Uniform stains

One of the most important items in the laundry lab at our World Headquarters where we test our products is not a washing machine, it’s a refrigerator. Why? It’s full of perfectly preserved stains.

The refrigerator holds nearly 50 different types of stains produced in laboratories all over the world – from Germany to China to North America. They are all tested in our Big Appliance Room – BAR for short  – where we have multiple types of washing machines.

Jim Pell, our resident stain expert, said soil cloths made in laboratories provide the uniformity and reliability necessary to formulate the most effective laundry detergents. Regular dirty laundry can’t offer that.

“And there is quite a bit of blending of soils in normally soiled clothing,” Pell said, “so we would never quite be sure if each ingredient was performing to our strictest standards.”

Thanks to this detailed research and testing, Jim can tell you how best to remove just about any stain. (He’s quite popular at parties with new moms!) Click on over to our Amway Facebook page for a video with tips on removing grass, wine and motor oil.


Direct selling in a digital world

We already told you about one opportunity Amway has to shine at SXSW 2014, now here is another.

Members of our digital marketing team have assembled a panel of experts from direct selling companies to talk about how each one uses digital marketing to empower the 92 million people worldwide currently in the direct selling industry. That’s more than 92 million entrepreneurs looking for tools, resources and support for their independent businesses.

During this exciting panel discussion you’ll have the chance to hear how direct selling industry leaders, including Amway, Avon, MaryKay and Visalus, keep up with the heavy demands of powering a truly engaged and driven distributor force in an ever-changing digital world.

Want to learn more? Go to the SXSW PanelPicker and cast your vote! And while you’re there, click on over to this link and vote for our session exploring entrepreneurship in Ghana. Voting ends Sept. 6.


What is a bioassay?

If you talk to one of our researchers about the science behind NUTRILITE™ products, the term “bioassay” will undoubtedly come up.  That’s because without them we wouldn’t be able to deliver the quality products you’ve come to expect from us. But what is a bioassay, really?

According to the dictionary, it is the “determination of the biological activity or potency of a substance, as a vitamin or hormone, by testing its effect on the growth of an organism.”

So, a bioassay is a biological test. It uses live cells to test plants for a biological activity that would be beneficial to health. Conducting these bioassays lets us measure the activity of phytonutrients found in plant concentrates in conditions similar to those found in the human body.

We’ve been conducting bioassays for years, using the best of science to bring out the best of nature. We have been able to find new uses for plants by doing these tests. Also, testing a range of botanical samples lets us choose the best plant extract for a particular problem. It’s one step in the seed-to-supplement process that differentiates Nutrilite from our competitors.

Want to know more about bioassays? Watch this video.

YouTube Direkt


Phytonutrient Fingerprinting

Much like human fingerprints, plants and their components each have a unique “phytonutrient fingerprint,” indicating which phytonutrients they contain.

Click on the link below for a great infographic showing how the phytonutrient fingerprints determine which variety of fruits, vegetables or plants we use for our supplements.

Phytonutrient Fingerprinting


Composting – Then and Now

At our Nutrilite farms we take our soil health very seriously. It’s a crucial component of organic farming. One way we do this is through composting. We test our compost for nutrient analysis and apply it at specific times during the season to get maximum benefit. At our Trout Lake Farm, that happens twice a year.

When we drop compost on the fields, it must be worked into the soil within a couple hours, otherwise the nutrients will evaporate and the compost will lose its strength.  We use a synchronized process with two GPS-controlled tractors – one dropping the compost, the other following behind tilling it in.

Organic has been a way of life for us long before the term existed, including using compost in our soil.

We were composting in the fifties, as you can see in the top photo taken from our archives. We are composting today: The second photo was taken recently at Trout Lake.

And, we will continue our organic farming and composting practices long into the future – it’s part of our legacy.

Feeding the soil natural materials to yield the healthiest plants is just one way that Nutrilite maintains control of the process — from seed to supplement.


Amway asks, ‘What if?’

When cofounders Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos started Amway in 1959, they did not stop with their initial product offering or American footprint. They kept growing by asking themselves, “What if…?”

That same question is still asked each day by our Business Innovations team. Glenn Armstrong, head of the team, talks about it in this video, the first of several we will be posting.

“If you continue to ask yourself, ‘What if?’ it gets you thinking about the possibilities,” Armstrong said. ”What if we had this many distributors? What if Amway supplied these types of products?

“If you ask yourself, ‘What if?’ you find yourself getting used to being outside your comfort zone.”

vimeo Direkt


Happy International Women’s Day

Today we mark International Women’s Day, a day celebrated since the early 1900s to note the contributions of women to society.

Two of our distributors from Amway Hong Kong had an opportunity recently to make their own contributions.

 Jolly Tsang and Sammy Lee were invited by the Carnation Women’s Association to conduct leadership training to a group of 30 women in the Eastern District of Hong Kong.

Jolly delivered a powerful and persuasive speech about her personal experience with education, her job search, and her path to success as an Amway distributor. Sammy shared her secret to beauty – inside and out.

Thank you, Jolly and Sammy, for setting a wonderful example of leadership and entrepreneurship for the women you spoke to and for women everywhere. And a special thanks to all the women in our company across the world – employees and business owners alike – for all you do.

(Thank you to Cynthia Chin and Yvonne So of Amway Hong Kong for helping with this story.)


Leading the Industry

Amway launched in 1959 with one of the world’s first biodegradable cleaners, LOC. Why did Amway start with the home care category? As Co-Founder Rich DeVos used to say, “Everybody needs soap.”

More than 50 years later, Amway continues to be a leader in the home care industry, and our executives take that role seriously.

Amway Vice President Catherine Ehrenberger, who works with research & development and quality and regulatory issues, this month was elected chair of the American Cleaning Institute Board of Directors. Her tenure follows that of Amway Vice President George Calvert, who works with supply chain management and research & development and is a past chairman of the organization. He now serves on the Personal Care Products Council Board of Directors

The American Cleaning Institute, formerly The Soap and Detergent Association, represents the $30 billion U.S. cleaning products market. Its members are dedicated to improving health and the quality of life through sustainable cleaning products and practices.

Amway is honored to be a part of that mission.


Innovation, imagination and creativity

The distributors who won Amway Europe’s Home Demo Contest this year had an experience they won’t soon forget – including being treated like movie stars while they filmed their winning demonstrations.

But they’re not the only ones: Our research scientists at our World Headquarters won’t forget the Home Demo Contest, either.

“What we saw in the distributor Demo Contest was innovation of applications,” Amway Senior Research Scientist Bob Faber said. “And those innovative applications and innovative uses of product shed new light on what we need to be … in the R&D environment, concentrating on in the future.”

Faber and other researchers praised distributors creativity, imagination and innovation. Watch the video to see the story behind the contest and how much fun – and educational — it was for our researchers.

Congratulations, again, to our winners!

YouTube DirektAmway Home Demo Contest Video


Phytonutrients: Better is better

When you think about the Nutrilite story, China is really where it all began.

It was nearly 100 years ago that Carl Rehnborg was living and working in China when the “seed” of an idea came to him: He noticed a difference between the health of people living in towns and those living in the country.

He also noticed they had different diets. That’s when he made the connection between health and nutrition.

This week, a team from our Nutrilite Health Institute in Buena Park, California, is headed back to China to discuss the latest research connecting health to nutrition at the China & Korea Joint International Phytonutrient Symposium.

The mantra “more is better” is often applied to supplements, including phytonutrients, those wonderful things in fruits and vegetables that give them their vibrant colors. But NHI Director of Research and Development Keith Randolph, PhD, will present the case for “better is better.”

What does that mean? If you get the right kinds of phytonutrients in the right amounts, it will buoy your body’s own defense mechanisms.

“This research is in its early stages, but we have data that shows cruciferous vegetables as being particularly potent inducers of antioxidant response within the body,” Randolph said. (To save you a trip to Wikipedia, some examples of cruciferous vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy and cabbage.)

Randolph will be joined at the symposium by nine leading nutritionists from Canada, Japan, China and Korea. And it will include opening remarks from Colleen Carkeet, PhD, senior group leader in Global Regulatory Affairs at Amway.

The event is hosted by China Nutrition Society and the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology. Amway China Ltd and Amway Korea are sponsors.

The symposium takes place on Friday. For live updates, follow us on Twitter.