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More than a number

When Amway releases its annual sales, people focus on the big number,  sales of USD$11.8 billion for 2013, another record for the company.

But we measure our accomplishments in smaller terms – the individual successes of a lot of ones, twos and threes.

Ones, such as Patrice Deibert of the U.S., who has built a thriving Amway business in Japan.

Twos, including Vladimir and Elena Sidorov of Russia, who found an outlet for their entrepreneurial spirit in Amway.

And threes, like Minnie Wen, Li Man Bong and Roy Li of Hong Kong, each of whom started a promising career but wanted more control over their future.

Millions of people like Patrice, Vladimir and Roy are achieving their potential through their Amway businesses.

That’s why our annual sales are more than a number.  They represent the collective achievements of our business owners all over the world, supported by our more than 21,000 employees.

To them, we say thank you, and congratulations on another amazing year.


Amway by the numbers

We announced record sales this week of $11.3 billion for 2012. That very big number is representative of the many wonderful people and products behind a successful year:

  • 21,000 employees.
  • More than 900 scientists and technicians.
  • 65 research & development labs.
  • More than 1,000 patents granted, 800 pending.
  • 2.7 million volunteer hours.
  • 10 million children helped through the Amway One by One Campaign for Children.
  • $3.5 billion in bonuses and incentives.

Watch the video to learn more. We look forward to another successful year!

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Strength in numbers


Today Amway’s parent company, Alticor, announced record sales of USD$11.3 billion for 2012. 

That’s a huge accomplishment, driven by the strength of our NUTRILITE™ brand, which accounts for 46 percent of product sales. The introduction of eSpring™ in China in 2012, the company’s biggest product launch ever, and the restaging of the ARTISTRY™ beauty brand, created excitement and generated strong sales. First-year sales of eSpring in China are expected to top USD$500 million.

Those are impressive numbers.  But we calculate success another way:  The strength of  the millions of Amway distributors operating their own businesses in more than 100 countries and territories, supported by more than 21,000 employees worldwide.  They are drawn to our business to earn extra income and create more flexibility and work/life balance. When they achieve, we achieve. 

That’s why in 2013 we’ll fuel their success through USD$335 million in investments in manufacturing and research and development expansions in the U.S., China, India and Vietnam.  We’ll continue to create innovative products in nutrition and beauty.  And we’ll find new ways to support our distributors doing business wherever they are.

Congratulations to our distributors and employees on another record year.  Thanks to you, we have a “strength in numbers” that creates success.


Quite a year


For Amway, 2011 was a year for the record books.

We recorded our best month ever, with sales of USD$1 billion in June.

Our durables category achieved over USD$1 billion in sales for the first time.

And now, Alticor Inc., the parent company of Amway, has announced sales of USD$10.9 billion for 2011

That’s a 17 percent increase over 2010 sales of USD$9.2 billion.  And it’s the first time company sales have exceeded USD$10 billion.

There’s no doubt that we’re proud of these achievements.  But what really matters to us is that millions of people worldwide are living better lives because of our proven business model, which helps them achieve their goals.   

It was quite a year, thanks to more than 3 million Amway distributors supported by our thousands of Amway employees around the world.

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Another record year

Today Amway’s parent company, Alticor, announced record sales of  US$9.2 billion for 2010.

This performance reflects a 9.5 percent increase over the $8.4 billion in sales posted in 2009, and is the 10th sales increase in the last 11 years.

Growth was fueled by strong performance in China, Amway’s biggest market, as well as gains in India, Korea and the Americas.

“We had a strong year across the map,” said chairman Steve Van Andel. “Amway was able to gain market share in the direct selling industry, and our key product lines improved their competitive position as well.”

Added president Doug DeVos, “Awareness of Amway’s business opportunity and product brands continues to grow as we invest in brand-building. We believe in the potential of this business, and so do our distributors.”