, positivity down under is 14% more than the international average. Half of Australians can imaging starting their own business.

Australians are also fearless. While 70% of global respondents cited fear of failure as an obstacle to their own entrepreneurship, only 53% of Australians felt the same.

It makes sense given the entrepreneurial endeavors under Australia’s belt — like the world’s first notepads and pacemakers, penicillin, black box flight recorders and anti-counterfeit technology. Australia’s history of bringing ideas to life is impressive — as is its future with 83% of Millennials stating they would like to be self-employed.

Or, as one Aussie publication worded its headline about the study: “Go get ‘em attitude reigns supreme.”


Diverse Perspectives: Our Annual Entrepreneurship Report

In 24 countries and from 26,000 people, Amway recently sought opinions on the attitudes, concerns and desires of would-be entrepreneurs.

Titled the 2013 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, the study provides an up-to-date view on self-employment potential and obstacles hindering entrepreneurial activities in Australia, Austria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States.

The good news:

  • More than two-thirds of respondents (70%) have a positive attitude toward entrepreneurship, a 1% increase over 2012 data. Even more encouraging? Nearly half of them can imagine starting their own businesses.
  • Respondents from Denmark have the most positive attitude toward self-employment (89%). Finland follows with 87% and the Netherlands rounds out the top three most positive countries.

The rest of the story:

  • We found that 65% of would-be entrepreneurs were motivated by the desire to be independent. People want to control their time and their futures. They want to set their own hours, goals and priorities — be their own boss.
  • For years now, our study has shown that fear of failure is the biggest obstacle to becoming self-employed. The fear to fail has lead to the gap between the number of people who can imagine starting their own businesses and the number who actually go for it.

So what?

  • We believe it’s urgent to support the activation of potential entrepreneurs by jointly raising awareness, encouraging further debate and doing anything we can to negate fears.

Amway offers a unique business opportunity and we take seriously our responsibility to engage in the public discussion on entrepreneurship. The Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report is one way we do that. It provides decision-makers in the realm of politics, economics and education with real data to inform actions that encourage the foundation of new businesses.

After all, the more entrepreneurs, the merrier!


Up and coming

A recent YourMoney article reports a sizable boom in the number of young professionals under the age of 25 becoming direct selling representatives in the United Kingdom.

How did they define sizable? A 29% increase from 2011 to 2012. In fact, the UK Direct Selling Association says that under-25s now make up 19% of its direct sales force. That’s 75,000 new entrepreneurs — a figure that might surprise those who think direct selling has lost some of its consumer influence to online shopping. But it does not surprise us here at Amway.

Last year, a study on 2012 Amway applications by generation showed that globally, more than one-third of our new Amway Business Owners (ABOs) were born after 1981. Leading the charge and recruiting the highest percentage of next-generation business owners is Amway Vietnam, followed closely by Australia, Malaysia and Japan.

Lynda Mills, director of the UK DSA, said it well: “For many young people, the jobs market is incredibly difficult to break into and there is a real desire to work for themselves and get up and running quickly. Direct selling offers just that and a chance for people, whatever their age, to be their own boss and make a very successful career.”

recent study in Canada supports her assertion. It revealed that 30% of young Canadians believe they will be self-employed in the future, and one in four expects to be their own boss within the next five years.

Call it optimism. Call it an economic necessity. We call it reality — and we embrace it!


Exotic Ada

It’s no secret that one of the perks of success in Amway is that we send our distributors on business and incentive trips to some of the world’s most beautiful locations. But just as often, we simply bring them home – to our World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan, a community of 10,000 residents that is also home to rivers, working farmlands and a historic town village.

When they visit, they share their stories with employees, who frankly, never tire of hearing about who they are and how they’ve built their Amway business. Employees consider this a privilege, and we hope our Amway Insider readers will, too.

A few days ago, Founders Council member Wonbo Shim told us that when he was a mechanical engineer in California, he was relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, with no say in the matter. That’s when he realized, “my life is not mine,” and started his Amway business.

During that same employee meeting, Deidre Sala told us that when she was a young girl, her mother bought fruits, vegetables and Amway products from a small truck that drove through her tiny town on Australia’s Gold Coast. Naturally, her first thought when someone approached her about the Amway business was, “but we don’t own a truck!” She soon learned what it actually takes to be an Amway business owner – no truck necessary!

Igor and Valeria Kharatin, Ukranians, shared, “We both started our careers as teachers, but now, we have our own school.” Igor and Valeria used their profits from Amway to set up a school teaching sportsman-like conduct to young athletes.

And to wrap up that day’s meetings, Foo Howe Kean, an Amway Founders Council member from Malaysia said, “They say opportunity never knocks twice, but for me, it did.”

He was shown the Amway compensation plan once, but was unsure if was for him. That second ”knock” came from the former chairman of the Dental Association of Malaysia, a friend of his at the time. Foo joined Amway 35 years ago. Since then he has also started Amway businesses in China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

Perhaps Deidra’s husband Mitch summarized how we all — employees and distributors alike — often feel. He said, ”We all become slightly better people than we were when we joined [Amway].”


Gen Y: Down Under

Amway’s Gen Y distributor force continues to leave their distinctive mark on countries around the globe, creating a social network that is paying off – literally.

Tamsen Sala, 24, of Queensland, Australia, is a thriving entrepreneur who understands the appeal of the Amway business for her generation. “This is a very flexible business,” Tamsen said. “You can work it full time or alongside whatever else you have going on. That’s very appealing to my generation.”

Tamsen is a second-generation distributor who started her Amway business in 2007 at age 18.  “I wanted the life my parents had and the life they provided me growing up,” she said.

“The business has offered me skill sets such as work ethic, discipline, people skills and goal setting. It also offers an environment of … positivity, which I haven’t seen outside the Amway business.”

The flexible business and her newly acquired skill set also helped her volunteer with a program mentoring teen girls.

“I try to be a positive role model and show them that they can be in control of their success,” she said. 

Tamsen is proof positive that Amway doesn’t depend on age or education, just work ethic and determination.

“The Amway products sell themselves and really appeal to my friends,” said Tamsen. Her personal favorites? The full line of ARTISTRYTM cosmetics and XS Energy Drinks.

Post by Gary Wade


Purpose, passion, potential

“Amway was founded on the belief that, by helping people improve their lives, they could make the world a better place.”

So begins the message from our Chairman Steve Van Andel and our President Doug DeVos in the Amway 2012 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report released today.

The annual report highlights the many ways our company, its more than 21,000 employees and more than 3 million distributors make a difference in the lives of others.

That includes building homes in Latin America, providing water filters in Haiti, building libraries in China and adopting schools right here in the hometown of our World Headquarters.

Corporate Social Responsibility is built into everything we do: our people, our products and our performance.

 Steve and Doug credit their fathers for recognizing the potential in this business for making a difference.

“They made it their mission to be more, do more, give more. And more than a half-century later, we’re still emulating their powerful example. … We’re awed by how far we’ve come and inspired to keep becoming more, together.”

Read the full report here.


5 Minutes With… Zac

Welcome to a new feature at the Amway Insider: 5 Minutes With…

Occasionally we will choose an interesting person connected to Amway or the direct selling industry and ask them a few quick questions. We’re very excited about our inaugural guest, Zac. We’ve written about him before, but this is the first time we got Zac to sit down for an interview. Thanks to Antonia Krunes of Amway Australia and New Zealand for tracking down the jet-setting stick figure.

How does it feel to be Amway’s unofficial “social mascot”?

Great! I love my Amway business and the great opportunity it offers. It’s so much fun being in my own videos and attending all the exciting Amway Achievers events. I love connecting with people through social media – it helps me share my great experiences with Amway!

What do you think about your social counterpart, Carlos, helping spread the word about Amway in Latin America?

Carlos is a legend – he’s doing a fantastic job at letting people in Latin America know about the best business opportunity in the world.

How many languages do you know?

I speak English, Spanish, Portugese and most of the other major languages. I’m a quick study!

Can you tell us about your latest video?

Sometimes people ask me if Amway products are worth the price tag. I know that nothing compares to Amway’s quality products – but I’m not sure how to tell others! So in my latest video I go on a journey to discover what makes Amway products world-class. I find out about the rich history of Amway’s products. They don’t manufacture to the lowest cost, but produce the best value. Watch it here and find out why “Nothing Compares to Amway!”

Can we find you on Facebook?

Sure can! I love Facebook and often pop up on the Amway Australia & New Zealand Facebook.

What do you think about fellow Aussie ARTISTRY Global Face Teresa Palmer.

Teresa is an Aussie beauty and a brilliant actress – she is taking Hollywood by storm! She is the perfect embodiment of ARTISTRY. Go, Teresa, go!

What stands out about your trip to Amway World Headquarters last year?

I definitely remember getting caught up on all of the episodes of “The Office” during the 14-hour airplane ride. Aside from that, so many things! I got to meet Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and sit his office, which has an amazing view of the “flag promenade” where Amway displays the flags from every country where it does business.

I also loved touring the beauty research and development labs. They even gave me my very own lab coat! Walking down the Hall of Achievement was another eye-opening moment. If anyone reading this gets the chance to visit Ada, I’d highly recommend it – it was the experience of a lifetime.

Well, Zac, thanks so much for your time, and we look forward to your next video.

My pleasure, G’day!


Hola, Carlos!

You’ve met Zac.

Now meet Carlos.

Amway Australia introduced Zac in 2010 as the star of videos designed to help distributors simplify the Amway business for prospects and customers.

Carlos is the Latin American version of Zac, taking center stage in a similar series of videos designed to shed light on our history and our business opportunity.

Carlos, who debuted last year, has been so popular that Amway Latin America is expanding the series by adding videos that communicate incentive programs.

He speaks in Spanish and Portuguese in our Latin markets, which include Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

YouTube Direkt


Coming in and contributing

Every year, thousands of Amway distributors around the world are rewarded for their efforts with trips that combine exotic locations with learning opportunities and entertainment.

But these trips do so much more. They also benefit local economies and communities.

This week in Fiji, Achiever-level distributors from Amway Australia and New Zealand are repairing desks, painting new chalkboards and otherwise making a disaster-struck school an acceptable place for learning to take place again.

Said one distributor: “By the time we leave today, we’ll be friends with another group of people somewhere else in the world – which is absolutely wonderful.”

And earlier this spring, Amway China brought its top 15,000 distributors from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Laguna Phuket in Thailand. The visit was estimated to help the local economy by bringing an influx of $2.5 billion baht in cash; providing temporary jobs to 300 students; and hiring hundreds of local transport and catering employees.

When our distributors enjoy their well-deserved rewards, they aren’t the only ones positively affected.


Making the world a better place

YouTube Direkt

Did you know that Amway employees and distributors have volunteered more than 2.5 million hours to make the communities where they work and live a better place?

Read about our ongoing efforts around the world in the 2011 Amway Global Corporate Citizenship Report published today, or in the Amway One By One blog.  That blog, by the way, was recently honored as the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility” blog by PR News.