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Starring iCook

In Ukraine, expectant mothers often tune into the popular TV program 9 Months for all kinds of advice about pregnancy and new parenthood.

Recently 9 Months fans learned about cooking fast and healthy family meals from a chef at Ukraine’s Amway Academy, which provides online and instructor-led learning opportunities for Amway Business Owners and customers as well as ABO certification programs.

Chef Andrew Kubrak appeared on four segments, showing viewers how to prepare easy, healthy and tasty dishes using iCook stainless and nonstick cookware. He demonstrated how the special iCook VITALOK low-moisture cooking method preserves nutrients and makes meals appetizing.

New segments of 9 Months air weekly on Ukraine’s TBi channel (in English: TVI). TBi is carried by 85 percent of Ukraine’s cable networks and is viewed in about 60 percent of Ukrainian cities with populations over 50,000.

Last year, the Amway Academy provided more than 200,000 ABO and customer training contacts—including some tasty lessons from Chef Kubrak.

Click here to view a 45-minute iCook segment. It’s in Ukrainian, but isn’t the language of food universal?


Early intervention

At Amway, we have an award-winning internship program that immerses students in the business world, giving them real projects and opportunities to learn from seasoned colleagues and executives.

Our Amway Business Owners also have access to free, extensive training to help ensure a successful start.

So, what about our new employees? They are not left out. The Early in Career Group at our World Headquarters was started in 2010 for anyone new to the Amway company. Regular meetings and social functions help them network, meet new people and expand their knowledge outside their own department.

They focus on professional development, leadership opportunities or volunteering events.

While it’s focused on helping new employees “connect, collaborate and grow,” veterans are welcome, too. In fact, they often use the group as a resource to tap fresh points of view.

Company executives, like Amway Chief Sales Officer John Parker, say fostering the group is “critical to the future of the company.”

“One of the great things about EiCG is that it keeps Amway entrepreneurial,” Parker said. “We’re a big company, a big business, lots of employees, and any big company like that ends up with silos.

“It’s those individuals that are part of the EiCG network that are the future leaders and the future of the business.”

Check out what some of the group members have to say in this video.

YouTube Direkt


Shared responsibility

According to Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel, business leaders, policy makers, academics and experts share an important responsibility: to eliminate unnecessary regulations, taxes and other barriers in order to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.

Van Andel wrote this opinion piece for CNBC and provided a similar view to the Grand Rapids Business Journal. He believes that in order for individual entrepreneurs to flourish and prosper, more business training and entrepreneurship education resources should be available.

His comments were prompted by the findings of the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report released this past November. The report, developed in partnership with the Entrepreneurship Center at University of Munich and GfK Global Research, helped open a global dialogue on fostering the entrepreneurial mindset, something that Van Andel certainly knows a thing or two about.

Photo: Van Andel presents Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report findings at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Ian Wagreich / © U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Potential in everyone

“It’s all about the potential of the people,” Amway President Doug DeVos told a regional audience as Amway was recognized this week as one of the best West Michigan companies providing leadership opportunities for women.

“We believe people are the greatest resource that any company or country will ever have. Seeing potential in everyone is the message we have to keep sharing.”

Since the company’s earliest days, values embracing inclusion and diversity of opportunity have been an essential part of the company’s growth, DeVos said. Hearing different voices and ideas has enabled stronger global expansion and helped manage change and opportunity.

For example, shortly after Amway China opened its doors, the Chinese government decided to ban direct selling. DeVos said the wisdom and experience of Amway China president Eva Cheng was instrumental in helping the company become part of the long-term solution and, as a result of her collaborative ideas, Amway has become a leader in China.

DeVos went on to say that his dad and fellow Amway founder Jay Van Andel progressively believed everyone could do everything. That’s how the business got its start – and continues to succeed.

“I always heard Dad tell people: You can do it. You have potential. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to doing,” he continued.

As it grows, the company continues to look for ways to diversify. Amway Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews is the executive sponsor of the Women’s Inclusion Network, one of three networks Amway has launched through its diversity and inclusion office. These inclusion groups help employees network with people of similar backgrounds and expose them to developmental and growth opportunities. DeVos cited the development of women as a positive outcome of robust talent development systems. Today more than 31% of global directors at Amway are female.

“The diversity of our team helps strengthen the development of our products, our business plan and our service,” DeVos said. “When helping develop talent, it’s both an art and a science to help people grow and to help them find new opportunities.”

Written by Dalin Clark.


Fishing lessons

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The old axiom is of debatable origin, but few debate the message: It is better to teach someone how to do something than to do it for them.

That’s a philosophy widely embraced in direct selling, where leadership is all about helping others succeed by showing them the way.

The business opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of their experience. Individuals must take advantage of training, business tools and mentoring that can help them master the fundamentals and build real success. People are more likely to succeed when the business opportunity and distributor leaders offer plenty of each.

Nibardo Espinosa, a former electronics technican from a small town in Panama, and his wife, Yenory Rodriguez, can tell you first hand how important educational programs and networking with other business owners has been to the success of their Amway business in Costa Rica.

Even after several years in the business, the couple found fresh skills, focus and knowledge in training provided to Amway business owners. Building relationships with others facing similar challenges brought them the confidence and determination they needed to grow as entrepreneurs. Plus, it gave them greater self-esteem and the financial ability to improve their parents’ living conditions along with their own.

Sounds like a pretty good fishing lesson.


Ratings and Reviews

Amway is in the news quite frequently, and why wouldn’t we be? We lead our industry, have inspired millions, and win quality and excellence awards on a regular basis. We’re proud of those accomplishments, to be sure, but we’re also proud of what real distributors – current and former – have shared with us about their experience with Amway.

Are there critics of Amway in the online space? Absolutely – just like any other company. We care deeply about what’s said about us, and work hard to address the complaints we receive. But given that one of our cofounders wrote a book on positivity, it’s no surprise that we like to focus on that.

Below are some things about Amway that have been shared online, from former distributors both anonymous and identified:

  • “I experienced a profound mental change. One moment I was an employee, and the next, I was an employee and a business owner. This was a monumental shift . . . you can read all you want about starting a business, but it’s different when you actually have your own business. . . it was something I couldn’t appreciate until I did it.”
  • “Amway can help you learn to lead and work with people more effectively. It can also help you overcome fears such as public speaking or even talking to people.”
  • “Amway provides a safe place for new business owners to grow and learn.”
  • “I joined Amway in 1990 and left in ‘91. I never made money in Amway, but I met some decent people who were all dreamers – it was contagious and I learned how to believe – which is 4/5 of the battle. It was one of the most memorable times in my life . . . “
  • “Amway was very beneficial to me and many people in my life. It is an incredible business for self-growth and I highly recommend this business vehicle to anyone who is looking for more in life.”
  • “The Amway company is reliable . . . If you produce ‘x’ result, you will get paid ‘x’ compensation. Always! The only variables are a) who will you be learning from; b) how well will you listen to them; and c) how much work are you willing to put in?”
  • “Not only do they help everyday average people open their own business, but they also help the world and local community.”
  • “I spent 13-15 years in Amway and gained a whole new attitude in life, which is priceless to me. I may not be building Amway now, but from the things I have learned that I have applied to my life today and also to other businesses that we are building, I became the man I am today!”

Those are just a sampling of the ratings and reviews that give all of us something to write home about!


A matter of taste

How a product smells and tastes matters.

That’s why our in-house descriptive testing panel at Amway World Headquarters undergoes 120 hours of training — to prepare their tastebuds and olfactory reflexes for product testing.

Three days a week, these professionals taste, smell and discuss a range of products currently available to our distributors and their customers, as well as new concepts still under development.

How does a descriptive testing panel work? The testers spend several minutes silently studying the aroma and flavor. They use attributes – such as sweet, aromatic, sour or astringent — to classify the product. After their observations are recorded, a panel leader facilitates discussion to capture and summarize the findings.

Our descriptive testing team provides rapid results and an analytical measurement that continously improve our products – a sniff and taste at a time.


Talent talks

Would you like to have a conversation with top experts from a global company in your area of interest…manufacturing, R&D, marketing? If so, do we have a surprise for you!

Last week, Amway Talent Acquisition’s Facebook corporate careers page piloted its first guest-hosted Facebook discussion. During the conversation Jim Brundidge, director of manufacturing at our Nutrilite Lakeview, California, operation, discussed manufacturing and labor trends and shared insights gained in his almost 35 years at Amway.

The pilot went so smoothly that our Talent Acquisition group plans to do it again.

From R&D and manufacturing to supply chain and business services, Amway has more than 20,000 dedicated subject matter experts who serve our distributors and want to change the world. We call them employees – and they’re ready to engage in discussions that benefit their functions, industries and global communities.

So check out Amway’s Talent Acquisition page at and join us in the next conversation, and stay tuned for future Facebook discussions with Amway industry experts.

Our guest blogger is Jon Brickner, of Amway Talent Acquisition.


Live from Toronto, it’s Amway Latin America!

As top distributors celebrated their 2011 accomplishments at a recent Amway Latin America Leadership Seminar, hundreds of distributors from Venezuela to Argentina cheered them on, both in Portuguese and Spanish.

For the first time, they were able to share the excitement only the top distributors of the region usually get to experience – without leaving their home markets. 

Amway TV broadcast the event live through a new webcast recently unveiled by the Instituto de Negocios (INA) of Amway Latin America.

Amway TV serves primarily as a training tool, allowing distributors to watch live in-language interviews with product experts and Amway staff. During the Toronto seminar, distributors were able to take part in a bigger motivational event that included presentations by Amway President Doug DeVos and Amway Latin America President Jeff Dahl.

INA Coordinator Michael Corcoran said distributors liked what they saw, as the webcasts received more than 12,000 views and 500 comments. Said one distributor, “What a beautiful moment… I’m not there but I can feel the energy that’s being lived there.”